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  1. NOSM second degree policy states: First, you must meet the minimum academic admission consideration requirement: a 4 year undergraduate degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA on the 4.0 scale for general applications a 3 year undergraduate degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA on the 4.0 scale for Mature Student applicants For an applicant who is not mature, who has completed two 4 year undergraduate degrees, the GPA will be calculated on each of the degrees, and the best GPA will be used for scoring. For an applicant who is not mature but has completed a 4 year undergraduate degree and a 3 year undergraduate degree, we will use only use a GPA calculated on the 4 year degree. What happens though if you are a mature student with 2 four year degrees, will they calculate both and use the best one or go with the first GPA? Thanks!
  2. First Degree (2008-2012): Medical Laboratory Science Master's Degree (2012-2014): Pathologist Assistant Second Degree (2014~2018): Forensic Science
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions! I will be enrolling into a second undergrad for next September
  4. Hello everyone! I had a quick (hopefully) question about the schools that require prerequisites. I have one completed undergrad degree and will be started another one in 2014 (to raise my GPA). My first undergraduate degree had the majority of the prerequisites (bio, chem, organic chem etc etc), and I was wondering if I needed to take them again in my second undergrad, or if completing them in my first undergrad is sufficient. I will be emailing the certain schools about this but thought if anyone ran into this I would ask here first! Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the input so far! Yes the slash represents the semester breakdown. I did take a full year my 4th year, but the way my course ran was I had practicum all year (so one mark) and then a pass/fail mark. So I don't think it really counts as a year. Even with that year gone, would I still be competitive? I thought competitive for med schools were like 3.8+, but maybe I was wrong!
  6. I feel that my MCAT score isn't my true potential, I barely studied for it as I was not sure going in what to expect.
  7. Year 1- 3.22/3.58 Year 2- 3.02/2.80 Summer Term- 3.66 Year 3- 4.00/3.80 Year 4- 3.70 MCAT- I think it was around 18M... so not good.. at all. Applied- NOSM, U of T, Mac, UWO, Queens and Ottawa and some schools in the states.
  8. Hey everyone! I graduated from an Honors Bachelor of Health Science in Medical Laboratory Science from UOIT in 2012 with a 3.44 average. My mind wasn't totally set on med school (but it was lurking in there) and I decided to apply after my 3rd year to no success. Currently I am completing my first year of a 2 year course based Masters of Clinical Science Pathologist Assistant Program at Western. So far I'm at about an A average. Now that I've been doing some serious thinking, and I want to get into med school. So I've been thinking about doing a second undergraduate degree (starting September after I graduate my masters) to boost my marks as well as get some volunteer/EC stuff (Previous; Agricultural society, Figure Skating Assistant, Karate Assistant) since I want to be "more well-rounded". As well, during my next undergrad taking the MCAT is a must, since I didn't score too well during the first one. Just looking for some advice/thoughts!
  9. Hey everybody! So I'm in a similar situation, finished my first undergrad with a 3.44, and at the time I wasn't sure that I wanted to go to Medical School, so I am currently pursuing my Master's degree for a Pathologist Assistant. This is a course based program, and since it's right up my alley (and I have my sights set on med school now) I've been getting A's on everything! I'm looking into doing a second degree in Forensics, I know the age thing is going to get to me sooner or later, but reading this thread has me looking positively at the experience!
  10. I just had another comment: do marks seriously not get transferred with the transfer credits? It must be school based as I have asked at my school (UOIT) and they said the original grade gets transferred over.
  11. Thanks everybody! It has been more then a month (I interviewed with him on March 20) and I've emailed him 3 times. Thanks for all the advice!
  12. Hello everyone! I have been initially "accepted" to do a Masters in Microbiology and Immunology at Western. I have met with two professors and have accepted one to be my supervisor for my thesis. I emailed him within the time line he suggested but did not hear anything. So I re-emailed him and asked whether he received my last email and still did not hear anything. I was very busy (I was doing a clinical placement and worked 40 hours a week and was studying for my comprehensive exams, and my national certification exam). I emailed him again just as a last resort asking when he would let someone know if he had accepted him. And again, no response. I quadruple check and I did have the correct email and my name was attached and everything. I figured if I hadn't heard anything by Thursday I would go talk to him again in person. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem or any advice to go about it. When I met with him for my "interview" he seemed really interested and I thought I had done a decent job. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Ahh, this doesn't exactly inspire confidence. I have a feeling that everyone was contacted who would be. But there might still be hope! Good luck to you all with interviews! And I'm sharing in crossing fingers for all still waiting to hear!
  14. Congrats! I'm still waiting for mine! :S Hopefully thats not a bad sign..
  15. Congrats Pearl.4! Hopefully you'll get the same great news from UofT. So will you wait to hear from UofT or are you going to accept this one?
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