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  1. I think Alberta uses the 4.3 scale tho so your marks would adjust accordingly, or is that the gpa calculated thru ORPAS?
  2. well good thing im already in and doing first year PT so i dont need any of your tips, and im sure glad I wont be in your class if you get in. You sound harsh
  3. Merry Christmas for all those applying to PT school in January! keep faith and good luck in the admissions process! I don't regret my choice at all, PTs for the win!!!
  4. Just so everyone knows the Waitlist for U of T PT is still moving - I just got a spot off the waitlist and I was #33
  5. ya i did, volunteered at big brothers, got some hospital hours - i think GPA is what is sorta holding me back
  6. I guess so, my sGPA was 3.74 so i'm thinking i will have to take some more undergrad courses to up the average and get some more volunteer opportunities - btw this is already my second time applying, 3rd time's a charm right?
  7. Applied to PT at western, Queens, Mac, U of T Rejected: western, queens, mac waitlisted: U of T (30s) I think im screwed, this sucksssssssss
  8. outright rejection at Western PT, sGPA 3.74 - knew it was coming, but it still doesnt feel nice haha
  9. I received regrets as well: sGPA was 3.74, had 200 hours in clinic as well as big brother for mentally disabled boy, coaching sports teams. This sucks
  10. at least im working fulltime so its not as bad a wait and that takes my mind off things a bit... just a bit tho. actually that is a complete lie, i am nervous and anxious as hell haha
  11. am i the only one who thought my CAP test went better than the MMI? I am definitely someone who is able to express myself better in writing than via an interviewer, so i thought the CAP test went really well for me. In contrast, i had a couple questions on the MMI that I thought were rather tough; there were 2 times where i said all i thought i could say under the 6 minutes and then it was just awkward silence because the interviewer didnt ask me anything hahaha
  12. anyone else finding it super hard to study for these interviews???
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