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  1. I believe it would follow closely to how one becomes sub-specialized in adult oncology (IM residency, match to medical oncology through CaRMS Medicine sub-specialty match, then pursue a fellowship in your oncology area of choice (GI, GU, Neuro, etc...) You would match into a pediatrics in the CaRMS R-1 match, match to pediatric oncology through the CaRMS pediatric Subspecialty match, and then do a further fellowship in neuro-oncology.
  2. PulsusParadoxus

    Which Maritime Province is Best?

    The edge goes to NB, higher “relative opportunity” and success rate overall. But again, those stats include applicants to all 3 of those schools (and the rest in the country to a smaller extent). It’s not clear how this “advantage”, for lack of a better word, is changed by taking those who applied to MUN and Sherbrooke out of the equation though. Ruling out Sherbrooke as you don’t speak French makes sense. My advice, if you do move east to gain home court advantage so-to-speak, would be to apply to MUN and Dal. If you’ve got a geographic advantage, you might as well use it to the fullest. One Canadian medical school is as good as another. Just my two cents, although I’m sure there are many opinions on it.
  3. PulsusParadoxus

    Which Maritime Province is Best?

    The AFMC has published some data showing that NL, NB, and QC have the highest “relative opportunity” in med school applications. Table 4 in the link below. https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/CMES2017-Section1-Information.pdf Another table of their data, that I can’t find right now shows that applicants from NB, NL, and PEI have the highest success rates in the country (percent-wise). NB residents had somewhere around a 30% success rate. There are NB seats at Sherbrooke, Dal, & Memorial and PEI seats at Dal & Memorial.
  4. I’m second year, we also have lecture capture. I use an iPad + Apple Pencil and OneNote for my notes. I use picture-in-picture to watch the lecture slides at a smaller size, while listening to the audio and writing notes on on the PDF printout in OneNote. I’ll usually listen at 1.5-2x depending how slow the professor talks, take notes and pause/rewind to catch up or if I think I missed something.
  5. PulsusParadoxus

    Document Section: What to Add?

    No English requirement anymore.
  6. PulsusParadoxus

    Document Section: What to Add?

    I responded to your PM, but for the benefit of everybody, there isn't a specific section for publications. If I recall correctly, I put my publications in the "additional information" box at the very end.
  7. PulsusParadoxus

    Document Section: What to Add?

    Nope, nothing other than that unless they ask for it (i.e. - proof of residency/citizenship). When I applied, I had a publication accepted in December-ish and contacted admissions about updating my application. They asked me to submit a signed letter to them with the particulars and they attached it to my application. I guess if you receive any awards, have any publications, or anything like that between the time of submission/ranking, that's where they'll stick it. Best of luck
  8. PulsusParadoxus

    Application Dates Overview for non-Ontario med schools

    MUN’s deadline is September 12th, you’ll definitely want to set up your account well in advance.
  9. PulsusParadoxus

    Quick Question - GPA Calculation

    So yes, for transcript purposes that’s the case, but for a competitive program like medicine having such a wide range of what would be a 4.0 vs 3.0 just doesn’t make sense. Like you say, if that were the case, one could have an 80 average and a 4.0 while somebody could have an average of 90% + and a 4.0 GPA. It’s just not a good comparison (in my opinion). On the admissions website they show a totally different grade conversion chart entirely which you can see here.
  10. I believe they count all courses, degree or non-degree. Not sure about college ones, that would be a question for the fine people in Admissions. Same goes for the conversion of marks. They posted something to their website a while back, it wasn’t OMSAS though and it was wacky. They don’t publicize the average percent grade but the average GPA of entering classes has been 3.7-3.8. Its a gamble for OOP folks, but every school is like that for OOP applicants. The application fee is a bit expensive ($150 + tax for CaRMS system, and $75 MUN submission fee) if that helps any.
  11. PulsusParadoxus

    Any movements?

    Definitely don’t give up hope! Things move very quickly the first few days after acceptances, then there’s a lul. When other professional programs (dentistry, in particular) start sending their acceptances out, things start moving again. The wait is agonizing, but we there is always hope! One person in my class was accepted off the waitlist two weeks before orientation started.
  12. Can confirm that MUN does not require you to complete a graduate program before starting medicine. Whether the degree is complete or not has no bearing on them counting the courses towards your GPA calculation. They look at everything on your transcript(s) completed program or not.
  13. PulsusParadoxus

    Another "what are my chances?" thread

    MUN is another school you should definitely take a look at applying to. Remember, there are 10 seats there for NB residents as well. Your experiences seem pretty varied and interesting. Progressing to leadership roles is also something that looks good. Those life experiences are things that can definitely make you stand out from the pack too All the best, PM me if you’ve got any questions!
  14. PulsusParadoxus

    Line of credit

    You need proof of acceptance in order to start the application process, but you need proof of enrolment (which you can get only after you register for courses) to get access to your Line of Credit. You can get some of the perks before you get access to you LOC. I agree 100% with @Eudaimonia, you absolutely want to deal with somebody who knows the ins and outs of the professional LOC programs, it can be a headache if not. Usually the person to contact for Scotia or RBC are listed on their website somewhere.
  15. Memorial’s tuition is going up $2000 per year starting in 2018-2019 and ending in 2020-2021 ($6000 total). Supposedly no plans for increases after that but who knows.