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  1. Send me your essays with Questions, character or word limitation and Instructions.
  2. You need to emphasize CanMEDS competencies, demonstrate empathy, compassion, your development and your contribution. Work on it for many, many hours and only "after" you think it will be competitive, send it to me together with character limitation and instructions. Marketing yourself is crucial and is a competency not taught or learned thus far.
  3. I don't know the answer but would imagine it won't be a problem. I would just do it!
  4. You are allowed a carry on and backpack in the cabin. This is how I always travel so as to avoid the long wait time to pick up luggage. Good luck!
  5. Hi Lily, Your English appears perfect! 3.8 is not borderline for IP! I believe you are competitive academically. I would definitely include your work related experiences in your CV - as clearly you are demonstrating CanMEDS competencies. I am unsure about your loss of weight being included in your CV, let's see what others recommend. I recommend that you seek to expand your activities, depending upon time you have, to include a positive volunteering commitment to the wider community, e.g., Big Sisters where you mentor and become a role model to a young girl in need of this, helping the homeless in a soup kitchen, volunteering at a women's shelter, anything of interest to you where you are demonstrating compassion, empathy and making a contribution to society. This would demonstrate active participatory citizenship being involved within the wider community. BTW, I think a 3.8 is fantastic for nursing.
  6. EDUCATORS Even drunk undergrads can attract teens or rebellious students.
  7. Your plan is solid, kin is excellent choice, not particularly difficult but voluminous material so required to work hard. Ideally, you want to take a normal full course load during the normal academic year.
  8. From my viewpoint, you are working in Quebec, an employee. I would speak directly with Quebec authorities, i.e., with La Regie for health cover, with the dept that deal with driver's license. I know if the police stop you and you have been in Quebec for longer than 6 months, they would take the position that you need a Quebec driver's license and speak with your insurance broker, explaining what you are doing in Quebec to determine if your cover remains in force although you will be driving mostly in Quebec.
  9. I do not believe that is correct. Living in Quebec, you must have a Quebec driver's license after 6 months. And should you end up in the hospital in Montreal, go explain you are living in Montreal but really your OHIP is valid. KISS is best approach, Keep It Simple Stupid. And speak to your insurer for your car and see what they say. In Quebec, it is no fault, but with Ontario registration and you have an accident, you are making life unnecessarily complicated for yourself. EDIT: You will be earning money in Quebec, will b e employed in Quebec and filing a provincial tax return in Quebec.
  10. NALOXONE Never allow lepers or XXX offenders near educators.
  11. hib

    A Masters is not going to make a non competitive GPA go away. There are med schools that look at best 2 years or last 2 years. I don't see a problem with a B.A.
  12. YELLED You educated lovely ladies, even doctors.
  13. Have a look at the first post of this thread:
  14. Out of an abundance of caution, I would send that email.
  15. I don't think you can obtain any meaningful information even if such stats were available. Don't use it as a guide to make a decision.