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  1. I would be happy to help you as well. I won't rehash the sentiments that others have written but I would say it's something you pass through like any other hurdle. If you do want to do medicine (and there's good reasons to do or not do medicine) then it's a matter of when and not if. I would say though that it's important to keep living your life and have other backup plans in place as well as thinking of other alternative career paths related to being a doctor. - G
  2. I suspect it has to do with numerous collaborations between PHPM and the school. I can't imagine them making any of these decisions without a thorough discussion with our department heads and MOHs. - G
  3. I just want to say I support this message... wish I could help though I don't even own a TV. - G
  4. I think this is such an unfair statement given how extenuating these circumstances are... don't let this somehow affect the positives of many of the medical schools across this country. No one is going in with blinders on. - G
  5. NOSM suspended rotations for all learners (medical, nursing, etc) except 4th year med students who have a few weeks left before clinicals are complete. Students are not assigned to any patient with whom PPE is required (which naturally includes COVID19 patients). The caveat was that if preceptors feel that the student placement cannot continue that they can discuss with the faculty. They also mentioned if any student or resident belong in a high risk group that they can contact the faculty and accommodations be made to ensure graduation is on schedule. I can see why there is some discussion among the group here but personally if a final year medical student complies by safety regulations I personally don't see an issue with them finishing their rotation and being done. Just my own thoughts. I'd argue that all schools have the safety of their students in mind... people just seem to disagree on the extent. - G
  6. Hello there, Please note that these are just based on my limited experience and not a reflection of the program I am in nor the thoughts of medical officers of health throughout the country. --------------------------- http://www.phpc-mspc.ca/en/students/what-is-phpm/ https://www.cma.ca/sites/default/files/2019-01/public-health-e.pdf - average renumeration and work types I would say in general there are opportunities but the nature of the work is that you have to start by looking around areas based on need (ex. there are numerous medical officer of health positions consistently required for Northern BC, Northern Ontario, Manitoba, Yukon, NWT...this is not an exhaustive list) and jobs are less likely offered elsewhere unless you are connected. I would say like most government or business related jobs that networking here is very important. It also will highly depend on what area of population health you are interested in and how tolerant you are of the political nature of the work. Do you have interest in being a faculty member? Communicable disease control vs non-communicable disease control? Health policy interests? Environmental health? Health promotion? It definitely is a different type of medical specialty as the focus becomes less about individual medicine and more using clinical medicine as background information to bolster your own skills in population level medicine. There's also an element of understanding how to work well with people outside of medicine as well. Hope this helps. - G
  7. I preface this by saying this is my opinion and not that of any specific government nor public health agency. -------------------------------- I do think this is an appropriate action because as the epidemiology and progression of COVID19 develops, history questions such as "recent travel to China" will become less relevant. With new cases developing and the international differences in emergency preparedness and testing capacity, it is a risk to accept students internationally to then work in a hospital setting. The blanket statement is likely because it's difficult to specify at this point which areas are endemic regions because the COVID19 outbreak is still in the early stages relatively speaking. From a political standpoint, it wouldn't look good for a school or government to bring individuals who may have been exposed and spread the infection to their hospital. In the reverse argument, if the student somehow becomes sick with COVID19 from Canada there would be fallout. If we take a step back, there has been significant work done already in such a short time frame in the context of identifying the genetic sequences for research, developing an emergency preparedness strategy, sharing of scientific information internationally, as well as working on vaccine development. To put it into perspective...with the SARS outbreak, it took over 6 months for the first genetic sequence to come out. I'm sure there are lots of work in the background re: criteria for the release of suspected cases (think particularly of those who've been quarantined on the cruise), limitations on international type events, and coordination with government + medical facilities to ensure satisfactory amounts of equipment and testing procedures. This is setting aside the other secondary effects COVID19 has had on the economy, as well as xenophobia + other misinformation being spread. I do hope that no one's training will be significantly impaired because of this situation - G
  8. Is there any evidence from others to show electives are being cancelled at different universities? Are you an IMG? or from an endemic region? is the particular place you're supposedly heading to having concerns? (Just think of this in your mind, you don't have to publicly answer any of these questions). Based on the number of cases and correlating that with the reduction of electives... I actually think a proactive approach in containment and preparedness is quite refreshing. Naturally it's appropriate to be upset about this, but it's also important that the necessary measures be placed to reduce transmission and also your own safety. Good luck regardless. Take care of yourself. - G
  9. 1) Two times. First failure was a good life lesson and I went to pursue another degree as a plan B but it turned out to be even more enlightening about systemic health. 2) 3.7 something, MPH, worked a bit in the biostatistics field 3) I think the main thing about continuing to apply is to make sure you look at improving your application and interview and do introspection as to the reasons for not getting in. On a side note not getting in isn't necessarily failure nor does it mean you weren't good enough. There are many really good applicants out there to begin with but you just have to be the best you can be. I also echo the sentiment about continuing to live your life, having plan Bs, and maintaining close relationships. - G
  10. I'm unaware of a resource for the most current PHPM issues but usually you'd have to look at multiple sources to begin with when thinking about current threats in public health - vaccine hesitancy - supervised injection sites - coronavirus - healthy built environments - opioid crisis - aging populations - water and food security just to name a few things... - G
  11. Not making it sound like we have something to prove to them... rather that they earnestly want us in their program. - G
  12. I always do for preceptors I work one on one with for most of the rotation, otherwise I usually leave small treats but would do it for the group. I'm planning on handing out candy canes for my shift this Christmas - G
  13. You don't theoretically need to wait... reach out to the PGME deans of all the schools and send feelers for wanting to leave. They can have an idea that you want to transfer and you can get things set up before waiting for the R1 1st iteration match. Don't bother lawyering up until you get out... just focus all your efforts on getting out asap. - G
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