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  1. It depends, often in hospital setting there are forms etc for volunteers and co-op high school student. As for shadowing certain docs, they will have to comply with PIPEDA within their private offices, etc Zero value for pre-med/dent, unless you are getting a feel if that is what you want to do for the next 30 years
  2. Even practicing clinician makes mistake both in meds and dents. If you are tired a lot, maybe it is your posture during procedure. but once you are efficient you shouldn't have to stay in one posture for long. try stretching between patient...
  3. no i understand your original post.. just venting... seen quite a bit....
  4. Lol, Actually, if you billed the patient for a partial extraction, i will bill the DDS not the pt for completing the job. if you didn't and send I will bill the pt. If it is the one or two occurences for the same procedure I am fine, but multiple repeats I will have a nice talk with the DDS, it is all about the well being of the patient. Maybe a sounded like an arse..
  5. You know the latest study suggested routine annual physical is not as valuable as you might think. as far as I know OHIP is no longer paying for complete physical on an annual basis..
  6. Well, it is a bit naive to suggest cover under Universal healthcare (UH). I covered hospital call, and I get paid thru OHIP for that. However, physicians get better compensation for after hour consult than I do (DDS / Oral Surgeon / Pedo), why? who knows. What is basic dental services? According to them, routine exam and cleaning are not. for them emergency services, such as pain, abscesses are. There are Healthy Smile, welfare, first nation, disability etc. Honestly, you don't really want to get into the umbrella of UH as a provider. Beside more and more services are taken of UH coverage, due to cost of new drugs, equipment etc. Fee guide are reference. You can charge whatever you want, but whether your patient will like it or go seek a second opinion it is a risk you have to take if you charge over fee guide. Patient shops around for cost....
  7. Oh well..... anyways, I think most of us here Pre-D, D-student, or the few actually practising in this forum are trying to help.. Anyways, you are 1 year out now.. how does it feel.. still have the same thinking as day 1 in D-school? or completely different now.. Take Care
  8. +1 for the freaky shit.. I like dealing with freaky shit, but don't like to mop up other ppl's shit. I am fine with once or twice, hey sometime ppl don't know their limitations, however, repeat offenders... I get very annoyed. Haha. don't take work home, not always, but rare in dentistry. But post-op complications do occur, however, most DDS in the community just tell them to go to emerg, which is my pet peeve No careers are without ups and downs... you just have to find out what you can and cannot tolerate and go from there.. At the end of the day, try to find something you love to do. because min. 25 years is a long time... I know. but just correcting your sentence as there is "soft teeth" and yes most don't have that condition. Sorry just a habit,my thesis was in oral path while I was doing my specialty training...
  9. There is something called soft teeth.. Rare, Amelogenesis imperfecta...
  10. Honestly, Endo loupe? If you are serious with endo, you need an Op microscope. At least all of my endo colleagues use. If you are just starting with dental school. don't spend a lot of money on loupe. you will find out what you use and what is comfortable for you...
  11. I guess things never changed in Schulich. pink notes still exist. I guess some profs are too lazy to change their questions.
  12. Nah, i would suggest open next door with his / her sign...lol.. what are ppl thinking
  13. Haha, depending on how the lawyer takes you for a ride, anyways a way over too restrictive non-compete is almost not enforcible. There are case laws about it. Always work in an area that you have an interest in staying because it is hard to move once you are established.
  14. I wouldn't say that. you are not there to sell treatments. However, there are practices that push certain treatment (especially large corp). You are there to diagnose and treat, you provide info on risks, benefits and alternatives on the proposed treatment. I let pt decide what they want to do. And I will never answer "what would you do in this case?" Because it is such a leading question that will influence their decision. I see a lot of oral path, I don't force people into biopsy if I think it is benign, can I be 100% certain the diagnosis, of course not without tissue confirmation. However, if it think it is serious, I will make sure that gets done.
  15. Bingo, I was about to write about the 6 month braces. It totally ignore occlusion, yes you will have straight and aligned front teeth but that is it. It is just a selling point. everything has limitations, even invisalign, it can't treat everything compared to wires and brackets.
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