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  1. Appreciate the response, thanks F_D!
  2. Hey! I just started my first year of University at McGill and I am about to start inquiring professors about research opportunities. Should I aim to try to find one professor and stick with their lab for the next three years, or try to get a few of them at once? I know med schools want to see commitment, so I don't really want to flip-flop between research labs over the next semesters. What are the types of questions I should ask to ensure that they will continue to maintain positions available for the next few years? Since I have just started my specific program courses, what kind of things will they have me do in the lab? If I am just helping out in the first few semesters, will I have a better chance at getting a larger role in the lab once I gain some experience (hopefully to shoot towards some sort of publication?) Sorry about the scattered thoughts! Thanks!!
  3. Hello! Its been a while since I've posted anything on here. After failing to get off McGill's Med-P waiting list, its time for me to begin planning for my med school application after I complete my undergraduate degree in three years. I was wondering what paid positions look good on a CV for med school. I plan on maintaining this position for three years. I already volunteer at two hospitals and with Habitat for Humanity. Even with these activities, I still have too much time on my hands during the summer, which I would love to fill in with a job. Looking for all suggestions! Thanks, Casey
  4. They don't give out any information, but I haven't heard anything yet so I'm assuming I'm out of luck.
  5. I'm going to do an undergrad in Microbiology there and then re-apply in three years.
  6. I hope it is but the chances are still slim. Good luck with wherever you choose to study!
  7. Which language are you more confident in?
  8. Do you mind if I ask how they contacted you to let you know that you were off the waiting list? Is it by e-mail, phone or Minerva?
  9. Thanks for the response I really appreciate it!
  10. I contacted their admission office and they said they already started taking people from the waitlist, which is bad news bears for me since I haven't heard anything yet.
  11. Do they only accept people from the waiting list after the two weeks pass for the admitted students to accept their offer? Or will they do it periodically from here on out?
  12. If you get any new developments please post them in this thread, and I will do the same.
  13. When my friend told me that they had sent out the acceptance e-mails at 7:00 PM last night and I didn't have one, I was very happy to see that I got a spot on the waitlist at midnight.
  14. Only information I have for you is that I'm on it as well!
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