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  1. Could you please comment on their scope of practice in community hospitals? i.e. Is it usually limited to ALC/rehab patients or is there possibility for more acuity?
  2. Hi everyone, I am deciding between doing a FM + 1 in hospitalist vs GIM. Could anyone provide further insight into the scope of practice for FM+1 in hospitalist and what the job market is like for it in Toronto. Thank you!
  3. People from Ontario will get their invitations by end of April so you can expect to see some waitlist closer to the end of the month. We just finished interviews at Toronto last weekend and Western interviews are this weekend. Best of luck!
  4. Just to update. I received an offer OOP (Ontario).
  5. Did any OOP receive notification yet? Minerva says "Further Review Required".
  6. Hello, I have an interview slot on Sunday, April 3rd from 1:00 - 1:30 p.m. I am looking to switch with anybody who has an interview date on April 2nd. Please let me know if you would be willing to switch. I would really appreciate it!
  7. Hi all, I am looking for an interview slot on April 2nd. My interview date is on April 3rd at 02:56 PM. Please let me know if you would like to switch. Thank you, Judy
  8. Hi there, I have the following subscriptions for: DAT QVault BIOL - Expires Feb 02/2016 for $45 DAT Bootcamp full length practice tests - Expires Dec 17/2015 for $30 DAT Genius full length practice tests - Expires Dec 21/2015 for $30 Please contact me if interested.
  9. Once you get an interview (as an undergrad, are you on the same playing field as grad students?
  10. Hey Eds0, I took 5.5 credits (5 lectures and 1 lab) in Term 2A and 4.5 credits (4 lectures and 1 lab) in term 2B and UofT said that they will consider it a full course load. I'm a UW student, where labs have separate marks from lectures.
  11. What are some of your talents/interests/passion?
  12. Hi everyone - Does anyone happen to know if 2 half-credit labs can count as a full-credit? Currently, I have 9 lecture full-credit courses and took 2 half-credit labs. Would the 2 marks in the labs be averaged and count as a full-course load (especially at UofT)?
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