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  1. DISCOVERED Do investigate scientific causes Olivia. Verify, enter recorded evidence daily.
  2. EVERYDAY Every victory effects reality. Your diligence altered yesterday.
  3. I would not address the zero, and only if questioned, I would then then deal with it
  4. High school grades are an indication of absolutely nothing as university is an entirely new ball game, so do not believe that your stellar grades so far mean anything other than you will get into university. And should you not have yet developed a strong work ethic, time and stress management skills because you were able to coast through h.s., you will be in for the surprise and shock of your life. Moreover, if you have or find a significant other in undergrad, choose with exceptional care as the wrong person can derail your ambitions and goals. The last thing you want is a needy person who grabs all your time. Rather, you want a person who is supportive of your goals, who will understand that you can only devote limited time to that person. By way of example, in undergrad, I had a s.o. whom I only saw on Saturday nights for a maximum of 3 hours on Saturday nights and otherwise, we did not communicate in any manner, as my time, energies and focus were strictly devoted to attain my goals. Had he been selfish and needy, he would not have existed in my life. I was exhausted at the end of every semester, however, I remained motivated throughout my studies. I became a straight A student in undergrad, went to med school which was much much harder for me, but I never realized what work and efficiently meant until I became a surgical resident. It helps if you take a program that interests you and about which you are passionate. I studied kin which was not difficult but the material was voluminous and required considerable effort to attain top, competitive grades. It also was a great preparation for medicine. I took easy electives to balance my work load. The most important ingredient, assuming a competitive academic record, to attain acceptance to medical school is blind luck! Every application cycle, stellar candidates are refused entry and need to apply again and again. For ECs and volunteering do what interests you, so long as you demonstrate CanMED competencies. The other piece of advice I will share with you is to be humble, and do a kindness to someone every day, no matter how small it may be.
  5. It may. It be on your transcript. Obtain your transcript to see what it says. I assume the zero will be there but not the reason. If that is the case, you should be good to go. I don’t think there are any questions on the application as to whether you were involved in academic misconduct. Should I be incorrect, only then, you can ask a medical school directly how they will handle this from 10 years ago, and I would select a medical school you think you do not want to attend. I wish you every success.
  6. The time & effort is not worth the potential minimal return, keipop explained the rational. You have no idea whether lightning will strike from Cegep and if it does, where it will strike. MCGill is only one of four Quebec medical schools. In fact, if you were to be accepted at MCGill or UdeM, you would be better prepared for medical school, although not essential, at UdeM that has its preparatory year. And although you live in Montreal, notwithstanding appearances and convenience, you would be far better off going to Trois Rivieres and not Montreal, as 1. you will have more opportunities, 2. you are adjoining the hospital, 3. the class size is significantly smaller, 4. you are likely to network better for the future with your preceptors than elsewhere. If I were you, I would focus on maximizing my grades. I went to a supposedly top Cegep, did not have the grades to even apply to med school and sent to university where I excelled as a straight A student, gained in maturity and was accepted into med school. The only thing I knew about research was how to spell it, lol. Immediately after 2nd year of med school, I ollaborated with an upperclassman, we did a literature review in 3 weeks, got published and I was invited to make a presentation at the annual meeting of the specialists related to our literature review. It was sort of fun, did not help me whatsoever to attain my residency spot. Moving on, in residency, I was constantly doing research and preparing papers and presentations and ultimately for part of my rotation was required to do an extensive research rotation. It was only at that time that I truly learned about research and wrote numerous papers thT were published as well as book chapters. Do not concern yourself about research at this time, it is not worth the time and effort to gain a minimal advantage if any at one school only. Good luck!
  7. Any Program that tends to corrects systemic imbalances can only be a good thing. In the Caribbean, I know one young doctor who graduated from high school in Canada and was accepted directly into University of the West Indies (UWI) médical school and she is an excellent physician in her practice.
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