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  1. HI All, I am getting rid of all of my Princeton Review MCAT Prep books. It's basically in new condition. I haven't written in them and the workbooks are untouched. If you are interested, leave me a message! Books include: Biology Review Physics and Math Review General Chemistry Review Verbal Reasoning Review Organic Chemistry Review Verbal Reasoning workbook Science workbook Pick up will be in Toronto. IMG_4378-1.heic
  2. I am also having some trouble with this section. I have been studying for the last 3 months, but my score has not changed at ALL. My first score was a 9 and my score now three months later is still a 9. I can't seem to get anything above this. I tried figuring out where I am going wrong, but most of the time the errors are made because I don't understand the question, not because I didn't understand the passage. I am confused as to what to do about this. Also, I end up with two passages that I do not have time to read, so I end up randomly guessing for those. I am trying to work on my timing, but no matter what I tend to spend a whole 4 minutes reading which is time consuming. I am not following any "strategies". I simply read the passage and answer the questions to the best of my ability, treating it like a reading comprehension test. I tried the TPR strategy (skim questions, read passage, highlight, write down main idea, and attack the questions according to question type, etc). I tried their method for a couple of weeks but each time I did it, my score dropped to a 6. When I went back to what I was doing before (which is really just reading and answering questions), my score went back to where it was before. What do I do now?
  3. I am working part-time 8 hours a week, which is not much. I am planning on focusing the summer on the MCATs since it's practically my only shot at this point. I have heard people who were able to study and do a full time job, so I think it's still possible for you to do both. Have you registered yet for a date? I have not but I am thinking possibly September 7th downtown location. I don't use yahoo messenger as well. You can send me an email from any email account or we could PM each other through SDN.
  4. I am in biochemistry and neuroscience majors at St. George. We could be study buddies for the MCAT . Since the PMs don't work here's my email: tothestars101@yahoo.ca
  5. Darn the PMs don't work. I did a double-take when I read your post because what you wrote describes me perfectly. I also go to Uoft and am in my third year. First year, I too screwed up and ended up with a 2.7 GPA. I took full course load first semester as well. Second year, my gpa was also 3.3. And now after last semester I have a 3.07 to the dot. This similarity blew me away. I have not done my MCAT yet, hoping to do it this summer and aiming for anything over a 30. It feels good to know there is someone out there in the same situation as me fighting the same fight, even though it’s not the best situation to be in
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