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  1. I'm unaware of a resource for the most current PHPM issues but usually you'd have to look at multiple sources to begin with when thinking about current threats in public health - vaccine hesitancy - supervised injection sites - coronavirus - healthy built environments - opioid crisis - aging populations - water and food security just to name a few things... - G
  2. Not making it sound like we have something to prove to them... rather that they earnestly want us in their program. - G
  3. I always do for preceptors I work one on one with for most of the rotation, otherwise I usually leave small treats but would do it for the group. I'm planning on handing out candy canes for my shift this Christmas - G
  4. You don't theoretically need to wait... reach out to the PGME deans of all the schools and send feelers for wanting to leave. They can have an idea that you want to transfer and you can get things set up before waiting for the R1 1st iteration match. Don't bother lawyering up until you get out... just focus all your efforts on getting out asap. - G
  5. Lols I post my bad stats shamelessly!!!!!! =P - G
  6. You work yourself to the bone and volunteer to do things. You come in ready to work, show up earlier than expected. Make yourself effective on rounds. You read around cases (and sometimes if you can try to read up lots even ahead of time to have a differential and plan). I've been in situations where I was fortunate enough to go in a day early and ask the nursing staff to help me orient myself and also get access to the list so I can read around the cases prior to my first day. Even then, it may not always be enough. - G
  7. Interesting regardless though I just never put myself into thinking about what it's like for someone in the Yukon. I also don't get the saltiness of some of the comments ... it's the same logic as those who think affirmative action programs or those that give more technical leniency to those from different backgrounds. Regardless of where you are generally speaking in Canada you have plenty of opportunities in various competitive pools. Saying somewhere is easier or harder to get into completely undermines those from IP that understand the culture of the province as well as their connections to the province and people within it. Last time I checked I've had chances to work with students and residents and in general the good ones exist from all schools. What is it with people just wanting to dumpster other programs? Good physicians are trained throughout Canada. - G
  8. I had amazing colleagues that didn't match not because they weren't good enough but just didn't match well compared to others on the list from other programs. - G
  9. Uh ... don't take the path of least resistance in taking care of patients please. To be fair moving across to a different province to achieve IP status is in the league of "kill myself"... I mean from an outside perspective you are literally going to spend years somewhere you don't want to be for a "higher" chance of medical school admission. I really do appreciate this point and I do feel like it has to be iterated... the schools also have a responsibility to train physicians who are more likely to stay in the province in which they are trained for the benefit of their province's health care. That will inherently have bias incorporated into it. The school's responsibility is to help provide good medical care for their province and use their citizen's taxpayer subsidized dollars to achieve this goal. It's the same as NOSM for example having more preference for those with a Northern Ontario connection or those with interest in rural care. - G
  10. Trust me when I say that those with Bs still get into med school Otherwise I'd probably still be doing statistics right now. - G
  11. Don't worry ... I didn't apply those measures and I brought the accepted average DOWN TO 3.9. You're welcome - G
  12. To be fair I switched because as much as I loved the macroscopic view of health in a holistic sense... it's not really the same as seeing patients individually. That said, I'm now trying to do both public health and general practice so I can get the best of both worlds. I believe that in order to make large scale medical changes you have to also be connected to the leadership structure. In the same sense you can't make large scale changes that make sense without working on the ground. - G
  13. Why would you ever do this? It's just so silly to think you don't have ANYONE else to help verify your activities. - G
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