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  1. Do we actually start getting paid right away? I feel like I remember reading that it takes a couple months, but not sure if I'm just making that up...
  2. Well I could pass as a high school student unfortunately (I get mistaken for one all the time), but I don't have a student card of course if that is what they want for the student discount haha I will look into the 12 month pass, I don't want to commit until I know it's worth it. Thanks!
  3. Care to expand on the tax benefits comment? I am planning to get a monthly pass, I figured using it to commute 2x a day plus some weekends it will be worth it (I'll have to keep track to make sure). So I can buy a monthly pass plus a presto card to just scan through unlimited times per month? Do all stations have presto? Do they check ID for the student pass (it says up to 19 years... I can pass for 19 and have a student card with no expiration - or do you need a high school student card?) Sorry for the stupid questions, moving to Toronto after having a car my whole life
  4. I am also considering this, unfortunately my 6 year old laptop and netbook have both decided to die at the same time. I would like a tablet for this summer/next year, so I was thinking the Surface might be a good mix and I wouldn't have to spend money on both. Anyone have good/bad experiences?
  5. You need a student card to get in the gym. You could set up a campus tour with Western (instead of Schulich), those have been going on for a few weeks now. If you tell them the tour guide what program you're interested in they will make sure to take you to med sci.
  6. Unless you are on crutches or have trouble getting around you can probably deal with a 10 minute walk haha. It's good for you and will wake you up in the morning You can get from health sci to nat sci in ~5 minutes, just go north through the gravel parking lot and up the stairs, then walk by Fowler, go to the right at UC, and cut through to nat sci on the sidewalk beside the physics and astronomy building.
  7. Yeah, no problem. It's no good asking the eng department how many people are applying to med, they have no idea. Last year they told me I was the only one, and then I found out another girl also got in through the program in the summer (after we had both been accepted) - funny enough they also told her she was the only one applying. Yeah, same thing happened to me, I was assigned an interview time (last minute of course), so I think it means MD/BESc people are guaranteed London campus. I know there have been others to get in through the program off the waitlist in past years, btw The program is really poorly advertised, I know of a few people who were under the impression that they were guaranteed admission to medicine as long as only 3 engineers were applying ... some of the engineering admin perpetuate this myth as well (not their fault, but no one in eng seems to know much about the program!). No, the two of us in first year med in the MD/BESc program were not allowed to attend the iron ring ceremony. We tried to protest to the eng admin and the camp wardens and were told no. We will probably try again next year, hopefully it's something they will fix in the future. Are you in chem eng then? I was in mech, so I had to take 2 4th year technical electives as well as mech design. In past years students have usually waited and completed the design course in 2nd/3rd/4th year med (or in the summer). The program progression sheet lists the design course in 4th year med. I ended up taking the design course this year so I could work with friends in a good group and get it over with. The mech design did not have a different course code or description, so I'm not really sure if it's different with chem design? I worked with a normal 4th year eng group for mine. No, we do not get to graduate until 2016 - we will get our med and eng degrees the same year. This was one of the reasons they wouldn't let us get our iron rings in march. I think this was usually because people in the program didn't complete the design course until later in med school. It's also possible some of our med classes have to "transfer" to eng to meet the degree requirements?
  8. Hey there - you are correct, high waitlist people have all been accepted in past years - so a premature congrats! I don't know the exact answers to your questions, it would probably be worth sending an email to admin if you are really curious/wondering. My guess is they would hold a London campus spot for anyone in our program who is ranked/waitlisted, as you need to be in London to take your eng courses next year. I actually don't even remember filling out a campus preference last year because I'm in the program - did you have to this year? I did hear there were more eng people than usual this year, but I wouldn't worry about the 3 seat thing. A lot of stuff advertised about the program (by the engineering brochures and stuff especially) is a bit off base, and if there happened to be 4 really good candidates one year I don't think they would feel obligated to turn one down just to stick to the 3 person limit. That's all speculation on my part though, best to email someone at Western if you do want to know the definite answer! It might take them a few days to reply, I would imagine they are inundated with emails at the moment. Feel free to PM me if you have more questions or anything. Do you know if other engineers in the program were accepted or are you just wondering?
  9. Out of curiosity, when is the OMSAS final date to accept the offer this year? (I feel like I should remember from last year, but I think I just accepted immediately and didn't pay attention to the date haha).
  10. I wrote at Bloor St E Prometric and thought it was great. Well organized, quiet test room separate from the lockers, and a coffee place on the ground floor for pre- and post-test snacks
  11. Do a search maybe, like for "engineer" or something, I definitely remember seeing quite a few posts over the last few years on this topic. If you have specific questions feel free to PM me and I'll answer as best as I can (I went from eng -> med).
  12. I say go for it if you enjoy physics and are good at it (although high school physics is a joke imo). You could also look into taking engineering - I was going to take physics but ended up deciding eng was more practical if I didn't get into med as far as being able to find a good job quickly after graduation. Just something else you could consider if you really like physics/calculus. Although if you prefer the more abstract/theoretical physics you might not like eng as much. Good luck
  13. Don't forget the awesome elevators ...
  14. I picked third year but I think first and third year were basically tied. First year was tough just to adjust socially, make friends, get used to university/lecture styles/professors/class time/rez. Third year the material was more difficult, and just the amount of work we got (assignments, quizzes, labs, projects, etc.) was completely ridiculous in my opinion
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