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  1. Whats with the random increase in viewer of this thread right now...something coming?
  2. Its like 550-570. I think the ratio of acceptance hovers around the 40-50ish range...I think Ottawa interveiws around the same number for 160 spots...so there ya go
  3. Thanks. Any ideas on Queens, UWO, UofT, Ottawa...I'd expect UofT to have the least maybe..
  4. Waitlist movement. How much do waitlists typically move? 15-25 spots? more/less
  5. Damn! 48 of those seats are for french? not additional..damn!
  6. Could anyone help me figure out what I'm trying to find. I think it's in CMAJ or maybe a publication by the royal college, its a section at the back of the journal, and it has information on cases which the royal college of physicians and surgeons are investigating physicians for professional misconduct. I think it has a specific name, but I'm blanking on it. Thanks.
  7. So one of my refs. didn't have a contact email, although I did put their phone number. Sorry I'm just freaking out, could my application potentially be thrown out cuz of no email addy, there wasn't an incomplete prompt or anything...Sorry this wait just got me stressing out, and it doesn't help that I'm going over my omsas app!!
  8. So I was talking to somebody, and they told me not too talk about research too much during interviews...anyone else heard the same...kinda concerning to me, since what I've been involved with, is direct clinical research with patients/ I've learnt a lot, and the team work between physicians, masters, and ugrad students has been amazing!!
  9. Anything at Western in London? or is it just windsor exclusive.
  10. So I just realized I put 2012 instead of 2013 for my formal education entry on OMSAS...is there anything I can do to get this changed?...this was under the formal education section on the ABS...not the post-secondary education..I dont think theres much I can do, Ill prob try calling omsas, but hopefuly its not a big deal
  11. I havent heard anything like that...but I can't see it if they keep their currently high mcat policy, where a majority of applicants are rejected from the get go
  12. Ah very true. Makes sense. Do they try and aim for 450. I've heard various things, like 400, 420, 450 etc.
  13. Western seems like one of the schools that you have a good chance of getting in if you make it to the interview...less interviewed for more spots, than compared to somewhere like Ottawa for example.
  14. So I was looking at http://www.afmc.ca/pdf/2013_ad_bk.pdf and it said they interviewed 392 ppl for the entering class of Sept 2012!! I've always thought Western titrates their admission formula to get 450 flat. That would be great though if it was 392 and u got an interview..like a 44% of admission.
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