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  1. But thanks for your remarks it really helps me.
  2. Actually the job market in canada is very good. It's a common myth that cardiac surgeons are unemployed. I've already been approached by many PD from other universities/hospitals to talk about positions, this has been the case for many of the residents. Maybe the market was a bad 5 years back, but now people are very optimistic about it. But it's the worst residency by far. Even neurosurgeons have it easy compared to us (they work around 70-80 hours). I know I'll enjoy life as an attending but I'm scarred that I won't be able to make it another 2.5 years. Also I'm starting to think that I have drinking problems as I drink myself to sleep almost everyday. I didn't think posting on a forum would help me but it does. It feels like I can talk about my weaknesses and fears without being exposed in front of my colleagues. thanks guys!
  3. I guess I'll try to finish residency, life as an attending doesn't look so bad and I already do less call as a R3. There's no way I can walk away from this, I have to go hard and finish this even if I die in the process. It's not about me anymore, it's about the other residents who see me as an example, I can't let them down.
  4. Currently R3 in cardiac surgery and my life is hell. The pressure I have to deal with is hard to handle. 80-100 hours a week. I don't sleep anymore, I don't work out anymore, I have no life, no friends, my gf left me. I don't know how to deal with this anymore, besides drinking myself to sleep. I can't get out of school because of debts, because of the pressure I have from my parents. I never speak about this with the other residents because I don't want to look weak as I'm supposedly aspiring for chief resident, but I know they're all going through the same things as I am and I feel the need to look strong in front of them. I should have matched with fam, I would be done by now, happy, in good shape, my gf would still be with me. I just can't stand the image of her having sex with another man as I'm suffering here alone. This will be my only post here. JMM.
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