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  1. Moving end of June so prices negotiable if you are buying multiple, send me a message if you want more information: Case files family med, emergency med, pediatrics, and obgyn-$20 each USMLE first aid $20 Clinical microbiology made ridiculously simple $20 Internal medicine recall $15 Ophthalmology secrets $25 on call principles and protocols $20 IM essentials with MKSAP question bank $30 harrisons principles of internal medicine $180 medical physiology by boron and boulpaep $80 first aid for psychiatry clerkship $40 color atlas of anatomy $50 dermatology secrets $65
  2. science1000

    UBC medical school textbooks

  3. Selling recommended texts for UBC medical school, pick up in vancouver only, please PM for prices willing to negotiate: Harrisons principles of internal medicine 19th ed. First aid for psychiatry clerkship 4th ed Pathophysiology of heart disease 6th ed IM Essentials Blue prints internal medicine 5th ed Blueprints obgyn 5th ed 12 lead ECG art of interpretation Color atlas of anatomy by Rohen 7th ed Medical physiology by boron and boulpaep 3rd ed Applied pharmacology Step up to medicine 3rd ed Dermatology Secrets Ophthalmology secrets Internal medicine Recall Dermatology essentials by bolognia Ophthalmoscope and otoscope set
  4. Selling recommended textbooks for UBC medicine, pick up in Vancouver only, please PM me, prices negotiable as I need to get rid of everything soon! Medical physiology by boron and boulpaep 3rd edition-$110 Harrison's principles of internal medicine 19th ed- $190 First aid for USMLE step 1 2015-$30 Color atlas of anatomy by rohen 7th edition- $100 Applied pharmacology by bardal $40 Pathophysiology of heart disease by lily 6th ed- $65 12 lead ECG the art of interpretation by garcia and holtz $65 How the immune system works by sompayrac 4th ed-$25 Bates guide to physical exam and history taking 11th ed-$60 physiology by costanzo 6th ed $75
  5. Selling: Doing right, 2nd edition MSC medical MMI prep book and DVD with lots of mmi questions and solutions PM for price
  6. What are people's thoughts on commuting vs living on campus for first year medicine at VFMP? I live around a 1 hr bus ride to UBC so it would be around 2 hrs a day spent commuting, is it doable?
  7. Does this mean that people with below average interviews were accepted? I remember someone saying you were pretty much going to be rejected if your interview was below average. and are the interview scores only above average and below average? or is there average interview as well?
  8. Selling Doing right 2nd edition MSC Medical interview prep book and dvd, has sample mmi questions and answers Vancouver area only, pm for price
  9. science1000

    May 11, 2016 Support Thread

    Accepted, is there a facebook group yet?
  10. Result: accepted GPA: 93% MCAT: 98%tile ECs: somewhere on this forum Year: 3rd UG Geography: IP Waitlisted at queen's but will probably accept this offer.
  11. Waitlisted, do they even reject people? Looking at last years admissions, i don't think ive seen a rejection... My interview was terrible so id rather just be rejected now then later. LOL Timestamp: 5:54AM PST Result: Waitlist Year: 3rd year UG cGPA: 3.93 MCAT: 519 ECs: somewhere on this forum Interview: objectively terrible for both mmi and panel
  12. Result: rejected GPA: 3.95 MCAT: 519 ECs: somewhere on this forum Year: 3rd Year UG Geography: OOP Interview: thought it was pretty average I can't find my scores online though