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  1. I would go for the gap year, and if not accepted next cycle, go for a Masters. And most of all, enjoy the journey. Although you may feel rushed, there is no rush. It often takes many cycles, average is 3 but there are physicians on this forum who took 7 cycles for an acceptance. The most important aspect of applying is perseverance! And everybody I know who took years for an acceptance became stronger candidates each time and grew, developed with the intervening years making them better as physicians than if accepted the first cycle. Everything happens for a reason, including apparent adversary, even if it is not clear to us at the time. You do have a “goal” and are working toward it.
  2. Bambi


    Life is competitive in all its aspects. Just live your life, focus on your goals and your tasks needed to get there. Do your best, this is all you can do. What happens then is beyond your control. At Cégep (junior coooege) I was a so so student. Medicine was beyond my grasp apparently. I wanted medicine, knew I would need to work hard and smart. I was Lways highly motivated, this is what kept me going when I would reach burnout, which was often. I pushed myself. I became a self taught learner. For example, if an exam for a course was based strictly on the text, I skipped lectures and used the lecture time to study the text. I became extremely efficient in my study methods. This not only paid off in high grades in undergrad, but in medicine, I skipped lectures too as I found this to be far more efficient. I was in a competitive world, however, my goal was to be the best of which I was capable, and I paid no notice to the so-called competition. I had no control over them, but had control over myself. To get a job to deliver pizza if there are many applicants, you have to put your best foot forward to try to be selected. As I said, life is competitive. Sports is fun and competitive. Either join the competition, or don’t play, there is no in between. I am in a competitive field. I did not compete, rather, I tried my best. Decisions were out of my hand, however, doing my best was within my control. This got me selected to my residency program. Most of my competition were gunners but they were deemed not to be a good fit. So, don’t focus on the competition, only upon doing your best with initiative and humility.
  3. Bambi


    Don’t compare yourself to others. Market yourself well, to the best of your ability, and let the chips falls where they may. You have control over yourself, your descriptions, do not focus on what you do not control, it is a waste of energy. Good luck!
  4. Bambi

    best decision?

    No, it’s the other way around, unfortunately.
  5. Bambi

    Nervous to start med school

    Just focus on your studies! Everything else will follow as it is meant to happen. Regardless of age, many feel the same way. Congratulations!
  6. Bambi

    Breach of professionalism?

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
  7. I honestly do not know the answer, however, I can not see that submitted has any value whatsoever. To me, the only value is when it is published, the rest is pie in the sky.
  8. Bambi

    McMaster or Western?

    I went to Med school in Quebec. I thrived on PBL! In fact, after my first week of Med school, I stopped attending all lectures as I found I could learn more efficiently on my own. In undergrad, I did not attend lectures in courses where the exams were based on texts.
  9. Not a good idea to have multiple identical threads. This is not how it works here if you intend to stay around.
  10. I don’t know anything about the programs you mentioned. Generally speaking, it is not about the program, it is aboutbyou, your priorities, motivation, focus, discipline, time management, stress management, studying right for you, knowing when to go for help, working hard and smart consistently, and having a structured life so that you are not derailed, e.g., hanging with party animals, having a s.o. Who does not have common values and goals, who becomes too much of a distraction and can pull you down. i took a specialized program in exer+sir science that had internships allowing me to apply my theoretical knowledge with the elderly who had chronic diseases, thereby reinforcing my knowledge, giving me practical experience and better preparing me for medicine. I balanced my courses that had voluminous material with easy electives such as acting and other courses having multiple choice exams dependent upon the course text which allowed me to study the text rather than attend the lectures. One prof made fun of me when I did attend one lecture, however, my strategy paid off as I got the highest grade in my class. I worked exceedingly hard.in undergrad, again my strategy worked as I became a straight A student, despite the fact I was far from the strongest lightbulb in the classes. I worked smart and hard and was exhausted at the end of every semester. I also lost all my friends in the process but it was well worth it as I achieved my goal. My best friends are now classmates from med school, however, he hardly see each other as we are in different cities and each, as residents, have virtually no time available. In acceptances, I also see many students study geography? which has nothing to do with medicine. It is always good to have a Plan B, as life is uncertain at best. Good luck!
  11. Bambi

    Study Time During Medicine

    I studied all the time, 6 days a week, did not attend lectures as I found I could use my time more efficiently on my own.
  12. Bambi

    RC waiting game

    Congratulations LL!
  13. It would only hurt you in my view if you want this field.
  14. Bambi

    Admitted but never kissed a girl

    5 years ago, he was 21, white.
  15. Bambi

    Admitted but never kissed a girl

    Let nature take its course. Develop friendships in Med school and beyond and there is more than one girl out there for you. You really never know where a friendship will lead to, if anywhere. You can, however, improve your chances by working to make things happen. I know one fellow who saw a girl walking in the opposite direction, in a building, she was talking to another person. He realized the strong attraction, that he likely would never see her again in his lifetime. He stopped in his tracks, turned around, approached the girls and said, “Excuse me, you have touched my heart, my soul, my body as soon as I saw you. Can we please sit down and chat. She accepted snd this chat lasted 3 hours, the first of many. Every girl with whom he has had a serious relationship began by him approaching total strangers to whom he was attracted. The others were st university. My point is, you can take the initiative, you take a chance, the worst that can happen is that you are shut down and quickly, but st least you know, you gave it a shot. In any event, life will unfold in the fullness of time and you will find someone, or someone will find you.