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  1. Fair, I'll give that a go. I was thinking of getting UWorld for the MCQ. Anything helpful to practice the CDM style Qs?
  2. What would you guys recommend to prep for the QE1? Is the "new" CanadaQBank any good?
  3. StarStrike

    Manitoba FM dates

  4. StarStrike

    Manitoba FM dates

    I just got an e-mail back saying we'll hear back tomorrow.
  5. StarStrike

    Manitoba FM dates

    Anyone hear anything yet?
  6. StarStrike

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    Has anyone received an interview invite but no login information for the portal? The login is emailed yes?
  7. StarStrike

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    Yeah, sorry about that! Realized that after reading your message!
  8. StarStrike

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    It’s on the CaRMS program description site. 3rd is the notification date, 4th is when you can register at 12 noon.
  9. StarStrike

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    I think notifications are all sent tomorrow at 12pm EST. You can register for your dates on January 3rd IIRC.
  10. Yeah, unfortunately :(. Is Manitoba where you’re from/wanting to go? I suppose the best thing to do at this point is focus on the offers you have at this point and prep hard for the interviews in the new year. If you feel strongly about a particular program, I figure there’s no harm in contacting them to see if they’ve made all their offers (and if so, if they have a wait list). I did that with Dal and the coordinator was very nice about it - unfortunately, no waitlists for them.
  11. Based on the thread it seems most of them are out now. I figure there’s no harm in following up and expressing interest (there is nothing to lose at this point if most invites are already out the way I look st it!). It seems some people on this forum have been lucky in the past with this approach!
  12. It did come out for IMGs as well!
  13. I don't really understand why everybody is ganging up on the OP. Maybe I'm naive, but it seems s/he is just trying to provide information for another opportunity or way for us to practice medicine (which is what I am assuming most of us are here for). The point here isn't to argue whether X is better than Y or whatever...every option has its pros and cons and as we see above everyone obviously has their own opinions. For me personally, it is a no brainer to be able to get into an MD program here in BC (or in Canada or the US). Sure with persistence many of us can get in...but nothing is guaranteed. There is an element of luck involved in this process and for those without the perfect trifecta (GPA, MCAT, ECs), the chances of getting in are greatly reduced. There is also the issue of time (some lose hope after a few years...some get in after 7+ years). I am considering other options right now myself...Caribbean, Ireland, Australia, and DO. What is the harm in educating yourself? Most of us that take this seriously know that there are some great risks and some serious drawbacks to the traditional routes...but where there is no other option and your ultimate goal is medicine, what else can you do? Anyways...just some food for thought.