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  1. Thank you! I find it strange that so many people who either are medical students or want to be medical students find it unacceptable that I don't want to commute to school when research suggests that long commutes are linked to negative health outcomes. Is the mental and physical health of medical students not important?
  2. Thank you everyone for the helpful comments. I'm feeling much better about going to MAM and look forward to meeting all my fellow MAM students.
  3. Hi everyone, I was accepted to UofT Mississauga and am very disappointed. I asked to be assigned to the St.George campus, own a condo downtown, and my husband works downtown. I know that I should be happy to be accepted to medical school but when I think about commuting to Mississauga I'm filled with dread. Does anyone live downtown but go to the Mississauga campus? How do you commute? Is there any way to appeal and switch campuses? Thank you
  4. If I did a research project on a specific topic (a secondary data analysis) and this resulted in a paper submitted to a journal, plus one national conference presentation and two student conference presentations, do you suggest that I make one sketch item for the research project and include all my conferences & the journal article under type of publication? or make a separate entry for each conference presentation and article submitted for publication? Thank you
  5. Hi again, What do you suggest I put under duration of award if the award is just a one time award for something that I created (such as an art work)? Thank you
  6. Hi everyone, Do you think that, if I was on the dean's honour roll from 2011-2014 I should make this one sketch item or two? What about if I received the same continuing student scholarship (and same amount) for two years in a row? I don't want to look like I'm just looking for items to fill my sketch but I am worried that if I group these distinctions together that the reader may overlook the date and just assume that I was on the dean's honour roll once. Thank you in advance.
  7. Rejection Date Stamp: 11:31Am Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.98 Current year:UG Complete ECs: emergency room volunteer (2 years), women's population panel volunteer (2.5 years), 4th year independent research project but no publication or conference presentation, 2 undergraduate scholarships, part-time customer service representative (3.5 years) and acting manager (6 months)
  8. Hello, Like many people here I recently got rejected from all medical schools I applied to. My GPA is as follows: first year:2.86 second year: 3.98 third year: 3.98 My MCAT is 9/12/11. For extracurriculars I am currently doing an honors thesis research project, I am part of a hospital group that helps marginalized women (2.5 years) and volunteer in a hospital emergency room (1.5 years). I also work as a CSR (2.5 years). I am considering doing a masters degree because I think I would be able to get stronger letters of reference this way (I had my coworker and the volunteer office secretary this year and I don't think they wrote strong letters) and maybe some scholarships and research experience to put on my application. However, this means that I would not be able to apply until the year after next. Does anyone have any opinions on how else a masters degree might affect my application?
  9. How did you find people to help you edit your essays? I don't know if it would help much to have my friends read them over (none of them are interested in medicine) and nobody in my family knows any doctors. Should I randomly go up to doctors at the hospital where I volunteer and ask for help?
  10. Thank you both for answering. I know that I should do things that I am passionate about (and I do really enjoy working in the women's health group) but its hard to find time to do more projects and take leadership roles while also going to school and working. I'm also worried that there is something really wrong with the way I write or think because I did not get an interview at Mcmaster either and I thought I would because of my high verbal score. I usually do well on essays so I'm not sure if I'm over reacting or there actually is something very wrong with my applications.
  11. Hello, I applied to the University of Calgary this year and did not get and interview. I am out of province (Ontario) and had a 4.0 GPA the past two years and my MCAT is 9 PS, 12 VR and 11 BS. For my extracurriculars I have been working as a CSR for 2.5 years, volunteering in a hospital emergency room for 1.5 years, part of a hospital group that helps marginalized women access healthcare for 2.5 years and am currently doing an honors thesis research project. I also have had a few other short term jobs and volunteer experiences. I spent a couple days on each of the 10 essays and I thought they were good. I am wondering if anyone knows a possible reason why I didn't get an invite or how I can improve my application? Thank you
  12. I am wondering if anyone can help me answer these questions about the application: 1) Is it acceptable to just guess on the dates they ask for? For example, they ask for the date when each year started and finished and I can't remember when I wrote my last exam each year. 2)I have several entries to use for the employment section, however, I only have a contact for one of them. Most of these are cashiering/customer service jobs at large companies and I doubt anyone there remembers me.
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