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  1. If you're doing the same job, you should be paid the same... Besides, if anything, a family doctor trained in emerg is probably more useful in a rural location. A *LOT* of the patients coming in to the ER come with complaints that should be addressed in a family medicine clinic but since there's not enough they overflow to the ER. And in terms of those high-acuity cases you speak of...all the ER doctor in the periphery is going to do is his best to stabilize the patient while he's transfered to a major center...
  2. I didn't know you could enter sports med thru IM? I thought it was from family and ortho and maybe EM in Canada. I know the in the states theres family, IM, peds, EM and ortho..? However, I would be interested in hearing some typical salaries for sports med people from FM...and IM if such a thing exists..
  3. Hello, I am interested in switching from RBC to ScotiaBank for my LOC. Could you possibly give me the email of the representative for Montreal, Quebec. Thank you.
  4. 600-800k? Really? That's quite a lot of money... Anyone else have input on this?
  5. I'm just wondering how much OB/GYN people make on average?
  6. Well...the actual first 4 years of med school are considered "undergraduate". However, residency counts as post-graduate education leading to a "doctorate". So unless you plan on just completing 4 years of med and going off into research, you really will have earned a doctorate in the end...
  7. I actually know a psychiatrist who has an attention deficit disorder...she's still really good at what she does. Besides..you only need to fake listening, right???
  8. Rad onc? really? I guess maybe for follow-ups and in between treatments...but that's usually done at the hospital and not really in a private clinic?
  9. Generations of doctors survived without...
  10. Still, assuming he billed for 300k...take 30% off in overhead (which is conservative) and you're left with 210k. Now take off income tax and you're left with 136k in B.C.
  11. I was looking over CaRMS stats and noticed that Nuclear Medicine regularly gets less first-choice applicants than there is spots available...why is that? I would of figured that as an imaging speciality it would be more popular, specially given the competitiveness of radiology? So what is it about Nucs that makes it so unpopular? Is the salary bad? Is it dreadfully boring? Or is it simply a total lack of exposure in medical school?
  12. I was just wondering whether or not Canadian Anesthesia Programs are recognized by the American Board of Anethesiology? Are we eligible to sit their exams and gain licensure?
  13. FM is considered a lifestyle speciality btw...you can tailor it to whatever you like.
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