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  1. Look I know I'm definitely not as experienced as you but in almost every post you write you spill your own hatred towards physicians in general... I've had the (maybe unlikely) pleasure of working with some of the best kind hearted people and when I struggled with mental wellbeing the school was incredibly supportive at all points of my care. I just can't imagine everywhere you go being what you describe. - G
  2. Dude chill out ... I studied mathematics for years before transitioning to medicine. Plenty of people have minimal biology background prior to medicine but can do fine with hard work. You don't need to be a genius to be a good doctor and more importantly, take care of people the best way you can. You don't have to like pure biology to do well in medicine. You have other issues like why you're procrastinating while some of the more competitive students are studying day in and day out... you'll need academic discipline to improve your grades not this junior life crisis. - G
  3. GH0ST

    Weird EC's?

    Unfortunately the reviewing committees for most places are still not as progressive as you would like them to be... I played professional Starcraft Brood War and Starcraft 2 WoL in it's early days for local and national tournaments while managing the roster of players, but even then I didn't write that in my application because people still unfortunately consider gamers to be antisocial nerds who can't speak to a pet rock to save their lives. (total BS) - G
  4. I get that you obviously feel wronged but being cynical doesn't help in this person's decision making. I feel that there's so many negative posts recently... if people don't want to contribute beyond cynicism why contribute at all? - G
  5. GH0ST

    Interview weight?

    Trust me when I say it that it can weigh 1% for all that matters... it's still more than enough to push even those in the bottom of the invite list to an acceptance (I certainly was). I think people forget sometimes that grades, ECs, and MCAT variation is so low but the interview is truly where the great divide happens. Plenty of strong applicants can get rejected if they don't know how to speak to people (there's plenty of that too). In my year they interviewed ~480 for 162 seats. - G
  6. Solid work! I admit I was lurking here to see the aftermath. Glad you didn't become a statistic in the unmatched group. Good luck! - G
  7. Hello everyone, I don't know if this is the appropriate section for this specifically so if it's not I apologize in advance. I matched to a residency position at NOSM and would like to hear from the locals comparing and contrasting Thunder Bay vs Sudbury. I'm also curious to learn from students and residents what living arrangements they have for themselves, the communities, and amenities available along with any other perks of knowledge that you feel is important so I can fit in and contribute as much as possible. Take care, - G
  8. Can confirm... I'm dumb as a cinderblock most days. - G
  9. To be completely honest I had already satisfied the minimum required elective time in order to graduate with a few weeks left over... I had more flexibility. I probably wouldn't recommend that in a 3 year program where you may have less elective time (I may be wrong though). Best wishes, - G
  10. @JohnGrisham The course is called the National Public Health review course hosted by Queens University. Sometimes if you get an elective with Queens during the time the course is held you get to do that as part of your elective. It will depend on your preceptor and I do think you have to ask. For me, I did not initially secure an elective at Queens but the program director recommended that I come as part of an educational experience. It was during my elective time and I figured I'll take a week's leave and go to the course. It's good learning, I can write about it, and I get to meet some amazing residents and faculty from across the country. - G
  11. Did them at Alberta and Manitoba. Also did a one week review course for R4/R5 PHPM residents at Queens. Speak up Participate in meetings and actually try to contribute Always ask questions Try to get a project during your elective time that you can present to a large audience. (did a project where I presented to the COO and multiple MOHs at a senior meeting that was well received). As for letters... if you do the above and show keen interest, you can ask at any time and most MOHs would be happy to help. Best wishes, - G
  12. I mean if you're talking about public health practitioners vs MOHs there's a difference in amount of work. It's similar to FM where once you start practicing you have some more control as to how busy you will be depending on the level of responsibility you take / get hired for. But I do agree at the med student level no one expects you to contribute significantly to a population health assessment or know the ins and outs of surveillance data. For a one-time elective it will be mostly shadowing and learning different aspects of those jobs. It will also depend on how long you want to do the elective for. Having done a 2 week vs 4 week elective in PHPM I did considerably more work in the 4 week one (albeit I was also trying to get noticed) than the 2 week one where I mostly shadowed. - G
  13. Duuuuuude yeah they told me the same thing... I tried everything from asking around with classmates and colleagues... I have the same conflicts with other FM or PHPM+FM interviews and I was banking so hard on that day... It just sucks that people could lose a good opportunity just because of issues like this of all things. Good luck to you too dude. - G