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  1. LittleDaisy

    What do you think about this blog?

    I agree. The better remuneration option is through FHO & FHT, where you are paid per capita for enrolled patient, but the Ontario government has realized that it costs $$$ money for same amount of patients seen (given complexity of patients ), and are counting down on the new grads entering FHO & FHTs. Overall, I still find family medicine very rewarding with continuity of care, also it has a great job market and allows life-work balance. As a resident, I already get a few job offers (not just locums), and it's definitely up to you on where and HOW you want to work, you could specialize in one field or do exclusively in-patient work, and switch back later to out-office practice once you are tired of long hours. I don't know many FRCPC specialties (except perhaps psychiatry and general pediatrics (becomes even too saturated in GTA where many just do primary care pediatrics?!)) , that have a great job market. After seeing a few specialty friends sub-specialize with no clear goal and locuming a few shifts per month as they are geographically bound, I think that Family Medicine is a great specialty. I do agree that family physicians are relatively less remunerated given the number of hours you spend after office hours for critical results follow-up, writing notes, referrals; and the amount of responsibility you have to carry as patient's MRP; but nothing is perfect and every specialty has its up and downs. Just my two cents
  2. To OP, ,I am so sorry that this happened to you. Having reviewed files for CaRMS, some reference letters are quite short- 1-2 paragraphs with generic statements, Xxx is a good medical student, did this blah blah...Which itself is not a horrible letter, but definitely could weigh you down when you read another stellar 2 page letters with statements like: Xxx is the best medical student that I have ever worked with, etc. I have never stumbled upon a negative LOR, but heard from others that it could definitely happen! Some academic staff physicians are just too nice to turn down writing LORs if a clerk asks them, and are known to write generic letters if they are not that impressed. But it is really difficult to know if they will write a strong letter since CaRMS has so much uncertainties. I would still contact CaRMS to see if all your files are complete, or if they upload your files correctly. Mistakes definitely could happen. I strongly suggest that you contact your specialty of choice's PD to ask them to give feedback on your application, or ask for reconsideration. In this stage of game, there is really nothing to lose. Definitely prepare well for your home school's FM interview, I would even contact your home school's FM PD to let him or her know your strong interest for the program.
  3. LittleDaisy

    FM Interview Social Attire

    Definitely dress up formally. Almost everyone showed up in suits and ties, or formal wear for women. For social, it really doesn't matter, as the selection has already been made. FM is such a a large program, the residents couldn't care less if you show up in Versace shirt or old-torn jeans.
  4. LittleDaisy

    Ontario FM more competitive this cycle?

    Hey cake2life. I think so, I heard that UofT FM refused a lot of good applicants this year, a lot of UofT medical students backing up with FM were refused. I believe that there are large volumes of CMGs backing up with FM, and also more people ranking FM as their first choice given its great job market and flexibility. I am sorry to hear about the 2 interviews in Ontario, but there is not much you can do at this point beside excelling at your upcoming interviews!!!
  5. LittleDaisy

    Family Medicine Interviews - Closed or Open File?

    UofT FM is closed interviews, i.e: the interviewers haven't read your files prior!
  6. LittleDaisy

    quebec and carms

    I did my medical training in Quebec French schools, the majority of my classmates all prefer to stay within Quebec. I only left because of the bills 20 & 130 and the overwhelming politics. Regardless, as per posts above, only a small portion of French medical students choose to match OOP. McGill is another story. I don't think that you should target Quebec medical students per say, rather than why each province's Ministry of Health is so stringent on financing potentially more residency positions? I don't see why financing more Family Medicine positions in first round of CaRMS in Ontario would be so hard for the government to do?
  7. LittleDaisy

    Electives Residences

    There is a facebook group for Canadian medical students looking for elective housing. AirBnb Could get fairly expensive. I would try the facebook group first.
  8. LittleDaisy

    CFPC Fall 2018 exam

    sorry for the bump to this thread. I wonder how other people study for SAMP? For SOOs, do people use the CFPC online mock SOO past samples and practice in small group? As the CFPC licensing exam approaches, getting more anxious as it is the last medical licensing exam that I need to pass before becoming independent
  9. LittleDaisy

    Realignment of Doctor's Income

    I find the last case you listed to be the most difficult, and to be the least relatively paid in term of FFS. I think that physicians are well paid in North America. But to hear the Ontario government wants to cut down on physicians' pay when there is a disproportionate inflation, more strict taxation rules for self-employed professionals (thanks Trudeau), no benefits at all whatsoever for physicians (sick leave, maternity leave, personal emergencies, no pension plan). Of course, the public won't side with the physicians, as physicians don't have a positive image on social media (often seen as greedy money-grabbers compared to other health professions). But if anyone has gone through the whole medical school and residency experience, I really think that it is a tough road and we often sacrifice our personal well-being for that of the patients (the number of times I was oliguric or hypoglycemic in calls or in busy services), it should be reflected in our salary as well.
  10. LittleDaisy

    Voice your opinion about the LMCCII

    I still think that the exam is not that relevant given that after we passed LMCC 2, we still need to pass our royal college or CFPC licensing exam, what's the point?
  11. LittleDaisy

    Voice your opinion about the LMCCII

    On their website, it states that Earn CPD credits and an honorarium (including a certificate indicating the educational activities accomplished throughout the examination process) I thought that honorarium means a small amount of money or just the certificate itself . Sorry for the confusion
  12. LittleDaisy

    Voice your opinion about the LMCCII

    Lol makes sense. The physician examiners nor the LMCC II facilitators are not paid, and doing it as volunteering.
  13. LittleDaisy

    CFPC Fall 2018 exam

    Thanks for your advice, I won't take CFPC exam lightly at all! Last exam to pass
  14. LittleDaisy

    CFPC Fall 2018 exam

    Thank you so much! What other resources have you used ? Where do you find the old self-learning SAMPs? Please feel free to PM One more exam to go before independent license
  15. LittleDaisy

    Voice your opinion about the LMCCII

    I think that LMCC II was initially created for every resident to get their general practice license after 12 months of postgraduate training, so you could moon light as a staff or locum here and there as a general practitioner. CFPC has its own licensing exam for FM grads, also, other subspecialty residents can't practice general medicine with 1 year of postgraduate training. I don't see a point of still keeping LMCC 2?! I don't think that it's fair for non FM residents to write LMCC II, given that it won't be relevant to your future scope of practice.