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  1. Interesting, thank you. Would this mean someone could apply to the us match during their last year of residency? Also, can current Canadian residents transfer to the US?
  2. Also wondering this. Anyone know?
  3. polarbear89

    50% off Lasik Eye Surgery?!?!

    Are there any discounts for residents?
  4. Have there been any updates about these spots for the unmatched students?
  5. Very interesting. Is there any internal application process or do you just indicate which spots you would be interested in?
  6. Does anyone know if this new program will be affecting the quantity of positions next year?
  7. polarbear89

    Transferrng into Internal Medicine

    If you're looking for PGY 1 spots from 2018-2019, these will be through carms second iteration for you unless the program is able to provide funding for you as the current PGY1s who transfer out will be leaving PGY 2 spots potentially open, I think.
  8. polarbear89

    Why not family med?

    As a specialty resident, sometimes I do wonder why I didn't pick family medicine. I think I would have been happy in it and the career options in family medicine are so broad. I don't think it's necessary for everyone but I think many people, even those who choose other specialties, could have been quite happy in family medicine.
  9. Is there a chart like that for States and their requirements for the USMLEs for fellowships?
  10. Out of curiosity, I was wondering if anyone knows if fully licensed Canadian specialists need to have the USMLES for a staff job. Also, I was wondering if anyone knows which states require them for licensing for fellowship? Thanks!
  11. polarbear89

    How much sleep do you get?

    This is undoubtedly the part that I found (and am finding) the worst, along with the lack of control over my schedule. I'm not in a specialty notorious for poor hours but residency is chalk full of rotations with 1/4 call, early mornings and late evenings. I've accepted that I won't sleep on call most nights but a little part of me always feels bitter at 4 am when the pager hasn't stopped.
  12. Side note: Are Canadian specialists eligible to write the UK board exams?
  13. polarbear89

    Neurology Salary?

    This is not as relevant for me but out of curioisty, how would a neurologist do neurocritical care? Wouldn't you have to be an intensivist first and that would be through internal/emerg/anesthesia?
  14. What's the best way to incorporate a masters of education into your training? Do most people do this after residency or concurrently. And if concurrently, how do they facilitate that/what schools offer reputable online programs?
  15. polarbear89

    Transferring programs

    As a note, I would definitely not tell your PD unless you have a transfer spot confirmed because if you stay/do not get a spot, you could be in an awkward position. Most PDs are nice and want you to succeed and be happy in your career but you also don't necessarily want knowledge of an unsuccessful transfer to bias anyone against you in any way.