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  1. Bambi

    Steps to improve for next year?

    Your descriptions in the ABS and your Essays may be an issue. Examine them very carefully to see if you marketed yourself well in the ABS, and try to objectively evaluate your Essays.
  2. Well, there are those applicants who walk in with minimum prep on the basis that they have prepared for the interview their entire lives, that their life experiences will carry them through. And, they treat it as a fun experience, as just a practice run, and actually, people with this mindset do well.
  3. Bambi

    Academic Context

    I imagine it can only help you!
  4. Bambi

    More females than males in medicine?

    We live in a competitive world and adcoms choose whom they consider, each cycle, to be the best applicants from the available pool. This is not unfair, rather, it is life in the fast lane.
  5. Bambi

    "Tell me about yourself"

    This Is your opportunity to highlight the markers in your history demonstrating your growth and development whereby you increased your empathy, compassion, communication, management, leadership and professional skills, how you overcame adversity, overcame your weaknesses, how you thrive on challenges in the pursuit of excellence, all naturally leading up to your career choice and why.y
  6. Working at McDonald’s involves CanMEDS Competencies, communication skills with customers, health and safety concerns relating to food, management, leadership. All jobs give you a platform to market yourself! Also, diversity of life experiences is a good thing.
  7. Why not consider becoming IP in Quebec, and then MCAT becomes irrelevant for McGill.
  8. HOMEWORK Having older medical employees work overtime ruins keenness.
  9. Don't look at it that way. Should you be chosen for an interview, you have a decent shot. At that stage, your only competition is yourself. You want to be the best applicant of which you are capable being. Be your authentic self and let the chips fall where they may. When I applied for a residency spot, in 2 specialty fields, there were approximately 80 applicants for each field, 40 of us were chosen for interview. For sure, each group of 40 of us were competitive (same case in your situation if chosen for interview). For each of these specialties, they were only going to select 3 candidates! So, it was 3 from 40 competitive applicants. All each of us could do for our interviews was to be ourselves and let the chips fall where they may. Certainly, luck is involved in this process. I was selected for a surgical specialty spot. I was one of three in one of the fields. My future career was dependent upon luck in the end. In your situation, it is the same, except that you can reapply next year and use the experience you shall have attained in the interview process to advantage. Of course, you want an acceptance! I wish you all luck!
  10. EDWARD Especially dedication will always reward doctors.
  11. Nor should they. Applicants don't want to go unmatched but programs don't want to waste their time and are looking for what they consider to be a good fit. When I was up at bats for CaRMS, I applied to FM and 2 specialties, got my interviews, wrote compelling motivational letters expressing my interest and reasons, and, I had no backup, i.e., I would have been entirely happy with any one of these 3 fields and saw myself having an enjoyable and productive career in FM or the 2 specialties. I understood that luck was very much involved, I made my selection with due deliberation and the final choice was out of my hands. If the interviewers smell backup, you likely go to the bottom of the pile if ranked at all.
  12. See the thread of future_doc in the Medical School Interview Forum.
  13. Sorry, mea cupla.