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  1. Yeah, I should add that I didn't really like Doing Right, SYWTBADE, or Medical School Interviews. Others seem to like them, though. I know it's cheezy, but I really like How to Win Friends and Influence People and think it would be more useful than any of these books for the interview.
  2. I'm giving away my copies of So You Want To Be A Doctor, Eh? and Medical School Interviews (Lee and Picard / ISCMedical) to anyone willing to pick them up from me (Vancouver). The only condition I'm attaching is that you give them away to someone else once you're done with them. My books are gone now, but see Caleb's post below!
  3. Teal is nice, I'm pretty happy that it's winning. White looks good, but, knowing me, I'd get it dirty immediately then never clean it and I'd walk around looking unhygenic my whole med student career
  4. I got an offer off the waitlist today! I am probably going to turn it down to attend UBC, but it was still nice to hear and I thought I'd share it with you lovely people
  5. Thanks for your input, everyone. I've got the option to pick up a good old Civic off a family member cheap. I've lived in van for 10 years without needing a car until now, but 3rd+ year has me thinking......
  6. I'll piggyback on your comment (slash, give a slightly dissenting opinion): for me, interview practice and feedback from a variety of med students, residents, and docs I know was I think much more valuable than that from other pre-meds.
  7. Well, I'm going to work. Here's what will be going through my head all morning:
  8. Wow! Are they accepted directly into med school, or into a premed program that semi-guarantees admission? I gather that in the UK you get accepted directly into med school from HS, but undergrad med ed is like a 6 or 7 year program or something.
  9. Hahahaha d'oh, of course! I was all like, "Duh, they're a few hours ahead of us, so they get the news a few hours before us!"
  10. Yeah, waking up to bad news would be tough. And also trying to fall asleep the night before. But can you imagine waking up to an admission? It would be like being a kid, waking up on Christmas morning, times 1000.
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