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  1. You have to do what you have to do, use them as verifier.
  2. I tend to agree with the above. Better safe than sorry, all the more so in this competitive environment.
  3. Hi Sarah, Definitely apply. You may or may not receive interviews, if you do, great. If not, marketing yourself for purposes of applying is an entirely new skill you will learn and even if this is a trial run, it will help you out! And you never know where and when lightning will strike.
  4. Your profile is not competitive. GPA is King and those with much higher, competitive GPAs are routinely rejected. Then, Med schools are long king for active citizens in the community,vthose who contribute to society while doing well academically. Therefore, on a preliminary glance, in my honest opinion, your chances are extremely slim to none. As you don’t have the basic qualifications at this time, I don’t suggest you start preparing for the MCAT. You would need a second undergrad ain’t a competitive GPA combined with ECs & volunteering that demonstrate CanMEDS competencies.to be able to have a decent shot at it.
  5. A total waste of money! It is a money grab. Meaningless for Med school applications.
  6. You can only put in what have done, not what you intend to you in the future.
  7. Nothing to do with morality, I don’t drink ever, except for the very occasional glass of wine at dinner if served.
  8. This is the stepping stone for the rest of your life if you do the journey well, notwithstanding any setbacks along the path. Uncertainty and ambiguity follow you always along your journey of life, no matter what your age. Taking advantage of your energy, intellect, ambition, focus and drive helps you achieve your goals. You have less attachments and are able to follow your dreams and to correct any mistakes with minimum disruption. Indeed, this IS the best time of your life!
  9. I don’t know the answer but you have come to far to make a mistake at this stage. I would somehow try to obtain an official answer. Of course, they all understand English, but that is not the point. And, I assume LORs are confidential, so how could “you” translate them or have them translated? Quebec is a strange pond in which I live.
  10. Let common sense be your guide. You use what you have to advantage, no b.s., no padding. The readers of your ABS are not idiots, they understand, they have been there, just use your common sense and do a decent job. Then, the hips will fall where they may.
  11. FVolunteering, leadership, research are all unimportant on your way to matching. In my view, being a gunner too is not helpful! What is helpful is not working during summers, enjoy yourself as these are the lastcsummers corvyouvto enjoy until retirement. in clerkship, have an open mind, be adaptable, don’t look at the gunners and get scared, just be a hard worker, enthusiastic, work hard and be collaborative and likeable. Being a “good fit” is by far the most important attribute in being selected for a competitive field. My two cents thatxserved mexwell. Good luck! (Edict and I are both surgical residents)
  12. I know nothing about this, but encourage you to apply, submit the best application possIboe, and let the chips fall where they may in this competitive environment. God luck!
  13. Your h.s. grades are essentially meaningless for your future, other than getting into Cégep, and are an indication of nothing for your future. Having said this, it is always good to try your best, study smart, try to resolve problems early and in h.s., teachers will know you and help you, whereas thereafter, you are essentially on your own. if you are able to develop good and smart study habits, time and stress management skills, develop focus and discipline, this is what will become an important stepping stone for your further education. I was a good student in h.s., with good grades, the opposite in Cégep, and during my undergrad studies, I became a straight A student as medicine was my goal and I fully understood that ai needed to be disciplined and focused to achieve top grades.
  14. He may never be accepted again anywhere if he does not take the acceptance on offer. Years ago, someone on this forum was accepted, declined in the belief that he would get into Med school the next year. He was never accepted again anywhere.
  15. Kanwal, your post is in the wrong place and may not be noticed by persons who could answer you. Your GPA appears to be competitive to me. Now for MCAT.
  16. Absolutely! And spend the time required to make it compelling!
  17. I agree with the above poster. You will be a gluten for punishment seeking to go that route compared to your present career trajectory. Also, your GPA is not competitive, your Masters grades are not relevant. There is absolutely no guarantee, highly competitive applicants are routinely rejected. Should you decide to go this route, be prepared for disappointment and returning to your original career.
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