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  1. LMAO.... I almost fell of my chair!!! hahahaha
  2. (I just posted this under US and International forum too) Hi guys! For anyone interested in practicing traditional interviews or MMI, we're a bunch of students and have a group and are going to start practicing interviews from January! Join us. Join the group on Facebook: https://www.facebook...42661112756694/ The name of the group is McGill MMI Practice and Preparation 2016-2017 Needless to say, the skills learnt can be used for any school - we put McGill in the name for friendlier search results :-) Oh, we're based in Montreal of course! Good luck to all of you with your applications! P.S. just in case you were wondering, we're students too - this is not a professional or paid workshop - just a friendly practice group!
  3. That suspense tho... If you guys see any changes or activity, please let us know so we at least see some action taking place! haha
  4. Hi guys! For anyone interested in practicing traditional interviews or MMI, we're a bunch of students and have a group and are going to start practicing interviews from January! Join us. Join the group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/342661112756694/ The name of the group is McGill MMI Practice and Preparation 2016-2017 Needless to say, the skills learnt can be used for any school - we put McGill in the name for friendlier search results :-) Oh, we're based in Montreal of course! Good luck to all of you with your applications! P.S. just in case you were wondering, we're students too - this is not a professional or paid workshop - just a friendly practice group!
  5. Hi, when are you taking the test? I'll be taking it early next year - if you (or anyone else) wants to form a study group, let me know! :-)
  6. Please see my post above. Also, regarding your situation I'd like to say that none of us here are on the committee so we don't know exactly what they see or like to see in an application. To me, someone who's managed to finish a masters and a PhD (and in physics at that) is far more capable of doing an undergrad with a superb GPA, if given the chance again. I'd very much like to think the committee people see it the same way, it's just simple common sense! And besides, as others suggested, non-trad schools are famous for being non-trads for a reason. I believe they tend to see the applicant beyond their application. The decision is yours and you should only decide what to do. But if I were you and really wanted this, I'd take the MCAT and take some courses this year (so to apply for the next cycle). I'm not saying take courses to top your GPA (which wouldn't hurt anyway). I'm saying so just to be on the safe side for pre-reqs' sake, help with the MCAT and lastly to update the GPA if need be. Again, since you have a masters and a PhD, I couldn't care less about your GPA. At the end of the day, the GPA cutoffs are to assess your initial abilities. I think you qualify there. Every med student, once in, has to take exams and at the end the bar exam. The committee is well aware of this. So if they think you are capable, you're in - low GPA or not. So I think your PhD does indeed matter. And lastly, as someone else mentioned it too, sone universities such as UofT value research capability, history and experience very much. Keep that in mind.
  7. Hi there, I'm a non-trad myself (Software/AI) and applying this cycle - so wish me luck. Some schools still require you to have some pre-reqs. In Ontario, it is a requirement to have some pre-req courses for UofT and Ottawa. Check their websites, the courses don't have to be only in biology, but could be in biochemistry -and in UofT case humanities. Where do you live? If you live in Toronto, I can recommend some amazing evening (6:30pm-9:30pm) courses at Ryerson which will help you so much for the MCAT as well as counting towards your pre-reqs. As I said, I've done software and AI for my undergrad and research-based masters in AI, so I virtually had no background in biology, chemistry or physics for that matter (it's been almost 10 years since highschool). But I feel pretty confident now, specially in biology - if you really want it that bad, you'll make it work As for distant education (online) courses... I don't know. You should check that with the addmission offices of the schools you wish to apply to. But make sure you check with each and every school separately as they may have different policies. I've heard there is a school in another province that provides online courses that do count as degree-credit for pre-reqs - sorry, don't remember the name of the school now, but have it written somewhere. I can dig it for you if you want.
  8. I'm in the same situation . Anyone any help? Ideas? Thanks a lot in advance...
  9. Well, I can't give you advice on the feasibility of getting into Med school as I myself am applying for it this summer. But I know one thing. You live only once. And this life is short. So if that's what you really wanna do, then do it. There's nothing worse than getting old, looking back with regrets and thinking "what if". Age is just a number, if you really wanna do it, you can. One way or another. So, first figure out if you really want to do this. Then the rest is just a procedure... Being taking another undergrad degree or what not. Think a few years ahead, about when you've done it. Good luck with whatever you decide
  10. Ok guys... I'm freaking out now... I've been having a very difficult time having my degrees sent over from the UK (I got both my bachelors and masters from the UK) to WES for equivalence... And dealing with all the other bureacratic unnecessities. Now, after putting my life on hold and studying for MCAT while working full-time, I can't see any spot available to take the test anywhere in the country! How is this possible?! It's not that I'm a last-minute guy, but come on, it's July and I'm looking for a test seat in September... Now I know I should have applied earlier, but I don't wanna lose a year because of this. Please, someone give me some good news here or I'm gonna have a panic attack... What can I do?
