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  1. Do you think coming from quebec where one is given grades and falling below the average (pre-clinical) this renders me non competitive for the competitive specialties?
  2. Hey, What percent of patients in residency will be english speaking? Also, for the doctors we rotate with, do they speak english? How is it looked at if we communicate in english? Is all paperwork done in english? Also, is the paperwork (ie: histoire de cas/HPI) done by hand or computer? Thanks!
  3. How realistic is it for a sherbrooke grad to get accepted to residencies at UBC, toronto, mcgill.... and even more so in competitive specialities like derm, anesthesiology, GI... etc...
  4. The Mcgill excel workbook where you enter your marks, no?
  5. Hi guys, I took AP French in High School. Do I add this in table 3 of my MDSR excel workbook? I got a 5 on the test. Does this mean I can put I got an A+ in the course?
  6. He is referring it as a 3rd yr course. Orgo 300 for example. I had the same question as him too. Could I list my Orgo 300 courses as a science pre req?
  7. Thanks! How do I know which of my courses are pre-reqs? I know first year bio is a pre-req... but instead of putting in my first yr bio as a pre req could I put in a second year cell bio course as I got an A+ mark in it compared to my A- mark in my first year bio course
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