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  1. There is no way to know what happens within the black box of residency admission, CCFP-EM admissions or otherwise, we can only speculate. My main FM site is a community hospital, non-rural, but I ensured that I had a mixture of tertiary care exposures for both experience and reference building as well as rural emerg experiences which had me doing 24 hour shifts and being first call to go in if an overnight call came in .... yes that rural that the EM doc could go home for the night. Value in a variety of experiences. Many of the academic center EM docs recommend that career EM docs do some rural shifts monthly to maintain a 'different' set of skills honed working rural EM. Beef
  2. Real Beef

    Ccfp Em Pgy3 Interview List

    Havent heard either ... I just chocked it up as a regret as they would be quite interested in contacting interviewees. Would be nice to have that closure of a regret - as Ive checked my junk mail every day since Oct 10th.
  3. Real Beef

    Ccfp Em Pgy3 Interview List

    Same here, also still waiting for MUN.
  4. Real Beef

    Ccfp Em Pgy3 Interview List

    The programs are sure taking their time today .... obviously some school dont contact rejectees, however some do and Im waiting for something , anything impatiently.
  5. Real Beef

    Ccfp Em Pgy3 Interview List

    When did Memorial send out emails? On their program description they state they contact all applicants. Did they do a wave of rejections or acceptances now? probably rest Tuesday?
  6. Real Beef

    Ccfp Em Pgy3 Interview List

    I only heard from Queens, Sask, and NOSM myself. I guess we'll get the rest after the long weekend.
  7. Real Beef

    NOSM Application: 2015 Admission

    haha ... nice :-)
  8. Real Beef

    What Do I Have To Do?

    Welcome BIM18. Thanks for joining and posting! Beef
  9. Real Beef

    NOSM Application: 2015 Admission

    There has been a downward trend in activity on this subform for the past 3-4 years now. My active participation in the forum has fallen because its so quiet and there is no interesting discussion or questions.
  10. Real Beef

    NOSM Application: 2015 Admission

    There are 2000+ applicants per year to NOSM, being one of the 64 they accept is a slim chance at best so you should apply as broadly as possible. Also you should work on a back up plan to medicine, if you don't get into medicine at all. Beef
  11. I met a guy who was working at Moore's Menswear store when I was buying a suit for my medical school interview 4 years ago now. He was at a medical student at the Chicago medical school and had just finished pre-clerkship and didn't have the finances to go on into 3rd year (clerkship) so he had to take a year off at least to work and save as much money as possible to continue financing his schooling. Scary proposition but he was doing it. I would think that this is not totally uncommon from time to time.
  12. NOSM in its first few admission years had notably older students admitted, the trend now is towards a younger average matriculation age. One student was in his early 50's and I have a classmate who was 42/43 in first year.