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  1. No! But having soft skills will. They are looking for a good fit.
  2. Bambi

    Maternity Leave

    Subject to verification, you need 6 months employment to qualify for unemployment insurance. However, you start being employed July 1. You will be entitled to maternity leave, but I am unsure if you will have entitlement financially, I think not.,
  3. Bambi

    Erratic School History - Red flag?

    I don't see red flags.
  4. Bambi

    Whats the point ?

    The point is to enjoy life and contribute to society.
  5. This is what is important during clearkship, that leads to residency! This is what will make you a good fit for selection.
  6. In my specialty, better. I’m confident of a soft landing.
  7. I don’t know about the market for ENT, but I do know things have changed in my surgical specialty since I became a R-1. Nothing stands still. It is hard to predict the future.
  8. Bambi

    Unique Situation

    Exactly - as Older says, there are no shortcuts to medicine. And this is what you are looking for. Then again, perhaps Older has a M.D. from abroad and is now practicing in Canada. High doubtful but possible? Getting a medical degree in another part of the world is the easy part if you have the money. Doing something meaningful with it is the hard part. And getting a job as a practicing physician in Canada afterwards is almost impossible, at least the odds are seriously against you. I know 2 Canadian physicians who graduated at the top of their respective classes abroad who have been trying for years to get to Canada, all to no avail.
  9. I did only 1 elective in a highly competitive surgical specialty and was chosen. There were 80 applicants, 40 interviewees, 3 residency spots. Most of the interviewees were gunners, lots of rotations, research, etc., however, not one of them got selected. Of all interviewees, on an objective basis of knowledge, I was probably the least qualified. However, based on my soft skills, I was considered to be an excellent fit! And their evaluation and selection proved to be correct, so the Panel knew what they were doing. On the other hand, I was a gunner in another field, which included a publication - I was interviewed and not selected. So, you never know where lightning is going to strike, and anything is possible.
  10. The RBC branch at Sherbrooke & Peel is pretty good.
  11. Absolutely follow your interests! I know a couple who did this and have been practicing in different fields very happily for over 30 years. They raised their children and way in advance, they plan and block outvtime for mini-vacations, usually of one week duration each.
  12. Bambi

    GPA dilemma

    I believe the answer is yes, it would make a big difference.
  13. Bambi

    GPA dilemma

  14. Absolutely not too lste!
  15. Well, lawyers have received a big, fat retainer and they win even if they lose in court.