  11. Hi, I agree with leescait. I did my undergrad and masters (solely research) in the UK and now am applying for med school here in Canada for next year. As it appears, my biggest challenge is to sit for MCAT (I have computer science background). WES (http://www.wes.org) can translate your UK degree into GPA equivalence, apparently. I haven't done this yet as it's too early but I asked UoT MD admissions and they tell me they get a lot of enginerring backgrounds and from UK also which is not a problem. Personally, I think since your schools are in London, you've been given a very special opportunity. Go for it, if you can. However, do remember that London is expensive. So make sure you get well over 10K (in Pounds, I imagine?) for living costs. And as a final note, why don't you check with the MD admission office of the school you prefer to go to before making a decision? All the best and good luck!
  12. Basically yes, using his reference letter means I might as well not apply in the first place! lol As for mentioning the problems, I have thought about it. But from a psychological point of view, I think it would be to my disadvantage because: The interviewers are academics themselves; they won't appreciate a colleague being criticized; I accusing an absent person will have a negative projection on myself, no matter how right I am; They'll probably think I'm just moaning; at the end of the day, as academics they hear false excuses all the time. So I think putting this down on paper would have a small chance of a good outcome. In the interview, however, if asked, I could elaborate. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Well, I haven't told anyone yet either - including my family. But it's still a bit too early for me anyway. I'm applying this year, so hopefully I'll get interviews next year around this time. I will only tell people once I get an admission. It's not because I'd care what they think if I get in or not; it's that I don't need the unnecessary drama of "how is it going?", blah blah. The process is stressful enough, I don't need other people stressing out for me! And for those who don't tell others because they're worried what they'd think, I agree with Kat, you should lessen your contact with condescending people around you anyway. Remember: people who matter don't care and people who care don't matter. Good luck all and congratulations to those who already got interviews. I hope you do well.
  14. Hi all, Thank you all for your replies. Yes, I have seen a 'draft' of the reference letter I would get from my Masters supervisor... And let me tell you, it was not pretty! Even when I was his student and applied for some funding (a month or so after starting my research), the 'supporting letter' he supplied with the funding application was "well, I don't know him well enough yet so I cannot make judgements...". I'm not kidding you! Guess what happened to the funding: I did not get it! So I am not surprised the slightest with the reference letter draft. So I don't want to get bit in the same place twice. I'm not just saying this because we had problems with each other, but my masters supervisor was extremely socially awkward and condescending towards everyone - even the top researchers in the field. Anyway, I do have a very good mark for my undergrad. I haven't had them translated from UK to GPA by WES yet but a Google search suggests it would be between 3.7-4.0/4.0. As for MCAT, I suppose I have to do very well at it because not having my masters supervisor's reference letter will raise an eyebrow for sure, so they may look into other details such as MCAT in more detail, and not just as a flag. In any case, having computer science background, I have to revise/learn quite a bit in all MCAT subjects. So I might as well work harder and get better results. But the thing is, I would hate for all the hard work and stress to be for nothing. So any encouraging words are welcome! lol You have no idea how frustrated I feel for having to include someone, with whom I don't want anything to do with, in my resume and applications (for med school and otherwise).
  15. Thank you guys so much for your replies. So I think I will mention the Masters. The problem is tho, UoT MD admissions says as a graduate I have to submit a graduate package which must include a letter from the degree's supervisor. Mind you, now thinking about it, it doesn't exactly say which "degree"... I am going to include my Undergrad supervisor, of course. So maybe that way I satisfy the requirement as well and just keep the thesis supervisor out of it. But they may look at the application suspiciously. But hey, I can only do what I can do, right? So I think I'm gonna go with the Masters... at the end, I spent many sleepless nights doing it! And thank you Kasiunut for your the MCAT warning. I cannot afford to take it lightly as with my computer engineering background, I am equally weak in all the areas! (apart from VR and Writing - done a lot of that for my thesis!) Have a great day...
  16. Hi All, Just a short thread to get your thoughts on preparing my application - please be patient and comment! I am applying to some med schools in Ontario, UoT being the main one. My background is in engineering (computer science): I have a undergraduate degree in Software Engineering - received 5 years ago and a Master of Philosophy (which was purely research-based) in Artificial Intelligence, received last year. Both degrees were obtained in the UK. Now I want to apply to medicine, which I always wanted to do (don't ask what happened!). Here is the problem: I did not get along at all with my Masters supervisor... he hated my guts and so did I his! So I am not going to get a good reference letter from him. And since the whole degree was research-based, there are no transcripts... It's just pass or fail (which I passed). And no, I did not publish any papers. I got the best possible marks for my undergrad degree. And my undergrad supervisor was amazing, I know I will get a very good reference letter from him. Now, for the schools I am applying to, you have to have MCAT, of course, but it is used as a flag only, the marks don't actually matter as long as I pass them at a reasonable mark (which with my IT background is a challenge itself! lol) - so my application will be basically judged by my academic achievements. Now my question is this: On my application, should I mention my Masters? If I do, I will have to get a reference letter from my supervisor which will be terrible. Or should I just skip that and only mention my undergraduate degree? Bear in mind tho that my Masters university was a lot more prestigious than my undergrad one. In my resume, I can say I've been working for myself over the past 5 years (like what I do now) and just skip the Masters... Please help, any thoughts I would greatly appreciate. I am at a loss here......... FJ
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