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  1. I don't know what you are talking about. I was too busy studying always. I was learning and motivated. Time passed quickly!
  2. Same CV, Motivational Letter to each has a different spin. I applied to FM and 2 specialties, one being a surgical specialty, the other having some surgery involved. I was essentially an outsider in the ompetitive surgical specialty, I was a hard and enthusiastic worker, always stayed late helping the resident. Both the resident and attending liked me, thought I would be a good fit. The resident was on the Interviewing Panel of 6, did not need to advocate for me as all 6, most of whom I did not know, selected me after a 10 minute interview, although the attending did give me a great LOR. Not one gunner was selected as they did not hsve the essential soft skills. Fast forward to today, my competitive specialty for one year suddenly became less competitive, i.e., more spots available and considerably less applicants. Every year is different. I got my interviews for all 3 fields, would have been happy in any of the 3, fate, luck, whatever made the decision for me. Interestingly, it was not necessary to spin any story at the interview. I was just my authentic self at the interviews. For this specialty, I volunteered in a verbal statement that I would definitely take a fellow but did not know which subspecizlty, and they liked that. The interview was fairly simple, no difficult questions, just trying to get to know me. Just be yourself.
  3. LL & robclem said it best! Stay faithful to your dream, remain motivated, do not be concerned as to how long it takes to reach the finish line of this marathon, medicine needs people like you! Our Community is with you, we are your extended family! I’m sure you can reach out to any of us. Hope, hard work, motivation go a far way. As LL has said, take care of yourself as your first priority - as your well being is essential to maintain in this marathon! We are all cheering for you, in life, in your battles, when you stumble as we all do, and in your successes! Welcome to the Forum! What took you so long.
  4. NALOXONE Norman admired ladies on XXX-movies, observing nude entertainment.
  5. Different strokes for different folks. I would never consider a move to US under any circumstances. Too many guns, too many killings for my taste. Canada is relatively safe and an excellent place to raise a family. And to practice medicine. I won't need any more money than I will make here. And I want to uae my talents and skills for fellow Canadians.
  6. I joined a competitive surgical specialty program. I used the summers to totally relax, to spend time with my s.o. and family. I did some travelling and came back ready to work hard again. These are the last summers you will ever have again to enjoy until retirement. I did no research during med school. I spent 3 weeks doing a literature review one summer with an upperclassman and we were published. It was totally irrelevant to my field or to my selection to my residency spot. When I applied at CaRMS for this surgical specialty, I was essentially an outsider, had only one week of a 2 week elective by the time I submitted my application (to 2 other fields as well) and not one of the gunners were selected! I was selected because of my soft skills, because I was considered to be a good fit and they were right in their assessment. The same applies for getting a job after residency. One technically competent surgeon I know, who is ahead of me, has been seeking interviews, and has been granted not one interview; he doesn't know why. The word is out, nobody likes him. Nobody is keen to work with him as part of the team. Lactic Folly has given you excellent advice. I took another route. All roads lead to the same place. Timing and luck play a role in your future. Be flexible and consider various fields. You will undoubtedly change your mind by the time you are ready to apply for residency.
  7. Keep an open mind during Med school and clerkship. There was a field I wanted since childhood. I am in an entirely different field which only attracted my attention a week before the deadline for applying to residency. I love my surgical specialty and could never have guessed even at the beginning of my fourth year in Med school that I would be where I am. It is far too early in the game.
  8. Bambi

    Campus Mauricie

    Tiny class size, immediately next to hospital, far better networking, great PBL, more opportunities are some of the many advantages of TR to Montreal. There is no contest as to which is in your best interests.
  9. Bambi

    Help with ECs

    Do not compare yourself to others. Only you walk in your own shoes. One of my most meaningful volunteering was unorganized, it was helping out a wheelchair bound elderly neighbour, I took her for wheeled walks to the park so she could smell the flowers and watch the children play, I ran errands, did her shopping, her laundry, we chatted endlessly and I learned so much from her. She was an important motivation for me in the pursuit of medicine. I came from poverty, brown bagged my lunches as drinks and meals were unaffordable. I walked to university to save on public transport costs. All this built character and helped develop me into the person I am today. My friends partied, whereas I had to study constantly, so I lost all my so-called friends, but it was well worth all the sacrifices, as I did attain my goal. And from work, you develop CanMEDS competencies. Put yourself out there in uncomfortable situations, e.g., work in customer service where you deal with irrate customers who take out their frustrations on you, as you remain composed and calm while resolving the issue. The more difficult the situation, the more you grow and develop! I used to be shy but I put myself in situations where being shy was just not possible. Each of us have special talents, we just need to discover what they are. Life will unfold. Tackle it head on. Be brave, go for it, a step at a time. You will learn so much about yourself in this process of discovery. Whatever you do, interact with others. This will allow you to enhance your communication skills and will give you more confidence in yourself.
  10. I dont quite know what I am saying, and I don’t know how your last degree will play into any potential acceptance, but out of an abundance of caution, I would consider opting to go to Cégep, as I believe these grades would not count against you come what may.
  11. You really want to do an elective where you intend to apply, if possible, as they prefer no surprises and will thus have the opportunity to get to know you and determine first hand if you will be a good fit. Knowing you on paper and a 10-20 minute interview is second best and anybody decent who has applied and had an elective will have a significant advantage over you.
  12. Of course, you have a shot in this marathon. Focus on your academics, know how to study smart for you, go to counselling for help. Grades in h.s. are not relevant to anything. I was a poor student in Cegep (junior college). I did a complete turn around in undergrad, treated my studies professionally, all I did was study, was exhausted as the end of each semester, became a straight A student although not the brightest lightbulb in the class. So, in a sense, I am a poster child for what can be accomplished. Stay motivated, focus only upon improving yourself, do not look at others. Good luck!
  13. Bambi

    Help with ECs

    1. Ensure GPA under control 2. Follow your interests 3. For volunteering, you want to experience & demonstrate compassion, empathy, kindness and to contribute to the welfare of others, e.g., play therapy with patients at hospital, play cards or board games, listen, chat and take their minds of their medical problems 4. Make a long term commitment in whatever you undertake 5. Adcoms are seeking well round active citizens who have a life outside of academics 6. Use CanMEDS competencies as your guide 7. Welcome to the Forum