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  1. People have to realize that the system works for a majority of people... not everyone. Some people won't match into their specialty, some won't match to the desired location... Honestly at the end of the day the match is a competition. You aren't guaranteed whatever you want. - G
  2. It can be more useful if you're planning on doing things outside of medicine - G
  3. Pretty sure it's not great to have this "take it or leave it" attitude in many fields of medicine. Can you imagine if I had that attitude talking to stakeholders or the government? "Can be more introverted" .... I've never met so many extroverted and intense people since entering medicine school in my entire life. - G
  4. Being a professional rice cooker that even rice cookers would be jealous of /s I think Bambi meant "practice" - G
  5. But what he/she is also saying is they have no interest in the subject matter studied... honestly that's even more troublesome. I also don't really agree with the point... I mean yeah there's definitely more things that are cookie cutter but there's also going to be a fair amount of broad topics that you have no experience with but still have to manage in the community unless you never plan to follow them up and have the specialist do everything. Especially in FM I figure you wouldn't like everything but usually something is interesting enough for you to latch on to... my question is does the OP realllllllllly hate the other topics of medicine that much? I mean it's more interesting in person but the responsibility and let's be fair... the work, is a lot more difficult until you build up a lot of proficiency. Have you had opportunities to maybe even shadow or see what residents or staff do often? If even that doesn't interest you I think you'll need to talk to some wellness counsellors at your program and do some tough thinking. Like... I know as a future MOH... I don't see many patients unless I do PHPM specific clinics (sexual health, travel, vaccination-based, etc). I will probably still do some inner city medicine or walk ins during my time not as an MOH because I don't want to lose my clinical acumen. I'm not that interested in the medicine per say but I just like to job and seeing people individually. You really don't need to love medicine to do a good job as a doctor. That said... if your mental is struggling then I'd also reach out to someone about that too. I wish you luck friend... - G
  6. Do you mean specifically that you are a resident in a primary care discipline and is planning on either: 1)transferring (which is a whole different issue), 2)re-entering CaRMS, or 3) finishing CCFP and planning on going into a different more competitive program? Some clarification can be helpful. Honestly, if you don't want to be chief... I'd ask yourself if you think you can seriously do a good job despite a lack of interest. If you waver, please for the love of god don't be chief since your other co-residents will be hindered as well. Chiefs aren't only involved in the admin related aspects of residency... you also will play a role in determining aspects of your program and as well will be a face of the program. Imagine you being the chief and then sitting on a CaRMS interview panel... can you imagine the harm you can cause to your program when your disinterest permeate through and others decide to not rank the program as highly? (I may be wrong here too so I am open to being convinced otherwise) I'm sure there are other ways to show interest and competitiveness besides being a chief... I do advocacy and contribute as a stats consultant on various projects across Canada. I also try to work on self-publishing editorials and other forms of peer-reviewed literature. I'm not going to be a chief (if I do end up applying) for a long time. Ofc this is for my own discipline but I'm sure there are other options. If there's anything I've learned by this point... you're a resident now. You have your own likes and dislikes and that's not like when you're a new medical student being open to possibilities. I just can't see a successful outcome at this stage of your training if you force yourself to do something. Good luck regardless, - G
  7. I'm sorry for my mistake... it's not even overnight for my call shift =( I will remove my previous post - G
  8. This is key... especially in a field where I am working with large groups of people or organizations... there are so many different interests competing in the way that it is simply impossible to please everyone. That is the true reality we live in. 1) I think like everything else, sometimes we need to take a step back and really assess the impacts from different groups of people and try to think of the real population implications. Medical schools try to do their best in general with what's given to do what they can to ensure as fair of an entry process even in the face of those gaming the system, or those with more systemic and/or individual challenges. Unless we are in that position where we can influence those decisions and weigh the consequences it's also unfair to judge them without looking at all sides 2) The schools have a responsibility to do their best given the circumstances to create a system to ensure physicians support the community in which they are trained and to practice in an ethical and respectful manner. They are trying to recruit physicians who even if they disagree with certain sides, are open to feedback, open to learning, and more importantly open to growth. I've tried a lot to do my part to convince everyone to do the health conscious thing but realized I cannot convince everyone no matter what I do... I can only do the best I can to reach as many people as I can to influence change. Similarly, medical schools in that same sense cannot please everyone with their system of admission, they can only do the best they can with what they have. I'm sorry that in particular this may have affected your chances but I don't know if that's enough to warrant something so aggressive as a "revolution." Not saying that absolves schools of responsibility for improvement though. Getting angry and resorting to personal attacks is unfair and does not accomplish anything. I think that goes for all sides here in this thread. Once the attacks happen there isn't anything to be done anymore to advance discussion. I hope that the OP and future posters responding to the OP... even if they disagree won't be so aggressive or inflammatory. Have a good day, especially in these tough times. I hope everyone stays safe out there. P.S wear a mask - G
  9. A good entry is whatever you have.... Realistically speaking are you going to just find another job just because you didn't have enough to fill a list for your activities section? I mean kudos if you do want to do that but that's less relevant that someone that worked over 2k hours in one job and progressively developed skills and leadership abilities. - G
  10. Back in the day I filled all except 1 but I only chose significant things and nothing less than 100 hours as I don't believe in fillers. - G
  11. I would be happy to help you as well. I won't rehash the sentiments that others have written but I would say it's something you pass through like any other hurdle. If you do want to do medicine (and there's good reasons to do or not do medicine) then it's a matter of when and not if. I would say though that it's important to keep living your life and have other backup plans in place as well as thinking of other alternative career paths related to being a doctor. - G
  12. I suspect it has to do with numerous collaborations between PHPM and the school. I can't imagine them making any of these decisions without a thorough discussion with our department heads and MOHs. - G
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