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  1. Don't use canada q bank. Huge waste of money, they should be ashamed with their product.
  2. Unfortunately for a lot of specialities I don't think students can afford to be "student b".
  3. While I think that's true to a point, Ottawa is known for having a lot of applicants go into family. And thereby always having an inflated match rate. Last year ottawa had a record number of family applicants and the match rate was decent. Any deviation results in a brutal match day.
  4. Ottawa was 91%! That must be like 15 people. I graduated from ottawa last year and two years before us their were 13 unmatched graduates. Feel bad for this year's class. In my year their was a lot of angst and trepidation regarding out preparation for the match. Maybe the school needs to adjust it's curriculum. Ottawa only matches well if they have a ton of family applicants (which they push us twoards)
  5. What's going on with ottawa psych, out of the loop. Did their accreditation not go well?
  6. Any info on salary differences between outpatient psychiatry and inpatient psychiatry
  7. How is the psychiatry job market both as an inpatient or outpatient physician?
  8. Any way to know what percentile you fall into for the mccqe1? What's a good/bad score?
  9. Is there anywhere with a nice list of objectives for the exam, listed by speciality and easy to search?
  10. Don't do this. You agreed to a contract,think of all the people that matched and would love this spot. Family med is only 2 years,finish and then take time off. You made a commitment and should honour it.
  11. Just from being on the tour it seems like psych was very popular this year
  12. Emerg is only getting more competitive each year, it would be risky to wait and apply again. Unless you are set in stone,family with community emerg would be way safer. Plus London and ottawa have a bunch of family spots left.
  13. Just looking at those results seems like psych was even more competitive. No urban ontario spots left this year.
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