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  1. Hi All! I am going to do a palliative care elective ( IM). I was hoping to get some tips/resources to prepare for it. Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. I am new to this forum. I am hoping to hear from the Radiation Oncology residents and 4th year medical students about the resources that are the best to help prepare for 4th year radonc electives. I am interested in Radonc as a specialty, but I feel I do not know how to prepare... there is so little exposure. I will really appreciate some input and guidance. Thanks very much.
  3. aborjona

    Interview help!

    I agree with you. Personally, I am not at all a good talker. I did interview at 3 places last year and I know I did horribly at those. I need a lot of practice!
  4. aborjona

    Interview help!

    Hi All, I am looking for professional help to prepare for panel style/MMI interviews. I am located in Toronto. Any med student/ company/individual interested? I would like to have one on one practice on a weekly basis. Also. I have read about MD consultants, anybody has feedback on them? Thanks so much!
  5. aborjona

    Invited/Rejected Thread (2013)

    OMG !!! They were not at ll clear about this, they only asked for top 5 experiences. I feel so sad now.
  6. Hi Guys, I just found out about my interview today. Any ideas on how to prep? I am freaking out Thanks a lot
  7. aborjona

    Interview Gone Wrong

    U of A was definitely harder than U of C
  8. aborjona

    Interview Gone Wrong

    I blabbered in like 2/3 stations, can't remember what I even said.
  9. aborjona

    Interview Gone Wrong

    I feel the same. It was horrible, absolutely horrible.
  10. Doesn't UofT notify all the rejected applicants? Anybody knows? Thanks!
  11. Thanks!! Any tips for the interview?
  12. aborjona

    Interview Contents

    Hi Guys, Seriously, are there acting stations?
  13. aborjona

    MCAT prep books

    Hi Guys, I have a sets of TPR hyper learning and EK books. I am located in North York, Toronto. PM me if anyone is interested, I will respond with more details. Thanks