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    Fisio reacted to jake.23 in Athabasca Biol 230   
    Hi all, 
    I was hoping to get some feedback and study advice from anyone who has recently completed BIO 230 from Athabasca University. I just recently started the course about 2 weeks ago and it's taking me about a week to complete each unit after writing out definitions for each key term and completing the study guide as my academic expert who was assigned to me has advised. I've already taken 3 physiology courses in my undergraduate degree (introductory physiology, exercise physiology and pathophysiology) and I'm finding most of the content in BIO 230 a review. I have to complete the course by UBC's MPT application deadline at the end of December. I want to complete this course as quickly as possible, but also not negatively affect my GPA (3.85) and hurt my chances of being accepted into program. 
    Are there any study strategies anyone can recommend to speed up the process and still do well in the course? I've heard of people completing the course in 2 months and receiving A's, which seems crazy with the amount of work I'm putting in at the moment. 
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards
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    Fisio reacted to cheni in Athabasca Biol 230   
    Hello, I am also doing BIOL230 and in the same boat as you. I am just about to write the first midterm. Do you by chance live in Vancouver and want to work on the labs/ study together? 
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    Fisio reacted to PT_Applicant2015 in Pt/ot Accepted/waitlisted/rejected For 2015 Cycle   
    I know this is totally after the fact, but figured id join in on the conversation!

    Applied: Dalhousie, McGill, UofA (all PT)
    Waitlisted: Dalhousie 
    Rejected: UofA
    GPA: 3.7, sGPA = 3.76 (Dal)... Didn't apply to UofT as they calculated 3.62  
    Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: 
    I fell my essay and references were well done. I also have a fair amount of experience as I have been working in a physiotherapy clinic for a year and a half and before that I worked as a kinesiologist for a year at a gym. 

    I initially thought my interview for Dal went well but now that I have been placed on the waitlist I have second guessed how I actually did. 

