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  1. they said somewhere that its 90 min and it amounted to exactly that much for me!
  2. soooo.....when do invites go out again ? *begins waiting impatiently* Its gonna be a while though huh?
  3. oh if only! I can be suppperrr average as shown by my MCAT + GPA in fact somewhat below average ;p
  4. Just finished too Yeah I dont know some questions I was like yes! show compassion! show other sides! show how it affects 3rd party! yay! yay! yay! And then other questions I was like DOH? Its a problem? Yes. Its a problem.... lol so overall MEHH :/
  5. Interesting! It seems like an international student got in? But darn....it seems GPA is getting higher and higher! :/
  6. yayy!! someone else with a low CGPA! I didn't bother posting my stats because its a veryyy slim chance, and I know it, but I figured hey! its worth a shot! At the end of the day you don't know unless you apply Good luck!
  7. so my public library has 7 people who have reserved it before me, and my school library has one copy that's not due back until November WHY does this book have to be so pricey? any ideas where I can get a cheaper one second hand? And the e-book version....do you need a kindle to read it?
  8. thanks! FINALLY submitted an application after all these years!
  9. whattt?? really? Then why do we have to go through all the trouble of inputting them (if only applying to mac) if they don't see it anyways
  10. I don't know about any incidents but I think its just a general warning. Makes sense because if like 4000 people try to submit at EXACT same time (or time frame) it may slow things down. Try to avoid submitting day of, at say, 3-4 pm? Because even if you submit day of in the morning and it gives you trouble you have time to contact OMSAS about it....but not in the last hour! good luck
  11. Sorry to dredge up an older post but my paranoia is getting the best of me, to confirm: If you are applying to an Ontario school all you need to do is submit your application to 'Ontario Medical School Application Service' correct? (Since I couldn't find the Ontario schools listed there anyways)
  12. Isn't CPR something you have to get on your own before starting school? I believe theres info on it on their website
  13. ^ lol straight forward and to the point answer. But I agree. I don't think they really care either? If they do they haven't stated it anywhere online that I have seen.
  14. But *is* it though? Because I understand people have matched the new scores to the old scores, but the MCAT people have said that they aren't/shouldn't be comparable? :/
  15. So with that reasoning ^ does it mean that a 125 is a 'good score' (or 50% percentile) and anything higher is a 'better score' ? Its got me really confused. I was reading that pdf they released to med school admissions committees, and to me it almost seemed like they were saying the 'best' scores are the ones in the middle? They were saying one of the main points of changing the MCAT was to center the distribution in the middle and give applicants with 'middle scores' a chance to be 'seen' by admissions committees. It was really interesting because they were able to correlate that for example, 2 groups of students with 4.0 GPAs , ones scoring 25-30 on MCAT, and ones scoring 40-45 on MCAT, the stats showed that those who scored lower on the MCAT ended up doing better at med school and licensing tests than those who scored better on the MCAT! (it was quite fascinating really!) But all of that makes me feel like a) COOL! A score in the middle is actually GOOD! But then it makes me think b ) wait....so a REALLY high score...isn't a good thing? huh *so confused*
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