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  1. Bambi


    Well, you need another undergrad degree with a competitive GPA. Ideally in full time studies with a full course load. How you accomplish that and continue to work is an impossibility. You cannot have the best of all worlds. You ask what you should do. How badly do you want it, are you prepared to risk losing your employment in the hope of making it down the road? No risk, no reward! I don't know what you should do.
  2. SUPERHEROES Sam understands people, Ed regained his energy, Robert often eats sardines.
  3. Not having any Masters whatsoever does not make you a less competitive candidate. Putting it another way, having either a Masters in science or in engineering is totally irrelevant to consideration for selection.
  4. Send, with word limitation, question and criteria. Also when is deadline?
  5. How is a selection process exclusionary? Ah, the candidate has the right to demand entry! Immigrants to Canada who practiced Mediicine for years, who were educated and practiced as physicians in the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, cannot practice here, cannot simply enter a residency program, yet some dufus who was not qualified for entry into medical school here, expects as a right to be accepted into any residency program in Canada - just because he is Canadian! I don’t think so. He should be suing the pro I;iCal government that funds residency programs to demand funding. He had a choice to remain in Canada and to apply year sfter year to try to attain admission for entry to a Canadian medical school, but he found a shortcut and now wants equal access for entry at the next level. The winners here are his lawyers, big time, with the fees they will be paid for a losing process through each stage of appeal. Lawyers have to make a living too. Not all IMGs are a dufus for sure. They understood the risk they took to possibly becoming taxi drivers in Canada when they chose that route.
  6. DELICIOUS Dan encourages learning. I can instruct ordinarily uninformed students.
  7. I do not see the big deal as this was preclerkship! CaRMS is about clerkship performance, evaluations & LORs, you being a hard worker, showing knowledge and interest/enthusiasm, getting along with colleagues and being s good fit. Even gunners are not necessarily in advantageous position. You do not have s major red flag or any red flag. It is only in your head. Get over it!
  8. I would leave it as is. Good luck!
  9. Being a reapplication is an advantage as you are already totally familiar with the process and can only improve your application with each try. And if you happen to get an interview, the experience is quite valuable for the future.
  10. Bambi

    What's On Your Mind?

    I guess to be there emotionally for this person as he/she adjusts to the reality of the situation while grappling emotionally and psychologically with it. This person needs to regroup and move on with life, with your support validating his/her worth, demonstrating care and respect. We are all suited for more than one profession and circumstances, opporuntity and luck, good and bad, influence the outcome. This person will. Ounce back and is fortunate to have you in his/her corner.
  11. Bambi

    UofT academic explanation

    Well, in my view and I don’t presume to be an expert, if you give the impression that you are unable to handle the rigours of medicine due to this medical issue, you are not doing yourself any fsvours. Rather, you are simply trying to explain why you were then unable to achieve the minimum GPA and then, you are hoping for compassionate consideration. Anything more can potentially do yourself harm. It is for you to weigh how far you go sscyourvfepresentstions affect only you, to me, so you need to make your own judgment call. Good luck.
  12. Bambi

    ABS Advice

    Perhaps take Slickrick up on the Offer, only so that in combo, we can both get through our reviews in a timely manner.
  13. Bambi

    Using abbreviations and "&" in ABS??

    I see no problem with this.