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  1. ToxicMegacolon

    Medical Student v.s. MD Candidate

    Here's my thinking. This might actually bother some people so why risk it. During PhD studies, you are officially a 'PhD student' until you go through what is known as a comprehensive exam. It's basically a defense of your proposal where the committee's objective is to decide if you have matured enough in your academic thinking to start on your project. In the worst cases, students spend several grueling months reading and writing to prepare for this (not to mention the year or two of general perperation like course work etc.). Only after your committee has deemed that you are mature enough do you get to call yourself a 'PhD candidate.' The truth is the vast majorities pass this step and many already have a project or two under their belts. And this is really a formality in many places these days. But here's my point: this will annoy a few people familiar with the process and might really irk people who have actually gone through this (especially the older generation) because you have not passed a formal maturation stage on your studies - in fact, we don't know anything yet. But here's the kicker, no one will ever tell you not to do it because they don't want to seem like a stickler. So you put it on your signature because it sounds flashy and 95/100 people can't give a shit while 3 are annoyed and 2 are pissed. Why would you take the chance and come off as naive, or worse, arrogant because you like the 'ring' of 'candidate' after your email. I say UXX MD Class of 2021. It conveys all the information you like without any of the risks. BTW OP, I'm using 'you' in a more general sense btw to make my point.
  2. I would just add that pediatric gen Surg is subspecialty, at least if that's all you want to do. Speaking to one of the ped-gen Surg attendings in BC, they said that a one job may come up every 5-7 years. For all of BC. If someone could correct me, my understanding is that you don't necessarily set your goal to be a subspecialty this early as the kind of fellowship you do (if you do one) will be dictated by factors such as demand, target location to practice as much as your interest and proficiency. Thus, to set your sights on Peds Gen Surg, you have to first go through gen-surg resisdency then a fellowship and then hope for an opening. Granted you said you were interested in gen Surg anyway so it might not be a big deal to end up doing just that. I would say that if 'working with kids' is a driving factor (doesn't seem like it is) then do Peds and only then do a procedural subspecialty (Peds GI) but I imagine still super competitive.
  3. ToxicMegacolon

    Reference Letter Question

    In answer to your question, I would agree with french press and others that good, vivid examples are the best thing to put in to a reference letter
  4. ToxicMegacolon

    Reference Letter Question

    Can we stop with this 'Candidate' non-sense and just admit that we're undergraduate medical students?
  5. ToxicMegacolon

    Note-taking ... do we really need a tablet?

    I also go to UBC. While it was difficult at first, I found that trying to keep up added an extra depth to lectures. I had to integrate concepts during lecture just to keep up instead of passively listening (which I used to do). Also, to be fair, to really make it work I had to preview lectures (15 min per lecture) so that I had an idea of how to organize my notes ahead of time. Of course, everyone has their preferences and some of classmates were very effective with their laptops/tablets. I've always wondered what the actual difference is. Considering the ecological footprint of manufacturing a tablet/laptop, which includes everything from rare earth metals to shipping to actual operation, compared to using paper (can even go partly recycled). Also, considering that most people upgrade there tablets within five years (and the associated burden of recycling etc.), paper might actually be the more 'environmentally friendly' option. I don't print slides and only went through two or 3 packs of printer paper (600 sheets)
  6. ToxicMegacolon

    Note-taking ... do we really need a tablet?

    I say old school pen and paper. You'll retain more and get better grades
  7. I take notes on a blank piece of paper. Looking back after first year, this was the best method. Although slow at first, it forces you to stay engaged and to integrate concepts as you try to shorten content into a few words, or better yet, a picture. I also started previewing notes before each class so that I had a structure for my notes in my mind. Overall, I think it gave me a big advantage over people who passively flipped through notes on their tablet/laptop)
  8. Regret IP. Fourth year of school but I took a term off and then transferred schools so im doing an extra year. AQ 25 NAQ 14 Avg of 82 credits before this year was 85.4 MCAT was 10/10/11vr Most dissapointed with NAQ as ive always considered myself a well rounded person. I suppose it is that I havent done a single EC for a prolonged period of time
  9. Regret IP Avg. is 85. Didnt have 90 creds. Will have 105 by end of this year Aq was 25 Naq was 14 Im most dissapointed with the NAQ because ive always considered myself a fairly well rounded person. Guess I just havent done any one thing for that long. Im in 4th year of school with 1 year left. (I transferred Schools and took a term off)
  10. ToxicMegacolon

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    1st Term (McGill) .... 3.28 on a 4.0 scale at 5 courses 2nd Term (McGill) .... 3.75 at 5 courses 3rd Term Mcgill .... 3.94 at 5 courses 4th Term (Mcgill) .... 4.00 at 3 courses Term off, travel and some volunteer work at home 5th Term (SFU) ..... 3.74 on a 4.33 Scale at 5 courses I will have 90+ credits by the end of the 2013/2014 school year Overall GPA McGill: 3.71 SFU: 3.74 on 4.33 scale PreReqs: Bio 1: A- (3.7) Bio 2: A- (3.7) Chem 1: A- (3.7) Chem 2: A (4.0) Org Chem 1: A (4.0) Org Chem 2: A- (3.73/4.33) Biochem 1 and 2 in progress MCAT 1. PS: 10 BS: 10 VR: 11 2. PS: 9 BS: 9 VR: 12
  11. ToxicMegacolon

    Best Undergraduate Degree?

    Wow, Economics? I'm inspired.
  12. ToxicMegacolon

    University English

    All I was saying was you probably get more use out of a Philosophy course for critical thinking/reading comprehension as opposed to some Lit class. Neither, however, will be great for your GPA. Perhaps taking it during summer (someone earlier mentioned some Unis don't count summer courses)? Also, perhaps you can take it pass/fail if your school has that option. I took a first year Phil class and scraped by with a B+ even though I put some solid effort into it. But I would do it again. Hope this helps.
  13. ToxicMegacolon

    Started studying for the MCAT and....

    I mean if you feel confidant amount the material, I don't think it's worth it to crush tons of material. Go out and relax a bit.
  14. YVES "YOLO!" Vlad exclaims suddenly.