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  1. A few questions for anyone who has the answers: Insight about what this exam is like for PGY-1s? How do you prepare for it? Can you prepare for it? Are there any succinct review books out there? What's the format like? Is it like the Royal College exam - written (short answers) and oral component? I'm focusing on learning things well...not too concerned about studying from a review book in first year, but it would be nice to have some sort of guide to go through as I go along....kinda keep me on track....make sure I'm covering all the relevant topics in enough detail. Any thoughts or advice regarding how to go about preparing for this exam?? I couldn't find any sample questions on the Royal College website....are there any out there at all...through legit sources? Just to get an idea of what type of Qs to expect.
  2. MATCHED! SO thrilled! I got an email from my program too, but no details about orientation etc yet.
  3. Well it applies to those to are going through both, Carms and NRMP - and its only good news if they are automatically withdrawn from NRMP b/c they matched in Canada - even if they don't know where yet, its still a huge relief to know.
  4. Ugh....maybe I should've applied to the US this year, so I could've known one way or the other by now. What's another week you say? Insanity. I'm going nuts! PS: Congratulations to you fools who already know they matched!!
  5. OMG....I'm dying! This wait is absolutely killing me. I keep re-reading the ROL receipt confirmation email from CaRMS just to reassure myself that I did submit my ROL. Geez....I wish Carms had a huge disclaimer on your account after submitting your ROL that you're done for this round...or something. Did I mention this wait is killing me? I'm going insane.
  6. Should you carry anything with you into the actual interview? A folder or writing pad or smthg (although I can't imagine I'd ever be writing when trying to make maximum use of the time with the IV panel to impress them)? But I've heard in the US some ppl do that or are expected to do that. What's the 'protocol' for Carms when it comes to this? Is there one? Does it look more professional?
  7. I had the same question/concern! I almost emailed the program coordinator. Jeez....I'll be glad once this is all over.
  8. Posting on this thread cuz don't really want to create another one for just one question. What's the length of EM ROS contracts? 5 years?
  9. I've heard from other IMGs that clinical cases are often asked for most Family Med programs. I don't know about other fields - especially the competitive ones. Its possible that CMGs have a more laid back IV, especially since most of them have probably done an elective or two with that program, so the IV panel already knows about their clinical skills/knowledge. But IMGs are probably asked some clinical Qs. However, I just found out that my IV is going to be only half an hour - not sure how many clinical Qs they can fit in there, along with Qs that would help them get to know me a little better to determine whether I'll be a good fit and eventually a good physician.
  10. The date was pre-assigned and the time of the IV (aft or morn) is what we emailed with our preference. So its the time that I'm waiting for them to confirm. Shoud they've already informed me by now or in Carms IV world is first week of Feb stil a while away?
  11. So, if one of your IV program is not using the online system and you've emailed in response to their IV invite, but haven't heard back from them and the IV is supposed to be during the first week of Feb....what do you do? When are you typically supposed to hear back from programs to confirm time/date of your IV? I don't want to send multiple emails and be annoying!
  12. Sorry to hear that dude...a lot of people on this forum have the same story. Did electives - no IV or no IV from their home schools. Poopy.
  13. The courtesy emails I received said that they will send out invites/rejections on Jan 5th. So I'm not sure if they just give that date to shut everyone up and then send out invites before Jan 5th and rejections on Jan 5th. To clarify: Toronto - Jan 6th; McMaster - Jan 5th and Dal - Jan 5th
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