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  1. Another lower GPA acceptance: Interview date: Feb 22 Result: accept, off waitlist (early June) cGPA: 3.78 wGPA: 3.88 MCAT: 9/11/12 ECs: lots of volunteer in healthcare, sports and arts activities, some leadership on university clubs, some research but no pubs Essays: tried to use experiences that illustrate the qualities expected of medical students as stated in U of T's section in the OMSAS handbook. Asked as many people as I could to comment and edit. Interview: I thought 3/4 stations were a disaster. I was very nervous. By the time I got to my 4th station I thought I wouldn't be able to screw it up any further and think I might have done ok in that one. Year: graduated UG 2013 I'd applied everywhere and this was my one interview invite. I feel so lucky to have been accepted and excited to start. Good luck to all those wishing to get into medicine!
  2. A bit of a last minute question: The OMSAS Sketch research details page says, "Please note that projects done as part of a university course do not qualify as research." If I did a research project course, and the project resulted in a conference presentation and publication in a journal (not just the report and presentation that was marked for the course), can I still include this project under Research? If not, where should I include it? Thanks in advance!
  3. When I applied previously, I started the paragraph with my title/position and added a bracket for the verifier number, like a citation (eg. Hospital volunteer (1): .....begin paragraph....)
  4. I can't find a description of what sort of activity would go here. Obviously things that don't fit into the F, E, V, X, A, R categories, but can anyone give an example of an "Other" activity or accomplishment? Thanks in advance!
  5. In the past years, OMSAS seemed to allow applicants to change their referees (ie. change the info on the forms) after they've been printed, and also change the referees after the application has been submitted (through SAM). There's a special statement in this year's OMSAS booklet that says you can't change the referees after you've downloaded the form. So i expect you'd have to start over again with another email. Email OMSAS to be sure
  6. It shouldn't make a difference for this application cycle. However, in the case that you apply again, it'll put you out of contention for U of T (medical program)'s wGPA. It shouldn't affect you for other schools though
  7. Perhaps I should try the 2015 MCAT to see if I do better on that test? The trial section feedback indicates I answered a high percentage correct...
  8. I'm definitely hoping to get into one in Ontario (UT, Mac, Queens, Western, Ottawa) as that is closest to home, but I would go to any Canadian school if accepted. I've taken the MCAT 3 times already to try to improve the VR score. I've gotten a 10 on my first and an 8 on my second.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a 5th year undergrad (actually, graduated after 4 years, but taking one extra course this year) student who has been rejected pre-interview in all of the Ontario medical schools I've applied to. I'm planning to reapply, but I'm not sure what next steps I should take to give my the best chances. I am thinking of a second undergrad program at a different university, as it would lead to another professional program, should I never make it into med school. It is a 4 year program, but I understand I can use transfer credits and complete it in 2 years. Another option would be research and grad school, but having done research in the past, I didn't think it was suitable for me. My current GPAs by year are: 1st yr 3.97, 2nd 3.81, 3rd 3.64 (personal issues), 4th 3.88. It was a life science program. My MCAT scores PS 11, VR 9, BS 13. My ECs have been pretty varied and long term Would a second undergrad help or hurt my chances? Or do you think I could benefit more from finding a job or continuing to volunteer? Maybe I should study medicine abroad?
  10. Nah, I'm with you. Now I have to decide what to do for next (maybe next 2) years to improve my chances. Oh...and I have to tell my references how I failed...I'm sure they'll be understanding, but not looking forward to that
  11. I'm still waiting for U of T, no other interviews
  12. yeah, me too. it's gonna be another couple months of anxiety...
  13. Hi, I finished my undergrad in June (4 years, full time), and am taking a non-degree course this year and applying to U of T. I've known a few people who have applied right after undergrad and none of them received any interview offers. Does anyone know if U of T avoids taking students who are trying again after undergrad and are not enrolled in graduate degrees?
  14. My reference person says the link to UCAN's online reference form isn't working (he can open the email, just can't access the link to the form). Does anyone else have references who have had similar complaints? Thanks
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