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  1. Extracurricular activities are part of the requirement to be competitive in US dental school as they tend to like well rounded individuals. You are better off applying to Canadian schools who value DAT and GPA over extracurriculars. You can always apply and see what happens, good luck!
  2. Your best bet is to look up the schools and compare tuition. The really expensive ones have been mentioned already which narrows down the list. Good luck!
  3. You can also add NYU,Tufts and Rutgers to your list!
  4. Unfortunately, associate dentist/ dentist salary has been decreasing over the years mainly due to saturation as previously mentioned. It's not impossible to make the amount you indicated but you are less likely to. If you are in it for the "potential to make big bucks" wrong career choice. There are other/ easier ways to make lots of money, good luck!
  5. I have read that the MCAT will be changing in 2015. Is it still a good idea to write the MCAT this year? I'm planning on applying this year for 2015 entry.
  6. Hi! does anyone know if grades from a medical lab program and undergrad degree will be used in GPA calculation? or just grades from an undergrad degree? Thanks!
  7. Thanks...not sure why it still shows nov 2013 for me. Weird!
  8. haha ok just making sure I wasn't the only one seeing that scale
  9. Is the score scale from November 2013?! Does anyone else see this?
  10. lol it really is!!! We just have to wait!!
  11. the results have not been released...
  12. Sorry to piggy back to this but do you mind telling what schools do not allow students to apply without completing the masters degree? I was under the impression that as long as you finish before starting dental school, you can apply
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