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  1. TIME STAMP: 9:07 May 12th Result: Accepted (St. George Campus) Interview Date: April 18th Program: MD cGPA: 3.96 MCAT: 10BS/9VR/12PS ECs: Tons of work, volunteer, academic and leadership scholarships, pub, lots of research projects (see ottawa invite thread for more details if you want) Geography: IP Essays: Spent 2 months writing these Interview: 1 felt a little shaky, 3 were outstanding. This is surreal.
  2. 1) Go for a nice long run. 2) Work on finishing one of my last papers for masters 3) Go out tonight for friends bday 4) Meet up with gf and watch movies till 4am and sleep in, hopefully waking up late for decision day. Also, obsessively checking this thread of course
  3. Agree totally, the most agonizing thing last year when I got rejected was having to telling my friends, coworkers, family, and my supervisors over and over and over that I didn't get in. They just go "oh...i'm sorry, what happened?". I told everyone this year not to ask me, I'll tell THEM if it's good news; this way I can mope in peace. Alternatively, I wish I could erase their memories of my med applications if it's bad news . Best of luck to everyone, we are almost at the finish line. P.S - this thread is the only thing keeping me sane.
  4. I haven't received conformation regarding my invite either for April 18th. It's safe to say that they just haven't gotten around to it at this point. I would not worry too much about it beeboop!
  5. Thank you! Got the invite at about 2:42pm today. PS - Hang in there, I only wish you the best of news .
  6. TIME STAMP: 2:42pm Interview Date: April 18 Result: Invite cGPA: 3.96 MCAT: made cutoffs ECs: lots of work and volunteer experience, academic awards/leadership scholarships, publication and 3 other research projects. Essays: Probably spent 2 months carefully writing and revising these. Year: Masters Geography : IP
  7. Just got the invite as well. Hang in there everyone!
  8. Is there any way to email for the remaining spots? I have been trying for 58 minutes to write on the document without any luck, but I would still love a chance to pick a remaining slot via email. Edit: Was able to secure a slot thankfully!
  9. Just got the invite for the english stream, they just sent them. Good luck to everyone!
  10. Invite/Rejection: Invite Date Stamp: 9:38am Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.96 Current year: Masters ECs: 4 Years as a server, 8mo as a fitness ambassador, 4 yrs as a health and wellness coach, 4 years as a personal trainer, 4 yr customer service team lead, 3yr as the head of a teen health program, 4 years as a group fitness instructor, 3 years as a KIN tutor, 4 years as a youth leadership advisor, 2.5 years as a kinesiologist in a rehab clinic, 1 yr as a science/psych tutor, soccer league, half marathon runner, intramurals, leadership/academic scholarships, 1 first author pub, 3 other current research projects
  11. Great, thank you for the advice. I agree on the ambiguity of the whole thing, and I doubt (hopefully) they will penalize me for this. I will include these projects under the research section, hopefully it works out.
  12. I have a question about research and my OMSAS application, maybe someone can answer this! I am doing a course-based masters which will finish next year in June, and I am heading 1 project and helping out with two other major projects. However, I have only started the first project this past April and the other two will start in September. Should I list these 3 experiences under research or under volunteer? I am not getting paid to do this research, and it is not technically part of my Masters program as it is a course-based masters. I do not want it to look like padding, but it would be nice to list these experiences under research if it's possible to let them know what I've been working on this year.
  13. Well thank you for the kind words here and in the invite/regrets thread, this application cycle has made me think that my stats were worthless. I believe you touched on a significant point. Every single piece of the application is just as important, and those who had great stats AND wrote stellar essays were the ones who stood out. Those who got interviews simply played the admissions game much better than I did. We all just have to suck it up and try next year!
  14. Even for those above 3.9, an interview is nowhere near guaranteed. The competition is insane and I believe you need unbelievably stellar EC's with a 3.9+ to be considered. This is just me being pessimistic though
  15. Result: Regrets cGPA: 3.96 MCAT: Above Cutoffs ECs: 3+ year ongoing EC’s: Personal Trainer / Group Fitness instructor / clinical volunteering / tutoring/ conditioning and wellness coach / customer service rep / head of a large teen health program / advisor to two youth leadership development groups —— 5 years previously as a server/bartender , academic and leadership scholarships, soccer league/intramurals/tennis club, half marathon runner, CanFitPro Fitness ambassador, 1st author pub in UG, and other 3-6 month smaller commitments … Essays: Spent a few weeks on them, but I suppose they were nothing short of awful Year: Completed UG So glad the waiting is over so I can plan for next year. Best of luck to those of you still waiting
  16. I think it's time I start rewriting the MCATs! 3rd times a charm.
  17. Congrats to everyone receiving an invite today! Looks like they sent another big wave out. I guess its pretty much nil chance we receive an invite at this point, really thought i had a shot at an interview this cycle.
  18. Haha I was hoping for the exact same. I was hoping our files just got reviewed later and the only rejections left are for this last pile of applications. We will know very soon!
  19. I think that a big round of invites and rejections could go out this week. With the last wave happening sometime next week followed by a massive rejection pile of waitlisters/flat out rejection from the last batch. Only time will tell...2 more weeks and it's going to be over.
  20. Welp, I guess i'll know in the next three weeks if I'm rejected or not . Good to know the wait will be over soon!
  21. Still waiting here too! No rejection yet is a good thing -- I wonder if they've reviewed our applications yet. Theres still hope everyone!
  22. So they actually have been sending out rejections then? I guess no news for now is still good news.
  23. Haha I feel the same way. I have worked so hard on my EC's and GPA these past 5 years, I really hope I can make the interviews... Here's hoping we all get invites! All we can do is pray
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