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  1. PulsusParadoxus

    Any advice on choosing a medical school?

    It’s definitely close when you factor in a bunch of the new fees we’ve been hit with in the last few years. MUN’s tuition is going up $2000 for Fall 2019, and $2000 for Fall 2020 so if it isn’t now, it might be soon.
  2. PulsusParadoxus

    IP Waitlist 2019

    Yes, I was accepted from the waitlist a couple of years ago.
  3. PulsusParadoxus

    IP Waitlist 2019

    They will call you to tell you that a seat has become available and ask you if you want the seat, you will say yes about 1000x. At least that's what I did when they called. Official docs will come by email later.
  4. From what I’ve understood in the past, admissions decisions aren’t based on the raw score (that waitlisted and rejected applicants receive). The ranking and decisions are based on your Z-score (from the distribution of the scores in your particular applicant pool. I’m unclear as to how they calculate this, but it means that there may be cases where an applicant with a lower overall score could be higher on the wait list than somebody with a higher raw score.
  5. PulsusParadoxus

    Accepting/Receiving Multiple Admissions Offers

    Yep. I was accepted by Dal two years ago and initially waitlisted, then accepted by MUN. I decided to take MUN’s offer and I had to turn down my seat at Dal shortly after that. All that happened was that I lost $500
  6. PulsusParadoxus

    Admission annoucements

    Anybody who wants can share their stats in the sticky thread at the top. It’s helpful for future applicants to keep it all organized in one spot Congrats to those accepted and welcome to the MUN Med Fam.
  7. PulsusParadoxus

    Admission annoucements

    They’re sent one-by-one. Not that its any comfort at all on a day like today. Good luck to you all
  8. PulsusParadoxus

    Accepted 2019

    Historically, decisions were released during the week of midterm break for Dal Med (2017 and before). Last year was either an anomaly or the new normal. Good luck to all those applying, I know first-hand how agonizing the wait can be.
  9. I believe it would follow closely to how one becomes sub-specialized in adult oncology (IM residency, match to medical oncology through CaRMS Medicine sub-specialty match, then pursue a fellowship in your oncology area of choice (GI, GU, Neuro, etc...) You would match into a pediatrics in the CaRMS R-1 match, match to pediatric oncology through the CaRMS pediatric Subspecialty match, and then do a further fellowship in neuro-oncology.
  10. PulsusParadoxus

    Which Maritime Province is Best?

    The edge goes to NB, higher “relative opportunity” and success rate overall. But again, those stats include applicants to all 3 of those schools (and the rest in the country to a smaller extent). It’s not clear how this “advantage”, for lack of a better word, is changed by taking those who applied to MUN and Sherbrooke out of the equation though. Ruling out Sherbrooke as you don’t speak French makes sense. My advice, if you do move east to gain home court advantage so-to-speak, would be to apply to MUN and Dal. If you’ve got a geographic advantage, you might as well use it to the fullest. One Canadian medical school is as good as another. Just my two cents, although I’m sure there are many opinions on it.
  11. PulsusParadoxus

    Which Maritime Province is Best?

    The AFMC has published some data showing that NL, NB, and QC have the highest “relative opportunity” in med school applications. Table 4 in the link below. https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/CMES2017-Section1-Information.pdf Another table of their data, that I can’t find right now shows that applicants from NB, NL, and PEI have the highest success rates in the country (percent-wise). NB residents had somewhere around a 30% success rate. There are NB seats at Sherbrooke, Dal, & Memorial and PEI seats at Dal & Memorial.
  12. I’m second year, we also have lecture capture. I use an iPad + Apple Pencil and OneNote for my notes. I use picture-in-picture to watch the lecture slides at a smaller size, while listening to the audio and writing notes on on the PDF printout in OneNote. I’ll usually listen at 1.5-2x depending how slow the professor talks, take notes and pause/rewind to catch up or if I think I missed something.
  13. PulsusParadoxus

    Document Section: What to Add?

    No English requirement anymore.
  14. PulsusParadoxus

    Document Section: What to Add?

    I responded to your PM, but for the benefit of everybody, there isn't a specific section for publications. If I recall correctly, I put my publications in the "additional information" box at the very end.
  15. PulsusParadoxus

    Document Section: What to Add?

    Nope, nothing other than that unless they ask for it (i.e. - proof of residency/citizenship). When I applied, I had a publication accepted in December-ish and contacted admissions about updating my application. They asked me to submit a signed letter to them with the particulars and they attached it to my application. I guess if you receive any awards, have any publications, or anything like that between the time of submission/ranking, that's where they'll stick it. Best of luck