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  1. Given you said there is no overlap between FM and your specialty of choice, is there any other reasonable backup specialty, even if your CV is not geared towards that field? Is FM genuinely your second choice of career? I can't advise on programs, but as you said, FM programs in popular locations will be competitive. There are other less competitive specialties from which it might be easier to transfer into FM than the other way around. With regards to applying to something that is obviously not your interest on paper, I was told once that you can make the point in your personal statement "yes, I like {my first choice}... and I also like FM." Probably our FM posters could comment more on how effective this is likely to be.
  2. Who would, or should, conduct this training? Since as NLengr said, many physicians are not well versed in business concepts (and often those with more business interests would prefer community over academic)... a self perpetuating cycle.
  3. No hard and fast guidelines on this, but I would lean towards keeping descriptions to the point about the setting and the exposure that you gained. If there was anything especially unique or noteworthy about what you did or saw, you could include it, but the people reading your application will all be involved in and familiar with medical student electives in this country, and therefore unlikely to be impressed by buzzwords.
  4. CaRMS instructions ask that reference letters be dated.
  5. Well, I'm sure other posters can chime in on how big the red flags are for an eventual positive outcome, but I'm just curious whether these parents are themselves happily married and whether they would also oppose a divorce in the future (which may be complicated by children, assuming this is also something the parents want).
  6. Sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy if there ever was one. Why are you getting married again?
  7. There was a recent article about this in the Medical Post, but I have no further information about the services offered. There always seem to be a bunch of ads in the OMA classifieds as well, though more on the billing service rather than education spectrum.
  8. It could be that the default value for full-time work on a non-medical specific job posting website is 40 hours/week. What type of salaried, 40 hr/week position would be available to a GP in a hospital or urgent care centre? Unless it's administrative, nothing clinical comes to mind readily.
  9. +1. The common tendency is to just look at the salary number... without factoring in hours worked, and pensions which can be substantial. I wouldn't be surprised if you were already doing better on a per hour basis. OP, you mentioned stress of residency, but not the stress of working as a staff physician. Often that is hard to appreciate from the outside; but imagine that with increased autonomy comes the increased responsibility and stress for being the person ultimately responsible for your patients' care, overseeing the work of residents and PAs, taking work home on a regular basis... How do you think you would deal with that?
  10. Residents can have significant input. There are always going to be residents on the residency program committee and interview committee. I think it is less common for conversations to be had about residency applicants between parties from different programs unless there is a specific need for further information/discussion (the reference letter serves as communication). Such conversations would be more common for physician employment postings (where the pool is smaller and the stakes higher). Of course, if all parties are at the same location, there will be internal discussions.
  11. Well, taking care of children sounds good, doesn't it? Children have psychosocial and health issues too?
  12. Possibility of inadvertently annoying someone or not being able to consistently maintain the halo of impressiveness over time. Sweet spot is at the point when you've already made the strongest impression that you can.
  13. Given that it's a competitive specialty at one's home school, the default assumption is that you would be interested. There isn't really any reason that the program would want to "test" your interest further at this point.. My feeling is that an extra 2 weeks will not be very high yield if you already have a 4 week core at a main academic site, plus research with key people in the program. More face time becomes more risky if one is already well known enough to a program.
  14. If you've networked at your home school, your connections could likely give you the best answer. However, if you've networked well, they should already know your interest in the program.
  15. Hmm, that should be what everyone in medicine should aim for (except for the very calming tone - an even tone will suffice). Someone who doesn't do the above will certainly have a greater number of misunderstandings and difficult interactions with patients. (The one field that a "very calming tone" does make me think of is social worker, though that's undoubtedly influenced by the first person I met in this role when I was in university.)
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