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  1. Mm. Tricky. My knee jerk thought is that you could apply and, if and only if asked in the interview, say that the longer completion time was due to a medical/personal concern. You do not have any obligation to reveal any personal health information. And If they don't ask, don't bring it up. AFAIK you should not be disadvantaged in the selection process for the 2yr schools just because of the # of years it took for you to complete the degree. Could be wrong on that one.
  2. We've got a bunch of new staff on the forum now so hopefully this is relevant to you also. I was wondering out of curiosity, how much time does it take to do your CME credits? I just signed up for the resident Mainpro Mainport... thing where you can log credits in advance (wish I'd found out about this earlier...) and it made me wonder. What are the most efficient ways to meet the requirements? Are there also other things that you need in order to keep your license/If you just meet your CME quota each cycle will your license stay active regardless of the clinical workload, or will the college somehow find out how much work you're actually doing? e.g. say you stopped practicing but wanted to keep your license in case you want to return later.
  3. I think you'll get a heavily negative bias by asking residents
  4. Thanks, that makes sense. I guess it is reassuring in a way that there is nothing special to be done. Takes too much to do things on top to prevent burnout. It is an inevitable leak but it is comforting to know that when it bottoms out one can still run on empty and let the days pass.
  5. How did you keep going when you hit the wall? Was there something you did in preparation ahead of time that facilitated the (partial) recovery? And how are you and your colleagues dealing with the unprecedented stress around the royal college fiasco? I am now heading into PGY4 and whereas I don't feel I've hit it yet, I am wary it's only uphill from here.
  6. Don't worry, by the time you're finishing med ed you'll just be glad you started earlier.
  7. I know someone who did that transfer and from their CPSO profile it seems they only got ~2 months credit (i.e. finishing their FM residency in May of their 2nd year, as opposed to July)
  8. This. I'd advise practicing dictating whenever you can in med school and residency, although at first when you're learning it's even more time-consuming than typing. Some people end up typing their notes out then read it into the dictaphone, I'd say try not to do that as much as possible since doing dictations from rough notes will help you improve your dictation skill faster. Over time as you get used to dictating you will a) develop a mental template and key phrases so that you don't have to spend as much time thinking of what to say and b) realize that on paper, it doesn't look as bad as it sounds to you. To answer your q OP slow typing might make it a bit painful at hospitals where it's the norm for notes to be typed, or hospitals that don't give trainees dictation access. A few people get Dragon (it's a dictation software with a dedicated dictaphone) during training, but most don't until they're staff.
  9. Oh sorry, I wasn't clear, I didn't mean debt I meant comparatively lower net worth by the end of residency vs. if I had chosen another line of work like what frenchpress was saying. Debt will definitely be nowhere near that. I don't even think people get to that level in the states, from where I hear 200k-300k numbers. I'm sorry for the startle!
  10. If you get OSAP at all, most of that will be in the form of loans which will become debt unless you keep the money unused and repay it as soon as you graduate. That being said, because OSAP usually comes with at least some amount in grants (money you don't have to pay back) it can be worth applying even if you have other financial means. The amount paid out will differ for everyone based on their financial need, assets, etc.. but I got about 50k in loans from OSAP throughout med school. Not all of that had to be repaid because there was a limit on how much per year is repayable, although I'm not sure if that limit still exists. God I know. In the 9 years after undergrad I estimate I will be behind about 600k. That will likely break even sometime into my career but to be honest it pisses me off that it even has to. For the amount of work we've put in to come this far, the very fact that we need to catch up at all at this point in our lives is laughable. This really wasn't the most efficient financial choice...but I guess efficiency is only one measure of finances and all things considered medicine is not the worst gig even if it isn't the El Dorado the public paint it as.
  11. That's an understatement not an exaggeration, those hyenas still laugh. This is indeed an exaggeration. You won't be cute or fluffy, you will just be expected to look and act cute and fluffy.
  12. OP, I was in the same shoes as you and actually got this done and it came back negative. Not because CPSO demanded it but because my family doc referred me to an ID doc who said I might as well find out for sure. As I understand it my result is a rare occurrence but goes to show it does happen. The downsides are that you have to pay for it and that if you end up in my shoes, you will need to pay for the test every time you need a TB test done (since TST in your case would no longer be considered reliable) instead of being able to just get a CXR and pass it off as latent. As for the actual CPSO requirement yes definitely call them to ask. I answered no but that was only because I did the quantiferon.
  13. I remember we pylons desperately tried to vote pink as the colour after our year because we were so bitter. I never used mine at all and gave it away to my dad who does a fair amount of hiking. I told him it'd help the rescuers see him if he ever gets stranded.
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