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  1. I always sat next to this girl in one of my classes, a few years ago. She was a pre-med and she would literally wave her assignments in my face before handing them in to the professor. She eventually got accepted into medical school. Go figure.
  2. It's just that I have a few items in front of me right now that I could use to end my life.
  3. Would it be appropriate to call 911 if I'm feeling suicidal?
  4. But our wages and salaries did not even increase that much over 10 years.
  5. You think it's a rip-off? It was actually listed on a real estate website. I saw it today. I'm just curious. 10 years ago, you could have got a decent 3-bedroom house with garage and a large yard for only $50,000. Now? $50,000 will only get you a 500 sq. ft. trailer.
  6. ...unless the professor in that Chemistry class offered bonus marks to students.
  7. Do you think paying that much for a trailer house is a rip-off?
  8. But for those of you who would rather be cremated, aren't you concerned about losing the chance of becoming a zombie?
  9. I want to be buried. The idea of being cremated scares me.
  10. I don't think depressed people intentionally identify themselves with the season called "depression." Because they don't want to be depressed! It just happens and they can't get out of it. I suspect that my mental illness came from these three sources: 1.) putting myself into too much stressful situations 2.) taking too much stimulants during stress 3.) long-term drug abuse I really regret making these bad decisions 10 years ago. I think my brain is already damaged from doing those things. Do you really believe this sort of damage is reversible? Because obviously, my mental illness did not come from my willingness to identify with any season (or emotion).
  11. You're right. Emotions are like seasons because they change with time. But that's only true for normal people. When you have a disorder, you're constantly stuck in one season. You can't change it even if you try. Medications do not help for me.
  12. She's definitely braver than me. Even though my life sucks, I'm just too chicken to kill myself. I'd rather suffer everyday with my mental illness than end it all. I wonder how she did it.
  13. Yeah, it's almost always the flexible hours, good pay and work condition, and high respect of profession that people are after. It's really stupid that some people don't respect nurses as much as doctors or pharmacists.
  14. I'm surprised that some of you would rather work as a pharmacist than a nurse, especially when you want to become doctors. Because as a nurse, you get to work in direct contact with patients, see more, and help people more, than a pharmacist ever can.
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