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  1. I have never looked into but I had thought each program looks at you separately and will interview on the competitive merits of your application separately one from the other. The med school as OMS may well be impressed with your publications and research which could positively affect the outcome! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  2. Once I was in residency, I looked into taking an online Masters in health education, however, after careful consideration, and looking into it, I dropped the idea as residency takes my full time energies and skills and there is just not enough time in a 24 hour day to do both well.
  3. SELF-FULFILLMENT Self education leaves fulfillment. Feeling unfulfilled Lucy? Finally, I love Lucy more, especially now - today.
  4. The entire purpose of going to and graduating from medical school is so that you can become licensed to practice in one of the fields of medicine. The beginning entry point to accomplish this is to apply in CaRMS to be a resident, and there is a selection process whereby you apply to different schools to the fields that interest you, you shall have requested and received Letters of Recommendation from attending physicians who have evaluated your suitability for a given field based upon your performance, you will write a Motivational Letter and you may be selected for an interview. In my case, I applied to 3 different fields where I considered I would be personally and professionally fulfilled and was interviewed in all these fields. I submitted different Motivational Letters for each field. In 2 of the fields, there were a total of 80 applicants for each field, and in each case, 40 of us were selected to be interviewed. In these 2 fields, there were 3 residency positions available in each field. I was selected for a surgical specialty. I might not have matched or been selected for any of these fields. There is a degree of luck involved in this process. They are looking for an applicant whom they consider to be “a good fit”, someone whom they feel will get along with the team, who is hard working, collaborative and friendly. I am in the process of completing my 5th year of residency and will soon write my licensing exams, and will be looking for employment, although some of us do a fellowship to further specialize. Sometimes, your future employer requires you to do a fellowship in a certain specialization.
  5. YEARLONG you enjoyed all reviews last October, November, goodness!
  6. NEWSPAPER Now eat whatever seems perfect and pick every raspberry. .
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