    I thought the interview for McGill was challenging at times but I felt it went well. Having said that I thought Dal went well so you never know. Still waiting to hear back from McGill. 
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    Fisio got a reaction from Titans_415 in Mcgill Pt 2015   
    Wow congrats! Hope it went well. Please share some insights if possible. I am not sure why i hadn't heard anything from them. I'm anxious and wondering if I still have a chance.
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    Fisio reacted to Titans_415 in Mcgill Pt 2015   
    Hey guys, 
    Is anyone going to interview on May14th? My interview is at 745am. Going to be arriving in Montreal tomorrow afternoon.  
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    Fisio reacted to ATPT2017 in Mcgill Pt 2015   
    You guys should be looking out for an email rather than a status change on UApply, Mine still says submitted & awaiting review as well even though Ive received an interview invite
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    Fisio reacted to alicelee in Mcgill Ot 2015   
    It is still early. Do not worry. We have plenty of time. It is my first time to organize a Skype prep.Now I have started to add people who are interested as contacts and try to figure out our available schedule.  If you have any suggestion, feel free to PM me.
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    Fisio reacted to studykin in Mcgill Pt 2015   
    Ooh, what time at? I'm not holding out much hope for McGill, but just curious if they send all of their invites at once or what!
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    Fisio reacted to Boa in Pt/ot Accepted/waitlisted/rejected For 2015 Cycle   
    Hey Fisio,when I was rejected last year from the QYOT I did not get any email until early May. I finally got an invitation this year but for those who didn't, I think there might still technically be a slight chance to get an interview.It states in their email that If applicants don't confirm their attendance before a certain date, their candidacy will no longer be considered and another candidate will be invited in their place. So, don't lose hope too quickly
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    Fisio reacted to OTstudent in Mcgill Ot 2015   
    I thought I would start a thread for McGill OT applicants (QY) since interview invitations are coming out! 
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    Fisio reacted to laudable in Pt/ot Accepted/waitlisted/rejected For 2015 Cycle   
    I got mine in february and was supposed to submit it by march 6. I think they have too many applicants so they are using this to reduce the number. good luck
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    Fisio reacted to hopefulOT in Canadian PT/OT Programs- General Information, Stats & Prereqs   
    Yo, I did a spreadsheet thing of OT schools in Canada, including Quebec.Currently contains: school profile (website, phone number, location), minimum GPA to get in, Prereqs, Documents needed (LOR, personal statements, etc), volunteering requirements, class size, OOP notes, interview yes/no, and other small notes (when I could locate them) like application windows, length, and links to accepted prereqs. Then the ORPAS scale. And finally a sheet with the last two years admissions posts from this forum.
    Google Sheets:  the link so that you may copy it to your own Google Drive and add anything you want. This is it as a simple web page, so that if you want to quickly look at it or don't like spreadsheets, this may be a little easier, but more ugly. 
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    Fisio reacted to Mhunte03 in Pt/ot Accepted/waitlisted/rejected For 2015 Cycle   
    I have a learning disability, and spoke about it in my personal statements for last years applications, and was offered an interview at McGill that I ended up choosing not to attend.  However, if done in a meaningful way, writing about your learning challenges can support your application.
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    Fisio reacted to alicelee in Pt/ot Accepted/waitlisted/rejected For 2015 Cycle   
    Hi Fisio, I think you can reupload your resume. I did not find the word limit for resume, but you can contact the administrator via the Uapply message tool. 
    Regarding GPA, I found the following information which might be helpful:
    1. PT: Evidence of high academic achievement, equivalent to a B+ standing, or a McGill cGPA or 3.2/4.0 (75-79%). The average CGPA of candidates who were offered admission to the Qualifying Year in 2014-2015 was 3.5/4.0. The lowest CGPA offered admission to the 2014-2015 Qualifying Year was 3.25/4.0.
    2.OT: Evidence of high academic achievement equivalent to a minimum of a B standing, or a McGill CGPA of 3.0 (70-74%).
    Good luck!
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    Fisio reacted to OTstudent in Pt/ot Accepted/waitlisted/rejected For 2015 Cycle   
    Hey, you upload your supporting docs (resume, personal statement and unofficial transcripts) as PDFs after you submit your application. It also has a section that shows you if your references have uploaded their reference letters or not.
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    Fisio reacted to hopefulOT in Pt/ot Accepted/waitlisted/rejected For 2015 Cycle   
    Applied: Queen's OT
    Rejected: Queen's OT
    GPA: cGPA 3.12 2.91, sGPA 3.08 3.18 edited Feb 10/2015 when ORPAS gpa posted.
    Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references:
    Essays: I flip on this daily, let's say medium strong? Well edited, at least, and hopefully to Queen's liking as I included a lot of volunteer/personal experiences. My main worries are that the focus on my sports past is going to have them think I want PT and that it wasn't personal enough... I thought my trends essay was the strongest of the two (I talked about assistive technology and the aging population, if I were to rewrite this I would do it on mental health).
    Extracurriculars: volunteered with Autism Ontario helping kids with sports for a season, volunteered with a special needs hockey team for a summer, kids triathlon volunteer, yoga practice/becoming a yoga teacher, 10 years competitive soccer, 7 years of competitive hockey, captained a few teams, 2 part time jobs while a full time student (one at a gym, other in a grocery store), school SciFi Club member
    References: I only saw one (my boss) and I thought it was pretty good, very kind. My academic one comes from a prof who I've had twice, once for a research practicum, and I did well in his classes so I hope Queen's likes it. 
    My biggest downfall is my GPA, I know. It's why I'm not applying to other schools, but even if I was applying multiple places it would still choose Queen's first. I'm currently 5th Psychology (BSc Hons) student and I spent a lot of last year trying to make up for 3rd year mistakes, and making some new ones along the way. I failed one class 3rd year and it's hurting me hard, I retook and still didn't do well (should not have done the retake, it's holding down my 4th year). This year is going well though (3.87 in my fall semester) and I'm determined to become an OT, so I am completely prepared to take a 6th year (and do a joint major/boost my grades) and try again if need be. I've started an application to volunteer at my hospital just in case I have to stick around another year in limbo.
    Edit: my cGPA was lower than expected, posted on Feb 10th. Feeling like my chances are pretty much nothing since I don't make the 3.0 cut off now. There goes $292. 
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    Fisio reacted to totallyawesome in Applying as a Student With a Disability   
    Would someone with a disability statistically have a better chance of getting in if their grades and everything were up to par? 
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    Fisio reacted to humhum in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Got accepted back on May 15th with the first round of acceptances - couldn't login because apparently my premed101 account had its posting privileges suspended after expressing a strongly-worded opinion on how most of passes on as admission wisdom around here has nill evidence backing it up, and can actually be detrimental.
    VMFP - first choice. 
    First time applying to UBC.
    UBC was the only school I applied to.
    Rest of stats, vague for sake anonymity: 
    aGPA: 90%
    MCAT: 35+
    NAQ: None of the usual stuff. Did the one undergrad major that everyone else considers suicidal in terms of GPA only because I loved it. I have coped my entire life a crippling learning disability, but that thing can go fuck itself. Years of travel, but only because I had to in order to pursue the research I loved. 
    My controversial advice for future applicants, if you care to know:
    The profession of medicine suffers from an impossibly inflated ego and sense of self-importance, which often comes at the expense of its foundations of altruism and servitude for mankind. This pedestal we get put on starts from the application process with the consistent message that you are the most boss thing to grace the planet if you get into med school, and once you are in, the cuddling and pampering consistently enforces the message that you are super special as a future physician. In my view, I am not special at all; it is the profession, and who it serves is what's extremely special. So I struggle get the disproportionate social status that comes with the title.
    So ask yourself why you want to do medicine. If you are driven by the status (which gets enforced by the high salaries), then I can promise you it will be a uphill battle for you from the beginning. Your application is likely to be just like everyone else's, and no matter how hard to study and practice for the interview, your profile will be excellent, but it will not stand out. Look at your application and think about your volunteer activities. Can you honestly say that you did what you did for a cause bigger than yourself? Your application must scream I care about giving to mankind more than myself. As an example, this can be research. A long-term dedication to meaningful research where you get paid a slave wage, but worked 120+ hour each week for years in order to contribute to a field of science, engineering, industry, etc. is an excellent demonstration of this.
    The reality is that most of us in med school are pretty normal people. To be sure we are hardworking and intelligent people, but I have been around doctors, residents, and med students of all sorts for nearly half a decade. The percentage of people who are gifted prodigies and truly exceptional is actually lower than what I used to come across in my previous profession. The best kept secret is that the average person can get in, and it is not that hard. All it takes is for you to demonstrate that what you can contribute to the profession can't be substituted with another applicant. It seems to me that most med students refuse to admit this reality, because they have so much vested interest in perpetuating the message that getting into med school is a Herculean feat, reserved for the elite of the elite. There are tons of people with 90+ GPAs, 30+ MCATs, 1000+ hour volunteer experience. The ad com and applicants are in a perpetual arms race. Each year the adcom tries to determine better metrics that filters the qualities they want, while applicants continuously find new ways to game the system. 
    Your ticket in is NOT to play the game. Make your own rules by being awesome doing something you love doing because there is a raging conviction in you that this passion of yours to serve to mankind for its own sake, without a care for recognition and status. Do things that you would be happy doing for the rest of your life even if you did get in. Do things that make you happy, and live that happy life, without your happiness being in any way contingent on your getting into med school. If your application can demonstrate that, you are a golden shoe-in, while everyone else is groping their way in the dark.
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