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  1. Trust me when I say that those with Bs still get into med school Otherwise I'd probably still be doing statistics right now. - G
  2. Don't worry ... I didn't apply those measures and I brought the accepted average DOWN TO 3.9. You're welcome - G
  3. To be fair I switched because as much as I loved the macroscopic view of health in a holistic sense... it's not really the same as seeing patients individually. That said, I'm now trying to do both public health and general practice so I can get the best of both worlds. I believe that in order to make large scale medical changes you have to also be connected to the leadership structure. In the same sense you can't make large scale changes that make sense without working on the ground. - G
  4. Why would you ever do this? It's just so silly to think you don't have ANYONE else to help verify your activities. - G
  5. The economist is a magazine based newspaper that typically have more in depth analysis of critical issues across the globe in many topics. - G
  6. Like I've said in my prior post, what evidence do you have besides your word that GPs are only as good as WebMD? Even this statement itself doesn't provide evidence against GPs... it just shows you were fortunate to have found a relationship between your symptoms and the diagnosis. You are not everyone and even for common conditions not everyone presents the same way. Some symptoms are not always attributable to a specific common diagnosis but could also be associated with something more insidious. Your statement also neglects a significant proportion of people that have "cyberchondria," a term used to describe an individual who escalates their symptoms to severe conditions that are very unlikely unless discernible through history and physical exam (which coincidentally are done by GPs). A common example of this is when a headache is assumed to be a brain tumour, which is not likely for individuals unless there are more information on history (worsening headaches, worsening neurological symptoms, family history, just to name a few). Having to discern between what is considered background noise vs concerning symptoms is one of many responsibilities that GPs have, in addition to individualized preventative care as well as continuity of care. I will still wait to see what additional evidence you have on this matter. It's important that no matter the situation and ignorance that we professionals respond with dignity and professionalism. Hopefully this will also provide some education on the matter. - G
  7. Setting aside how insulting your claim is to many of my fellow colleagues... a simple logical answer would be that if WebMD is all you needed, then you should be able to diagnose among various differential diagnoses and provide comprehensive management for any variety of patients right now. Do you feel confident enough to see our patients for us? Furthermore, it's also clear you don't quite understand the concept of "burden of proof." When you make a claim/argument, it is not the responsibility of others to prove you wrong in the first place. It is your responsibility to provide evidence beyond doubt to support your claim first. So the question then is... where is your proof that GPs are only as good as WebMD besides your word? - G
  8. I think it's useful to open your mind to different situations and see how others think and the different perspectives It's certainly not the only thing you can use - G
  9. I think it's former as I was a verifier in the past but it's been a while. As for total hours calculated you should always do that for your verifiers so you two are in agreement well ahead of time. - G
  10. Eh it's not really skin off my back either way. You just have a way of making aggressive posts and you view things as black and white. I won't post on this topic anymore as I can see it's starting to get derailed. I doubt you'd ever change your ways anyways so there's really no point for either of us to get worked up. Best for me to just use the ignore function so I can see the more productive and contributory posts. You're not the only one in life to experience racism. Anyways good luck in what you do. - G
  11. I've been around the forum helping students for years... this guy has a way of creating so many inflammatory and distasteful posts with no tact nor diplomacy. You don't even have to dig deep into the post history it's just in your face. The level of ignorance and lack of emotional intelligence is just sad to see. - G
  12. You don't need all FM letters. It's actually probably better to letters from preceptors from a variety of disciplines. You should ask whenever you're in FM and if things go well ask before you leave, then reminders every once in a while. When I did the PHPM+FM part I had FM first and FM electives early, I asked near the end of each of those and sent reminders by 4th year. - G
  13. For better information I'd recommend contacting either the registrar or the FoMD admissions, but in general if you are from UofA they usually send it during the secondary and it's easily accessible since you're from that school. - G
  14. Thinking about the system is part of the reason why I went into PHPM... though I'm not sure how I can help contribute to changing the issues addressed by 1D7. Very interesting regardless. - G
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