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  1. Wow, CUHK's is only 3.80? That's great news for me, I thought it'd be around ~3.9! I know for a fact that HKU does not have a specific GPA cut-off. I'd assume (based off of nothing at all) that you would want a minimum of 3.80 as well.
  2. I've just finished shadowing a doctor and I would like to ask him for a reference for medical school. I've spent a lot of time talking to him and we've even played basketball a few times so I feel like he knows me well. We all know doctors have a lot on their minds every day, so I'd like to ask him for a reference while he still remembers me. However I won't be applying to medical school until next year, and I was wondering if the reference letter will still be "valid" by then. Do reference letters need to be dated? To be honest I'm not exactly sure how LoRs even work, I'd be very grateful if somebody could explain the system to me!
  3. Final stretch! Let's do our best, power through this and relax our asses off in the summer! Good luck everybody.
  4. My friend at HKU told me that CUHK definitely does not require the MCAT. He knows 2 people who graduated from McGill (my school) who have since been accepted into CUHK without MCAT scores.
  5. I don't know what the conversion is for those UBC percentages, but your extracurriculars are strong. My understanding is that you can finish a 2nd undergrad in less time because you would already have credits for a lot of the courses. If it's your GPA that's lacking (I have no idea if it is), I would definitely do a second undergrad and aim for 100% in EVERYTHING.
  6. Hi xenox, I know you made this thread to have some of your questions answered, but I was wondering if I could trouble you with some questions of my own about Hong Kong schools? First of all, you mentioned that they have a different selection criteria, do you mind elaborating on this point? Would a 3.75 - 3.77 GPA get me an interview at either HKU or CU? Does it matter that I'm not a degree holder? Do medical schools require references? Obviously it doesn't hurt to have them but I'm finding it difficult to get to know my professors in such a big school. I may end up asking the professor I did research with in the summer, the doctor that I shadow and one of my high school teachers. Is there any difference between what the medical schools of HKU and CU look for as far as Chinese proficiency goes? I've read that CU requires applicants to be able to read and write, but I've also read that they don't really care anymore... My command of cantonese is shaky at best, though I can have a proper conversation in a casual situation. I don't doubt that it's good enough to get me through the interview process and medical school. However, if it comes to it, I am worried that it will hinder my abilities as a doctor when I'm actually in a hospital setting. Can anyone shed some light on this matter? Any answers you can give me will be very much appreciated.
  7. We all live in our own realities. Just telling the OP that it could be a lot worse doesn't really accomplish much.
  8. I think the only thing to do is to take a break, and then force yourself to get back into it. I made a thread about this as well last week. I pretty much bummed around for a whole week and started working yesterday. It's going to take a bit of work to get on top of everything again but I'm feeling "in rhythm" again.
  9. I'm sure it'll go away after a while, but right now I can't seem to bring myself to work... Anyone feeling the winter blues as well?
  10. Ignore those telling you to relax about a 84%. I'm assuming 85% is an A, and if it is, do whatever the **** you can to get that one mark.
  11. I really like what the poster above said. We all go through it. I have a panic-attack every time after I finish a mid-term. You just have to know what you want and continue trudging along. That being said, I had a 3.26 GPA in my first semester and have followed that up with a 3.94 and 4.0. My GPA is once again looking respectable. Looking back now, had I let it get me down too much, I probably wouldn't have gotten the grades that I did. What I'm trying to say is that it's definitely okay to worry or feel upset, but don't dwell on it TOO much.
  12. If I do research for 3 months, is it enough to just put the professor's contact details as confirmation when I eventually apply for medical school, or do I need some official documentation proving that I actually worked there? I only ask because the paperwork for my job got screwed up last minute and now my last hope for this summer job is that the professor lets me work at the lab in an unofficial capacity. Do all schools and institutions around the world require paperwork if you're just a research volunteer, or is it just Hong Kong?
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