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  1. noncestvrai

    Movies about Medicine

    The Last King of Scotland 50/50(from a patient perspective) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest To name a few.
  2. noncestvrai

    Good luck starting PGY1s!

    I was so happy nobody died on my first call as a PGY-1 in internal med...although I died a little every page I got during the night. My first call ever as a PGY-1 was in gen surg, that was a Fri-Sat-Sun "home call" stint"...1st assist in the OR as an off-service you bet. Good luck and you'll be fine.
  3. noncestvrai

    uOttawa vs. UdeM

    No contest UdeM. J'ai fait mon M.D.C.M. @ McGill, mais vivre à Mtl>>>Ott. J'ai côtoyé des diplômés de l'UdeM très compétents, d'autres moins, comme partout. C'est pas mal toi qui décide de la qualité de ton éducation. En plus, les coûts exorbitants de UofO...
  4. I completed a B.Sc., M.Sc. before starting medschool @26. Never felt "old" really, but that may be how I see life in general.
  5. noncestvrai

    what's your dream car

    Love the GTR!
  6. noncestvrai

    what's your dream car

    Tesla model S Nissan GTR Semi-realistically. I drove a Nissan Versa SL1.8 MY2009 for 5 years during residency. I drive a Volvo S60 T6 MY2013 now, I love it, gas ain't cheap though...
  7. noncestvrai

    What do I do....

    You have rights. You should be first author or at least co-first. Before suing them, better have a talk with the PI.
  8. That summer was perfect. Five-week euro trip...ten years ago.
  9. Really think about staying and completing your res up to licensure, make sure it's not just a phase...and you really won't be happy being in your field. If so, switch to FM within your province, you prob will get a few rotations credited, much easier than re-entering CaRMS. Then, get a license and you can do quite a bit, including OR assists or whatever, Botox if that's your thing... I know of one staff who did a whole 5 year residency OB-GYN, did not write the Royal College, switched to path...that's a lot of time in residency, but hey YOLO...
  10. noncestvrai

    Passe de stationnement

    Non, j'ai fini en 2013.
  11. noncestvrai

    Passe de stationnement

    Bravo pour la résidence! J'ai fait ma résidence en radio à Sherby, fais gaffe à Gérald...et la bande d'angiographistes.
  12. noncestvrai

    Passe de stationnement

    Un des avantages de la résidence à Sherbrooke! Le coût de la vie aussi est plus bas. Il t'en reste plus dans les poches.
  13. I completed my M.D.C.M. at McGill, and I can say FOR SURE, that other med schools turn out MDs as good if not better. Even better if it's ''easier'' to get in the other schools, you'll be a great doctor, granted you put in the necessary work.
  14. Il y a quand même moins d'applicants aux universités du Quebec par rapport aux postes disponibles. La qualité de l'éducation est quand même excellente, pour avoir travaillé dans les quatre CHU. A la fin, après les examens du Collège, tu peux pratiquer partout!