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  1. Honestly, your absolute best bet is to contact Admissions and get a ruling from them on this.
  2. Huh interesting, I never knew that they had those seats as supernumerary ones. Perhaps you’re right and they just didn’t have enough uptake in this category but this is a way to try and increase people with rural backgrounds in the program. Side-note, phenomenal username, I’m re-reading the series before starting clerkship.
  3. Actually, NS added 25 residency positions effective for the 2019 CaRMS cycle. 10 family med, 15 Royal College (not sure of the breakdown of those). https://globalnews.ca/news/5453476/medical-residents-training-truro/
  4. Most likely, especially if it's sustained like that. Shows you can perform academically, even though you had a rough start. MUN can be pretty forgiving GPA-wise. The first time I applied my GPA was very mediocre, my EC's were very basic and I still received an interview as an NB resident. I never really understood how, but it happened. I guess they saw something in my application that they liked, as the website says that they take "a holistic approach" to evaluating applications. That said, nothing in life is guaranteed but death and taxes and you never quite know what the competition in any given year will look like. If you've got any questions feel free to PM me.
  5. Yeah, 50-ish give or take is what my estimate was through my cycles applying. That strong trend to the end definitely works in your favour I received an interview (in the NB pool) with a similar GPA. As long as your MCAT is good and your EC’s are solid, you have a reasonably good shot at an interview.
  6. If memory serves properly, the number isn’t pulled out of thin air. I believe the Associations of Faculties of Medicine of Canada publishes stats on medical education, and their documentation is where it comes from.
  7. There’s place in the CaRMS portal for you to enter your ECs, an autobiographical sketch among a few other things. It seems as though for OOP applicants interviews are based on GPA/MCAT only, with ECs coming into play after the interview. I think this process is somewhat different for NL, NB, and PEI applicants though (due to volume of applications for only 6 seats).
  8. Are you in the 2022/2023 class Facebook group? You might be able to find people there who are looking for a roommate!
  9. I got a 64 GB iPad and I really wish that I had gotten more storage even though All of my notes are stored in OneDrive (we get free Office 365 through the university). My wish for more storage is mostly so that I could comfortably have all of my notes at hand, while still having storage to download TV shows and movies for when I’m travelling.
  10. I personally love my iPad, smart case + Apple Pencil. I use OneNote for my note taking, but I have classmates who swear by Notabilty.
  11. MUN also allows you to leave a graduate program to start medicine. It’s expensive to apply and potentially interview, but it’s at least an option.
  12. It’s definitely close when you factor in a bunch of the new fees we’ve been hit with in the last few years. MUN’s tuition is going up $2000 for Fall 2019, and $2000 for Fall 2020 so if it isn’t now, it might be soon.
  13. Yes, I was accepted from the waitlist a couple of years ago.
  14. They will call you to tell you that a seat has become available and ask you if you want the seat, you will say yes about 1000x. At least that's what I did when they called. Official docs will come by email later.
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