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  1. The email from admission didn't have any deadline time. My best guess for wait list movement will be next week or after the 12th of April as the email indicated that those who have submitted the deposit will get a confirmation by April 12th.
  2. IP Accepted! PBL and MMI felt like it went really well DAT scores: PAT 23 Bio 21 Chem 23 RC 20 Anyone who got rejected, don't lose hope. I have been rejected 3/4 times (god knows, I've lost count! LOL). This was my last app and I miraculously landed an interview and it all worked out! Also, anyone retaking the DAT, please PM me if any advice is needed and I can happily help out
  3. Thanks! Also, anyone needing help with PAT, feel free to PM me and I can help!
  4. Hello, Has UBC updated the DAT status anyone?
  5. CHEM : 23 BIO : 21 RC : 19 PAT : 23 AA: 21
  6. Does anyone want to share DAT BootCamp? I'm planning on purchasing it for the November DAT, and if there's anyone who wants to share the program, PM me. Thanks.
  7. Can the answers be in point form on CASPer? I think MMIs are still happening but my guess is that this assessment is going to be used pre-interview.
  8. I started to come up with this event to benefit students and also to help out a local charity in need. I have decided to drop this idea due to the lack of interest on this forum. Just to clarify cleanup's comment, I am not trying to pocket anyone's money as I'm not someone who would use a tutoring event to make money when I'm employed and planning to go into dental school. Anyways, I will be dropping this event but unable to delete the thread created. If anyone is interested in obtaining tutoring and I will gladly help you out, please PM me.
  9. I think it's clear that practice helps with PAT score and everyone who goes into writing the exam do practice PAT before the exam. It's not always about doing tons of practice to get a good score, techniques matter when working with a strict time. I'm not looking to do business here, all I'm offering is a helping hand for those who are still struggling with this section and collecting donations for a good cause.
  10. Hi all, I wrote the DAT on Nov 2014 and received a score of 22 (99%). I'm looking to tutor students in Vancouver and planning to donate the money raised to a charity. If you're interested, please feel free to PM me.
  11. Many of us write the DAT in November of the year you submit the application without knowing the scores. I do agree this is risky but if you invest about 2 months into preparation, you'll be fine. If this worries you, try the Nov 2014 DAT and use these scores to apply. P.S. A benefit if you do the DAT in Nov of 2014 is that if you decide to apply to the states next summer, you can use these scores.
  12. Hope mine is good for UBC RC: 20 Sciences: 21 PAT: 23
  13. I think CDA runs on a random time zone, they love testing how much patience we have.
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