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  1. Hey guys! any advice would be appreciated as UBC doesn't explicitly answer this. Does tutoring younger children over several years count as community service or does this reference have to be from some type of volunteering? I've done several types of volunteering but the reference I have from this tutoring company I worked knows me the best. It was mostly paid, but I also volunteered for families that could not afford tutoring in sciences. I'm not sure if this qualifies for that "service referee" however and was wondering what you guys think. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey guys, I’m so tired from filling out the rest of the application that I’m unsure if I should out anything for the optional questions section. Is it customary to leave the section blank? What did you guys put? Bless.
  3. Just got MCAT score back of 515 back, and able to now apply for UBC medicine. Looking for help with someone who knows the keys to doing well on NAQ. Will compensate for your time. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys! Who should you list as your verifier for hobbies in the NAQ portion? I'm applying to UBC and boy is it a tough process even applying. Even after taking my MCAT, this seems like a lot of work haha. Thanks so much for reading/considering replying to my thread! All input is appreciated.
  5. It has been a while, forum. Today I come to you as a first year under-grad student study kinesiology at UBC. To date I have underestimated university. I thought that having taken rigorous programs at high school and managing to achieve excellent marks within the top percentile (IB 43/45) would mean that university would be a breeze. Not exactly. My family including my parents and my brother have left the country and have returned back home. I am 17 and all alone in what seems a very big campus with many people. I have been unable to pull off stellar marks- but I am now back on my feet and have learned how to manage this situation. Everyone is putting in the same effort as you and is equally bright as you. What it takes is to put in 10X more effort and time than everyone else. Easier said than done- I grant that, but there is no way around hard, hard work. I still have some time to somewhat boost my marks for my first term courses, but if I do not have a stellar record for first term, how poorly will that reflect at the end of the road? Any advice regarding ANYTHING is much appreciated. Living alone for the first time is tough, but I'm not expecting anyone to give me a pat on the back. We're doing this for ourselves.
  6. we often find ourselves within others give and indeed you shall receive
  7. Any more last additions? I have little time to make my decision and would appreciate any further input. My friends are discouraging me from taking kin because they're saying its a path so many people rarely take and that it may be risky. But, it was Robert frost who said "two roads diverged in a yellow wood . . . and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference."
  8. Anyone here have Carpal Tunnel or any form of wrist pain? Surely the strenuous use of computers in addition to the long hours of studying and pencil gripping will have amounted to wrist disorders in a few of you. I've been weightlifting for a while and in addition to my mouse use it's been hurting my wrist. Curious to see if I'm the only one with wrist pain among the younger teens/adults.
  9. As Nietzsche once said, "Egoism is the very essence of a noble soul." This personality only encourages egoism.
  10. Post your favorite studying music. This brief video is comprised of the many baroque pieces I enjoy studying to. Damn you faulty php system not allowing me to embed.
  11. I have been given the opportunity to volunteer in a medical laboratory in Afghanistan. My friends father is the director of the facility and he's offered us both the opportunity to go and work for a few months. Do such experiences reflect well on a premed CV or are they regarded as ordinary work, or even disregarded due to being in a foreign country where one could buy themselves into such a position? Thanks.
  12. My friends are already calling me stupid for thinking about going to Kinesiology. They say the labl of stupidity attached to Kinesiology students is worse than degrading.
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