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  1. I think that's just natural selection. Consider coffee shops, the coffee industry cannot withstand 20+ coffee franchises, so some business must loose out while other reach new height. We have successful Starbuck chain, and not so successful Second Cup, and that's normal part of doing business
  2. I think you talk about dentistry from the clinical side but miss out the business side of the field. A dentist can focus on the clinical side and earn an income based on associate percentage; or he could "upgrade" into a CEO running the clinic (or multiple clinic) in a corporation model As an old saying "Where there is a will, there is a way" I am pretty happy (and comfortable) with my associate dentist position at the moment, but an associate position does not satisfy my entrepreneur spirit.
  3. it's not too late for you (since you are in your 2nd year undergrad) to change your career path to med or law, or something else, if you feel that dentistry won't bring you much satisfaction
  4. just out of curiosity, at which phase you are at for this application cycle?
  5. There is always competition, regardless of the field/profession. You could relate to the law of Natural selection in Biology 101
  6. I'm a full time associate dentist and seasonal stock trader (as a left hand job and a hobby). I really enjoy both the business and clinical side of dentistry. The clinic i work for is just 20min away from downtown, and in a super saturated area. On an average day, I could clear around 1200-2200 billing, and keep 40% of that for myself However, I think the perk only come once you own a clinic and use the incorporation rule to do a bunch of cool stuff
  7. and you can use your corporation / aka clinic, to trade stock as well. however, that will cause come complication when you sell the business, especially with the 800K no tax (per person, per lifetime) rule for selling business
  8. It's normal for a topic like this to spiral down because those happy dentists who are busy billing 3500+ would not have the time (or dont border to) go on the forum to post
  9. Denture = referal I did 6 denture cases in dental school and now i refer all the denture case away
  10. 50% is for specialist or GP dentist who works at rural area. I actually saw a few job offer recently in rural Manitoba and SK, looking for GP at 50%. Check out this ad from https://www.mcgill.ca/dentistry/alumni/classifieds Hours: Full-Time Salary Range: 50% of billings Address: 380 Eramosa Rd, Guelph, Ontario, N1E 6R2
  11. only me and the owner here and we are just 20min away from downtown core, so it is quite competitive area
  12. I had a few job interviews after dental school (spend almost 500CAD for VIA train and bus), so in my experience, the norm is: Ottawa city: 40%. Standard fee guide Kingston: 40%. Standard fee guide Montreal: 32%-35%. Tons of discount on service fee. Lots of service are freebie to attract new patient Toronto: 30%. So varies. No clue about the standard
  13. I work as a full time associate dentist, 36 to 40 hours per week, and my billing is around 1200 - 2200 per day, at the moment. So with 40% deal, i made around 500 - 1000 CAD per day. I consider dentistry as a stable source of income; meanwhile, I gradually upgrading my equity and commodity trading skill Last month, I flipped the volatility index ETF and made 6000 in less than 24 hours during Brexit. One day, my trading skill and wealth will be enough for me to work one day per week as a dentist ... or probably an owner That's the ultimate goal for me lolz
  14. I shall take the opposite stand, as i believe that a saturated level of dentist is eventually beneficial for those with the business skill to start-up corporate dentistry (ie. franchise, chain-dental clinic...etc), since solo practitioner will gradually loose out in the tough competition. A corporation, with strong balance sheet and power-of-the-mass, will have the advantage of supply vs demand (easy time to hire new employee/dentist) while maintain a strong competitive edge Btw, i love evolution biology "its not the strongest, nor the fastest, species that win. It's the one that best adapt to the environment" Cheer!
  15. if it's 100 million CAD, I wouldn't go to university all together
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