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  1. LittleDaisy

    Taxes 2018 return question

    That makes a lot of sense. Sadly, my tuition credits will run out soon. The tuition credits are a sweet spot for the first 1-3 years of residency to save up for licensing exams
  2. LittleDaisy

    Taxes 2018 return question

    Hello guys, just to double check with CMPA fees. How much did we get reimbursed from Ministry of Health in 2018? I paid 2958 to CMPA last year, and as I changed bank (to scotiabank yeah the best), and we get reimbursed 664.50 q 3 months, so the rough estimate is 2658.00? Do we get reimbursed 85% of our CMPA fees as residents, then it would be 2514. 3? then my calculation does not hold up. Thank you kindly
  3. LittleDaisy

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    The best way to recruit long-term physicians in under-served areas is to have dedicated Canadian medical school positions for potential medical students from those communities. Several medical school has been adopting this policy and the retention rate is much better than IMGs who often try to "play around" their ROS (NOSM for example). There are increasing IMGs who are not adhering to their ROS, and you just need a support letter from your colleagues to work in academic hospitals in urban area; it's not hard and very easy to play around. I think that it's frustrating that the government is opening IMG residency position due to lawsuits and the public pressure, who often thinks there is a lack of physicians. The truth is that the healthy care system and the job market is poorly planned, where we have highly skilled surgical residents going down to USA for jobs. The government could not afford to have more surgeons or anesthesiologists in the OR; it's a systematic issue. Having IMG positions have not changed the lack of physicians in underserved areas. It's interesting to state that the IMG who matched, are CSAs from affluent families with strong connections , not IMGs who were born and were physicians in their home country. The CarMS definitely favours CSAs over IMGS born abroad, which in itself is discriminating.
  4. LittleDaisy

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    As others mentioned, the ROS is very liberal, as least in Ontario. There are more and more IMGs who worked around their ROS and end up working in academic hospitals, or work close to DT Toronto, Vancouver etc The unmatched CMGs would be more than happy to take the ROS positions in rural community. I don't think having IMGS signing a ROS would solve the issue of lack of physicians in rural community, as the majority of IMGS matched to Canada are CSAs, who would return to work in urban area after their ROS is finished. I guess that I am very opinated, as Canada is the only country who doesn't advocate for its own medical trainnees, more things need to be done for our unmatched CMGs!
  5. I am happy for you, all the best!
  6. LittleDaisy

    Toronto Family Med Internal Match

    It is not purely blurb or lottery based. They have faculty members reading each future resident's paragraph on why they rank a specific site #1, some DT sites are more popular than others. Try to rank the first 3 sites that you will be happy in. Best of luck!
  7. LittleDaisy

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

  8. LittleDaisy

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    I disagree that we should restrict IMG spots to CSAs; it's discriminatory in nature by preferring IMGs who were born in Canada. If you did not do your medical school in North America, you are IMG, period. If you are CSA, and you could not get into North American Medical Schools, and coming back thinking that you SHOULD get a residency spot. I am sorry to say that we should not jeopardize a IMG's chance of matching over that of CMGs, who was selected among thousands of applicants, who went through 4-5 years of rigorous and excellent medical school training, and worked hard during 2 years of clerkship, compared to <<observation>> in other countries. I am sorry, but in any circumstance, I think that the government should prioritize the residency match success for Canadian Medical Students.
  9. LittleDaisy

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    For those who do not match today, please do not give up. Please feel free to PM me, and ask for help from your medical education office for extra year of research & clinical rotations. Having had friends who went unmatched, I understand how the CaRMS unmatch result could take a toll on someone's life and make you doubt yourself and withdraw from your group of friends. Hang in there and stay strong!
  10. LittleDaisy

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    We definitely should. As a CMG resident, I am sick of the government intimidated by IMGs (aka Canadians who could not get into medical schools in North America- at least the majority) and their lawsuits, and act against CMGs' interests. We could argue that it's due to the Ministry of Health's lack of funding, then the CMGs as a whole should take a stronger stance and advocate for more CMGs positions in the 1st iteration. The CFMS should take a stronger position by threatening lawsuits or negotiate with each province's ministry or health. Just my two cents.
  11. LittleDaisy

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Thank you for your information. Considering how competitive it is to get admitted to Canadian Medical Schools, the excellence & consistency of our medical training, and the amount of money that our taxpayers invest in each CMG, I think that the government should take a stance and considering adding more CMG positions in the 1st iteration. Of course, there has been increasing lawsuits from IMGs or pressure from the public for credentialing more IMGs. I have little empathy for Canadians who could not get into medical schools in North America, and who took a shortcut and went abroad to study medicine, and who put much pressure or threatened to sue the government for our rigorous process of credentialing IMGs. The politicians just do whatever policy that makes them look good unfortunately.
  12. LittleDaisy

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    I am not too sure, because the unfilled spots in second iteration usually go to CMGs. There have been cases where some 2nd iteration spots are reserved for IMGs (whose parents or family are influential in the faculty of medicine). I strongly encourage the governments in each province to advocate for more residency training positions for CMGs by decreasing the number of positions of IMGs. CMGs perform better in residency and in licensing exams. The taxpayers have invested a lot of money in our education, despite the increasing medical tuition fees. I don't see what's the obstacle of increasing more CMG residency training positions, knowing there are > 100 CMGs unmatched each year?!
  13. LittleDaisy

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Agreed, that's what I heard when I interviewed for Ottawa's FM program. A program is not obliged to fill all its spots if they don't find the ideal candidate that they are looking for.
  14. LittleDaisy

    Taxes 2018 return question

    It is listed as a claimable expense: Did this employee's contract of employment require him or her to: pay for the use of a cell phone? I am not sure in reality, how realistic it is to claim cellphone expenses as work deduction. Thanks everyone for all your advice, I am personally using free accountant through MD financials (GTA). Please PM me if you want a reference for free accountant in Toronto.
  15. LittleDaisy

    FM with Child Health +1 vs Pediatrics

    I actually have started treating kids with asthma, but then my staff preferred to general pediatrics after. The wait time to see general pediatrics in GTA is quite short, some patients just self-refer and even for developmental pediatrics, the wait time is < 1 months; perhaps a good sign to cut down the number of pediatric residency spots. For ADHD, definitely a GP would feel comfortable managing, the lack of PEDS billing codes in primary care could definitely why we over-refer. If the MOH develops GP pediatric billing codes ( you definitely spend a fair a bit more time with pediatric population, especially counselling on anxious parents, and more thorough physical exam and history given medical-legality aspect), I suspect that there will be even less need for general pediatrics in urban area