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  1. Thanks for letting us know. Today is the last day to accept offers from ontario so I'm going to say yes to Queens. I was waiting till I herd from McGill. Made my decision easier I guess. . .
  2. Haven't herd anything either. Is McGill your first choice?
  3. I think they said that it is two years and a few months (final placement takes you till November). QY - Sep 2015 - Apr 2016 MSc May 2016 - Nov 2017 Something along those lines
  4. Sorry for not replying to this earlier but I got montreal and my data wasnt working. Either way I hope you did well.
  5. Im not sure if there is still a chance. . . Sorry. They said we would let us know about there final decision in 7 to 10 days. They are only selecting 25 of the 60 who got interviewed. As for the interview all I will say is that there is no way to prep for them. I bought and MMI book to prep and it didnt do me much good.
  6. Hey, I just got accepted and maybe im not the best person to respond to this because I took a different approach (at least I think i did). I applied to physio, chiro and grad school after an undergrand in KIN. I got into Masters and chiro but not PT. So went to do a masters in motor control. After my masters I applied again and didnt get in so I went on to a PHD. My Phd is in stroke rehab using video-gaming. I figured I would apply one last time and I got an interview at McGill (still waiting to hear back) and accepted to Queens. My Sub GPA: 3.72 and CumGPA : 3.7 (does not include my grad courses) Shadow -I shadowed a sports physio that worked with Toronto Dragons rugby -Toronto rush worked with a chiro (provided athletic taping) - Private clinic worked with a chiro and PT Volunteer - Soccer coach for special olympics -Mentoring first year undergrads Work/Placement - Chiro clinic for three years - Hospital placement at a outpatient clinic - Strength and conditioning for a soccer club (mainly injury prevention) - Research assistant (exercise for cancer survivors) -TA for anatomy
  7. Hey guys, Is anyone going to interview on May14th? My interview is at 745am. Going to be arriving in Montreal tomorrow afternoon.
  8. Thanks guys for your suggestions To answer on my experience of chiropractor: I have worked with a chiro for a year and a half and its been awesome. I originally wanted to purse this but there are a few things that really turned me off from it. Most ppl have a misconception of it because there are so many different types of chiros. There are some chiros that believe adjustments are needed in order to align the body so that there are no nerves being disrupted and therefore when they are able to fully function ones should be restored. This kinda has lead to the getting adjustments monthly. I think gives ppl idea that chiros can only adjust. The chiro i work for treats like a physio does and only does adjustments when needed and never long term. Also from talking to other chiros, they say that some are really frustrated because they learn so much and only put to use a fraction of it. This kinda changed my mind about becoming a chiro, even tho i got accepted. I just couldn't get over the 100 grand in tuition and the fact that most ppl dont really understand what chiros can do.
  9. I am graduating from a kinesiology program in a few weeks. The original plan was to go to physiotherapy school after. I have only applied to physio schools in Ontario and have already gotten rejected by UFT and Mac. Still waiting on Queens and Western. I was only able to get a GPA of 3.67. I am anticipating a rejection from the other two schools as well. I have a lot of experience working with physios, I have done a lot of volunteer work. Currently i am at a hospital working with physiotherapists, helping with modalities and teaching exercises. I also work with a chiropractor doing the same. I have covered sporting events and coach for the special Olympics. I also am a certified personal trainer with CSEP (canadian society for exercise physiology). I am just trying to meet the right people and get a lot of hands on experience with patient care. My solution to making my application better is to complete a masters. So i have accepted to do a MSc at York with a focus in motor learning. I will also be doing a concurrent diploma in neuroscience. Do you think this will help? Assuming that I will upgrade my marks with the diploma at York. I have been told that i am wasting my time. I would also like to teach and work at a clinic so i don't think it is a complete waste of time. I really want to become a physiotherapist because I am really good with patients and i really enjoy it. Any advice would help. Thank you
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