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  1. Probably 60-100hr/week. I mean if I work 50 hrs of office then go do a 48hr rural ER shift there is the 98 hrs lol. Usually closer to 60-70 though.
  2. I did not factor in the northern rural and retention program into my gross billings because it is deposited into my personal account not the corporate account - so that $40k in first year of practice went into my personal account not to the corporate account. Sure urban doctors can make as much but big city family docs tend to only do office practice with no hospitalist. Often IM or a specific hospitalist service covers inpatients. Also ER is done by full time ER docs so there is not much opportunity for 'only' family physicians to participate in ER. Lucky where I live, it is a small city and they have many FT ER docs who don't have a +1 but are excellent clinicians so I am able to work there - feel very lucky to work there as well I am close to many communities who are in dire need of locus ER docs so I do lots of shifts in places like that. A 24hr shift @ 163$/hr + billings is what? close to $4k. I also go to a community where I can get through a $48 shift @ $143/hr$ ~ $6800. I just want to talk about money because so few people do talk about this. Whether you think the values I talk about are low or high I don't know - but I am happy with them and it is providing the lifestyle I am happy with.
  3. Yes I have overhead of a secretary who gets paid $52k/yr, part time nurse $21k/yr, rent $9000/yr, everything is quite marginal. My community is in a city so it is not remote or rural, just northern. You don't need the extra training for ER in rural community but I would highly recommend a keen interest in ER during family med and additional courses. You would be better prepared for ER if you had the +1, and full disclosure I applied to the +1, interviewed at two sites, made it to the final interview but didn't get a spot. So I wanted the extra training. But being an ER keener I do feel I continue to learn and grow to become the ER clinician I want to be ... it will just take longer. Between $6000-20,000/month is from ER income - so I try to do as much as I can.
  4. I haven't been active on this forum for a number of years now. Now two years out from family medicine graduation and I can tell you life improves significantly from medical school and residency. Don't think for a second that life slows down unless you want to coast in a part time fashion. People are always interested in money but people never want to talk about it. For those people that are worried about not making enough money as a family doctor I can reassure you with the fact that if you want to work your guts out that you can earn plenty ... I grossed $647k last year and I'll be adding an additional $80k this upcoming year I added 288 extra patients to my roster, most of them diabetics which will account for half the raise. So next year I should gross $727k - which is akin to a lasy cardiologist's earnings (?) lol. Also don't just concentrate on medicine as a money making endeavour - as soon as I came out of the gate I bought an investment property, a triplex, also fixed up an old pre-residency house I couldn't sell before moving for residency ... got a property management to manage it. I am months away from buying a Four-plex which will all gross $113k when all properties combined and plan on buying one investment property a year for the next 10-15 years. So from all sources Ill have gross earnings of $840k next year. So as a family doc I won't ever make a million from family medicine exclusively unless I become one of those shady 5-minute per patient docs but I don't want to practice medicine like that and you will certainly be comfortable. Sure I have colleagues who have graduated and when I spoke to them they said that they 'only' made $200k last year but thats because they do clinic from 9 am to 3 pm 4 days a week lol. I do inpatients at 0700 in the hospital, clinic from 0900 to 4 pm, do walk in clinics a couple times a month, weekend walk in clinic every 2 months, do 100 hrs of rural and city ER a month and during COVID-19 have put myself on the list for on-call COVID shifts. So if you want to kill it in your bank account you have to work hard almost until you kill yourself. I do have a reasonable balance though as I do go to the gym 4x a week, now home gym with covid closing things. Hope that gives a bit of insight 2 year post grad for someone who wants to put the pedal to the metal from an earning potential.
  5. There is no way to know what happens within the black box of residency admission, CCFP-EM admissions or otherwise, we can only speculate. My main FM site is a community hospital, non-rural, but I ensured that I had a mixture of tertiary care exposures for both experience and reference building as well as rural emerg experiences which had me doing 24 hour shifts and being first call to go in if an overnight call came in .... yes that rural that the EM doc could go home for the night. Value in a variety of experiences. Many of the academic center EM docs recommend that career EM docs do some rural shifts monthly to maintain a 'different' set of skills honed working rural EM. Beef
  6. Havent heard either ... I just chocked it up as a regret as they would be quite interested in contacting interviewees. Would be nice to have that closure of a regret - as Ive checked my junk mail every day since Oct 10th.
  7. The programs are sure taking their time today .... obviously some school dont contact rejectees, however some do and Im waiting for something , anything impatiently.
  8. When did Memorial send out emails? On their program description they state they contact all applicants. Did they do a wave of rejections or acceptances now? probably rest Tuesday?
  9. I only heard from Queens, Sask, and NOSM myself. I guess we'll get the rest after the long weekend.
  10. Welcome BIM18. Thanks for joining and posting! Beef
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