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  1. Holy that’s some pretty big changes that indicate what other classes will be like going into orientation. Predominantly online curriculum, virtual labs, restricted class sizes, rural sites not starting from Vancouver and thus not being able to meet other students. Valuable info - thanks for sharing that!
  2. Sorry for the delay in post. Still trying to process everything as I am moving in with my family in Mississauga and trying to arrange travel plans with all the craziness around COVID-19. wGPA: Close to 3.97 MCAT: 516 Had strong ECs over many years, including publications and various leadership roles including a non-profit Organization. Can't wait to meet everyone.
  3. Publications will definitely help you as UofT seems to heavily reward research experience.
  4. All of my friends who stayed in-province for their medical school education did not regret it. There is always the chance to work/study abroad after the MD, and so if you think you will have a more comfortable experience and easier route to excelling in your medical studies (and hence securing your desired residency) then it may be your safest bet to go with Queens. Also, with COVID-19, which leaves many in a precarious scenario, I think most students will be inclined to stay as close to home as possible in order to best deal with any disruptions that the intense second wave of COVID will bring in fall of 2020. Wishing you all the best in your medical journey and feel free to reach out for any further input We are living in strange times indeed!
  5. Man who the heck knows. I'm really hoping the best for all of you.
  6. No idea based on what their blog says either.
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