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  1. tbh its pass fail..u shouldnt be struggling. take your pass and go on...clerkship..electives..then residency is 10000x worse
  2. +1. Certain groups or demographics will get their lives made hell at UT based on my experience with residents and staff there.
  3. hit up steins gate... 2nd year dent and got 500-600k offers in to
  4. family docs. sports docs. endocrine. heme. rheum...any kind of boutique med
  5. hit up steins gate...hes in his 2nd year of uoft dent and got two 500k jobs lined up in toronto and around gta
  6. drugs, having sex, beer, anal etc
  7. bout to see all these med students posting about their passion for optho and how it aint about the money real quick
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