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  1. Lactic Folly

    Elective Location - Surgery

    Is this surgical subspecialty typically more competitive than gen surg?
  2. Lactic Folly

    Electives for FM

    3 electives in different fields at your home school makes sense, no need to spend extra to go away for diversification. But 3 electives in the same city in the same field might cast doubt as to the level of interest in other programs.
  3. Cool, thanks for the rec. Have added it to my "For Later" shelf. I listened to Robert Holden's Be Happy recently and it is on my "re-read" shelf as well.
  4. Yes, I would mention the family ties. It helps make your interest more convincing/sincere and programs would like to know that you have a personal support system. Your personal reasons will be noted as long as you have mentioned them in your personal statement/interview, and I wouldn't emphasize them to the detriment of other factors - you want to avoid making it sound like your outside commitments might interfere with your availability to the program.
  5. Lactic Folly

    Interview Haircut Predicament

    I agree there's nothing overtly untoward about a neat ponytail, but I've been trying to think of any male physician that I know with long hair, and just can't come up with any examples. Medium (to jaw line), yes.
  6. Lactic Folly

    Interview Haircut Predicament

    I like the second option. Just my opinion.
  7. Lactic Folly

    Third Year Clinical Experience

    Thanks for the answer - agree communication and paying attention to patient perspective are paramount. I think medicine is a bit more formalized in routinely getting signed informed consent for procedures, including detailing (1 out of xxxxx) worst-case scenarios. None of my visits to the general dentist, endodontist, or oral surgeon have been quite so explicit and usually focus more on what one might expect after the procedure. I think I'd remember if someone told me they might cut my tongue...?
  8. I plan to reread 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a classic for good reason.
  9. Do you mean applying to CaRMS, or applying to medical school? If the former, assuming they already like you as a strong candidate (if they don't, it won't help much), I would suggest indicating your strong interest in the program, ideally based on the program factors/strengths that make it an excellent fit for you, as well as your personal desire to live in that city/location. Programs may take generalized declarations of interest with a grain of salt (especially when a candidate hasn't attended all their interviews yet), so it's helpful to provide solid reasons to support why you feel their program is an ideal fit (therefore the advantage of having done an elective there so you can speak from personal experience). From the program's viewpoint, this gives them the added security of ranking someone who is motivated to thrive there. If the latter, I don't think it matters.
  10. Lactic Folly

    U of T medical student convicted of rape

    Even in medical school, our social committee was reluctant to organize alcohol-free events, stating that they might not be popular.
  11. Lactic Folly

    Third Year Clinical Experience

    Concur, procedural mishaps certainly happen in medicine as well despite our best intentions. That being said, dentistry is more a private practice environment, so I'm curious how you approached the situation with patients and how they reacted? Presumably patients won't expect everything will go perfectly smoothly if they're attending a student clinic, but what about those in a regular office?
  12. Lactic Folly

    Ontario FM more competitive this cycle?

    Yeah, programs may have had prior bad experiences and decide it's better to leave a spot unfilled than take someone who isn't a good fit and could lead to problems down the road. ETA: can't speak specifically to FM. Just following up on the statement above.
  13. Lactic Folly

    FM Interview Social Attire

    Agree I've never seen a SO at an interview social. I wouldn't ask to bring them, if it's not stated in the invitation that they are welcome. They'd be invited to events once you're in the program as LL said.
  14. Numbers aside, I'd encourage you to think about your long-term goals and how each position might set you up accordingly. Would you want to take the opportunity to locum first and learn about the business side of medicine, and then move into a salaried, or another type of position if you want? It's often valuable to gain experience working in a number of different settings, unless an ideal position is currently available.
  15. Define "things".. Essentially all areas could allow you to design new programs, processes (think creativity in quality improvement), protocols (problem solving to address needs with limited resources), communication materials for education, etc.