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  1. Upfront cost for OMA are MUCH lower. about 1/3rd the premium, if you opt for the step-rate. There is no reason to cancel coverage that I can see, unless you simply don't need it.
  2. lol where did you hear that.. better to not say anything if you're not sure! you can initiate the transfer process in 1st year usually- they make you wait a few blocks before you can do it though.
  3. I believe the RBC has better options (I don't rmb if it's COLA, long term conversion at elderly age, etc). As well, in the long run, when you coverage your half a million dollar salary, the OMA step program will run out, while the 25% discount is there. Why would you NOT get both? It just makes no sense. The companies will pay out according to how much you've covered with each company, is my understanding.
  4. simple thing: get minimum (500$) coverage with RBC and cover the rest with OMA. That way you lock in the 25% discount, and can choose lots of options without medical.
  5. correct, it is the only one you can still apply to after 4 or more years. some programs only let you apply once.
  6. Let's not forget the fact that the OP did indeed secure a residency after medical school, and withdrew at his own accord. So when do we start talking how we should be differentiating between those who quit their residency to those who couldn't match straight out of med? Does your med school owe it to you 4 years out to quit a residency and be 'guaranteed' another spot? When they can't even match their first-time applicants?
  7. This is WRONG, please stop spreading misinformation. There are certain programs that actually say *even if you didn't get an interview, we still will rank you*. they may be rare, but it is certainly not impossible. It WILL NOT HURT YOU to rank a place you didn't interview. Whether or not you want to go there is completely separate from whether or not they decided to interview you.
  8. one thing you don't realize until you write it is how heavily checklist-based the exam scoring is. if you watch the examiners after you finish your stations, the entire marking sheet is a scantron sheet; there is a giant list of items, you simply get a tick box if you ask something. it gets a little anxiety-provoking when you're wrapping up your station and you see a whole section that remains un-checked
  9. I put it on my CV to demonstrate interest in scholary activities in the field. it just occupies one line, so its not a major listing, but not sure why you wouldn't list it?
  10. "Offer of Admission, Hamilton Campus, Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine,McMaster University" from 2012
  11. lol i see! we almost all got kicked out of the 2016 fb group at one point
  12. why are there already 200 people in this group :/
  13. i would have thought they offer 203 + additional as spots free up
  14. make sure it's on glossy photo paper. just use paint or Preview to stitch 4 pics into a 4x6 jpg and print it at costco,shoppers etc. and cut it out. shouldn't cost more than 50c.
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