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  1. KEENNESS Keeping everybody entertained needs natural effort simply said.
  2. Jessica Rabbit

    Ask a question for the person below you.

    Spring! Flowers bloom, longer day, warm weather, lilacs to arrive, as will summer. Fall too is beautiful but leads to winter, shorter days, cold weather. Which healthcare profession and why?
  3. SENTENCE Sadly, experience never taught, educated nor challenged Edward.
  4. ENTERTAINMENT Education needs tremendous energy, repeatedly, to assimilate information Norman, maintain equilibrium, normalcy, thoughtfulness.
  5. SERIOUSLY Seeing elephants run, I obviously understood several Lin’s yelling.
  6. SARDINES Seems a rich doctor is naughty entertaining strippers.
  7. SCHOOLS Some children have other old languages skillfully.
  8. DUDE Don't underestimate doctors ever.
  9. YELLING Your expanding legal liability is not good.
  10. YELLING You entertained lovely ladies in night gowns.
  11. OTHERS Others take help especially reasonable students.
  12. SLEEP Sleep less everybody. Effort pays.