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  1. Shout out to public health - G
  2. It could be but considering in CaRMS your CV has a page limit you want to choose the most meaningful stuff. I only included really major things and my prior work experience during my Masters degree as it was relevant to public health and preventative medicine. - G
  3. I wouldn't mind helping out in looking at the specifics. I would say however that most people have everything else you have outside of your sports accolades. A mistake everyone makes (I did too even for CaRMS) is underestimating how amazing other people's ECs are. Best wishes, - G
  4. Definitely think it's worth a try That way if the worst happens and you fail you don't have to hard scramble to do it during residency and you have more time to work on improvement. If you pass then good on you ... one less thing to worry about. - G
  5. Go where you want and have the best personal support for yourself... it's going to be a long 3-4 years and residency more so. - G
  6. It doesn't. What you are capable of matters more than where you got your MD. - G
  7. You can pay it forward by being a good physician yourself. - G
  8. I would like to hear people's opinions of this as well. - G
  9. That is hilarious! But seriously ... should that be ban worthy? - G
  10. Regardless of what happens I wish you all best of luck and that even if you're unsuccessful that it is not a defining aspect of yourself. I did not get in right away and it gave me an opportunity to better myself personally and professionally (especially in the field of public health and making positive societal change with clinical medicine). As I'm finishing medical school now I do feel that I can be a better physician now compared to if I had gotten in earlier. Best wishes, - G
  11. @Nik- and @t2n1n4 I would be happy to talk to either of you re: PHPM as I've matched to PHPM+FM for my residency and also have an MPH. Best wishes, - G
  12. GH0ST

    Please Remove

    I'll let you know in a few months @neuroscience_nerd, although I ended up choosing Sudbury for my main site. - G
  13. I agree with @tere that hopefully there will be greater advocacy re: medical training and cynicism. It's so saddening watching some of my colleagues descend into madness and contempt when otherwise they are great people. On another note, I also can't help but feel that the cynicism also incorporates envy as well. Seeing how others (even fellow residents in other specialties) have it "easier" or having a societal perception that our suffering is justified for the future salary compounds the problem that already exists in clinical training. I hope to do more work advocating for resident wellness when I begin my residency. If it's the last public health intervention I ever do in life I should at least try to accomplish something to make my future colleagues feel better. We can't immediately make changes to this system but we can at least do our part (or more) to make a difference in our colleague's lives for the better. - G
  14. They could use it in terms of seeing if you've kept up your academic accolades when you're on the waitlist. - G
  15. The fact that you have no connection will shine through no matter how you want to spin things. Adcoms are no joke. - G