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  1. SPECTACULARLY Some people eat cantaloupe, tomatoes and cactus Ulysse, liking apples, raspberries, lettuce, yams.
  2. There is no harm to try but I don’t think you will get anywhere. They set their own rules and their only concern Is have an excellent class of new students enter their program. There will always be dissatisfied applicants, it is not their concern. Many years ago, I applied to MCGill medical school. I was an excellent candidate with stellar grades and amazing ECs & volunteering. I did not receive an interview and to try to become a better candidate, I sought a meeting to review my application. It turned out that the reader of my essay, misinterpreted just one sentence of my essay, determined I was overly ambitious, and it was on that basis that I was excluded from having an interview. Once I explained the sentence, the person admitted I was an excellent candidate, but the damage had already been done. As it happened, I got off the wait list of another med school, so no harm done. My point, my only point, is that the process is arbitrary and there are subjective elements that come into play. I became an irrelevant casualty at the MCGill application process. However, all that mattered to MCGill was that they selected excellent candidates that cycle. Each med school makes their own rules, they are not perfect but at the end of the day, they intake a good new group of students into their programs, medical, dental, whatever. I think fighting the system, fighting their rules is like spitting in the wInd that is coming in your direction. You need to apply broadly and hope you will be accepted at one of the schools. Don’t put your eggs in one basket and don’t waste your time and energy in a futile exercise. Life is not fair. I wish you every success.
  3. Every question is serious and requires a credible answer. Answer truthfully. I would assume your alternatives are amongst taking a gap year, studying for a Masters in a given discipline or seeking employment. I would not leave the answer blank or give an answer that will make the reader question your common sense, logic or sincerity.
  4. SURPRISINGLY Students underrepresented recent permanent residents in student intakes now George. Look yearly.
  5. SPINACH Security personnel intelligently never asked children’s’ handlers.
  6. REGULARLY Run, exercise George, understand, let’s all run, loosen-up, yes.
  7. SURPRISE Swimming underwater recently, Peter returned into swimming evenings.
  8. I did a literature review with a colleague who was a year ahead of me, it took all of 3 weeks, we were published, I made a presentation at the annual meeting of the specialists, it was all good for us both - but we were not in direct competition. Would there be a benefit to you for him to join with you? If not, don’t accept him. But is he able to take your idea and run with it - without you? If so, the quality of your respective research would be telling. In my case, I ended up in an entirely different specialty, a small competitive surgical specialty.
  9. Hi Sparkle, it’s been a long time since I took the specialty program. All I can tell you is that back in the day (I just completed a 5 yr surgical residency) the few students who took this path for medIcine all got in on their first try. You need to be highly motivated to attain the As required to be a competitive candidate for medicine. The Program is not difficult, it is a great prep for medicine, however, the material is voluminous - which means you need to work hard and you will be exhausted at the end of each semester.
  10. SUSPICIOUS Seeing underwater swimming particularly is Charlie interesting,, or ubiquitously startling.
  11. DESPISED Dedicated, energetic special police investigated students, educators, doctors.
  12. EVERYTHING Ethan verily eats rhubarb yearly, then has indigestion - not good.
  13. PROPOSED Personal results obviously present opportunities, sometimes educational Daniel.
  14. SPÉCIAL Special professionals encourage children in amazing leadership.
  15. Well, it seems to me that you won’t graduate until your 6th year? If that is the case, in your last two years, you will have taken 3rd & 4th year courses. Write to med iCal schools to find out if this is okay. Otherwise, it seems you will need another undergraduate degree.
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