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  1. That’s precisely what I did. I applied to 3 fields in 1 geographical location, got my 3 interviews, would have been happy in any of the 3, and was accepted in a surgical specialty. I was prepared not to match as I realized I was taking a chance, but was not prepared to compromise on location. I do recommend this approach provided you are adaptable on the field you will match to.
  2. UNCLE Under normal circumstances, leaders emerge.
  3. The schools are aware of the possibility of people speaking in your ears. It has been tried by cheaters. Ethics and consequences dictate not to go this route.
  4. I agree totally with what you write, all I did was study. My success was a combination of luck & my soft soft skills. Nothing else.
  5. I cannot see PhD helping you, whereas 2nd undergrad degree will. Therefore, it is a better investment if med is the goal.
  6. EVERYDAY Eat vegetables, eat regularly Yvonne, doesn’t a yak?
  7. I don't think it matters. I had 1 publication during med school and it made absolutely no difference whether I had this publication or not in my competitive surgical specialty selection. Nor were ECs a consideration. I was too busy studying in med school to have ECs, I cut back considerably from undergrad days. And having a family explains it all. With good clinical performance, LORs, soft skills and face time where you apply, you are golden!
  8. Canada is a safer place to raise a family, excellent medical schools that are cost effective, I wouldn't practice in US, defensive medicine to protect yourself from lawsuits, high malpractice cost due to litigation and high judgments. If accepted only in US, accept but if accepted in both countries, I would opt for Canada.
  9. WONDERS When our nurses, doctors engage, results shine!
  10. SCARECROW Some cadets are resourceful, enthusiastic, courageous, reliable, Owen, wow!
  11. In my view, you don't even have a long shot as a OOP.