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  1. SKILLFULLY So keeping information, lets legislators fully understand legal liability, yes!
  2. Bambi

    Activities Started Before Age 16

    I started one activity as a child and won national competitions. I indicated the real age I started this activity as it demonstrated perseverance, discipline, focus and a long term commitment to achieve excellence in the field. If your level of performance was such that age 15.5 you won an important competition, I would show that. In my case, it was only necessary to show my level beyond age 16 to demonstrate my achievements.
  3. Indecision can lead you with nothing. Asking to extend the time to accept is signaling you have greater interest in another potential job. If I was your potential employer, I would say "sorry" and explain there are other acceptable candidates if you are not interested.
  4. Bambi

    Questions About Reference Letters

    Reference Letter needs to be credible by persons who know you well. If it is a prof., he can say he ranks you in the top 5% of students whom he considers qualified for medicine. The prof must have given recommendations before, if an employer, this may be the first occasion and the employer would not know where you would rank, but can express a viewpoint on your integrity, communication skills, collaboration, etc and whether he would want you as his/her doctor in the future. Good luck!
  5. The risk you run is that they come forward with one strike against them - their credibility is in doubt due to their apparent lack of objectivity.
  6. Bambi

    Referee Title

    It comes down to how well the person knows you. Healthcare professionals would likely know what they are looking for more so than others, it choose those whom know you the best.
  7. Bambi

    Very Low GPA

    The reason I suggested Kin is it ia good prep for med, it prepares you for a Plan B in the healthcare field and is not terribly hard but the material is voluminous and requires hard work to attain those A's. toothchainz made a value point. BTW, for many applicants accepted, I see they studies geography! Students tend to do much better in programs of interest!
  8. Bambi

    Very Low GPA

    You can do a second undergrad degree, say in Kin if this interests you. Work hard, excel, attain competitive grades and do volunteering, ECs. Then apply as a competitive candidate. It takes sweat, perseverance, money and time.
  9. Bambi

    Research for MSM CaRMS!!

    I think you are asking 2 Questions. Which one will have more influence in my selection as an Interviewee? And can either of them sway the Interview Panel (let's assume it will be a Panel of 6) in favour of my selection? A subsidiary question might be, Would either of these doctors be a member of the Interview Panel? It is difficult to read the tea leaves in responding to you. There is no doubt that the older staff would have greater influence. Having said that, given your contribution, how likely is it that he will support your Application? For CaRMS, I applied for a coveted spot where the Head of the Dept knew of me and my profile. There were 3 residency positions, 80 Applicants and 40 Interviewees. I became one of the 40 Interviewees. I learned that the secretary of the Head of Dept made that selection, she has been there for many decades, know what they are looking for and I believe she was swayed in her selection of me at that stage by a stellar LOR of an esteemed colleague of the Dept for decades, the older person did not involve himself in my favour. In the end, I was not selected. I also applied to a surgical specialty with the same profile, i.e., 3 spots, 80 Applicants, 40 Interviewees. An attending gave me a stellar LOR. I was one of the 40 Interviewees. There were many gunners who were Interviewees whose profile in this field were superb, while I was an outsider with only a 2 week elective under my belt. On the Panel of 6 Interviewers was the resident for whom I worked, who knew me to be a hard and enthusiastic worker, collaborative and easy to get along with. In other words, he knew I would be a good fit, notwithstanding my otherwise less than ideal profile of experience and knowledge in the field. My interview lasted 10 minutes, I fielded all questions well and I learned much later that all 6 were unanimous in my selection. Go figure. It was my soft skills that were the determining factor. It is impossible to give you any definitive advice. My gut is that I would follow my interests and go for the younger staff and let the chips fall where they may. You cannot count on any particular school dept selecting you at each stage of the process. There are too many factors that come into play. I applied to 3 different fields where I was confident that I could be happy practicing, got all my interviews and let the chips fall where they may. I also realized that I might not be selected for any of them. As it happened, the surgical specialty selected me and I am so, so happy with the outcome. May The Force Be With You!
  10. If the Saudis don’t backtrack soon, the ripple effect is that Canada will never be able to trust them again in terms of living up to their commitments, and they will not be able to count on Canada ever again agreeing to provide their citizens with medical education. Thus, they are shooting themselves in the foot for the long term. Out of arrogance, they mistakenly believe they are doing this to harm us.
  11. Bambi

    Essay Questions

    As a person who won’t be answering the question, lol, it appears to be open ended. It does not say what do you expect your daily life to be (like), rather what do you expect “from” your day to day life. I believe I would answer in terms of my anticipated professional fulfillment and satisfaction in the persformance of my expected duties, which responsibilities I would briefly mention. I would be willing to critique what you consider to be the last draft of your work product if you provide me with details of word or character limitation and other instructions. I believe in previous years you were to describe what you thought a day in your life would be like. I guess the question could be interpreted this way.
  12. I wanted “independent” advice from someone more experienced than me. As zsnowmen says, there are other good options, so why seek counsel from an independent experienced expert before making a final decision.
  13. The above is true. If taken early, you take the minimum allowable only as at this stage you have no income, and the real purpose is to confirm your insurability for later.
  14. Bambi

    Will I ever be ready

    It is one step at a time. Just live your life, have as strong as possible academic record, follow your interests and contribute to your community. Be self-reflective, humble and kind. Have a Plan B. Persevere, do your best and let life unfold!