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  1. no ones gives a f*ck about you in medicine. dont think people care. they dont. do whatever the f*ck u want, because it doesnt make you cool, or unique, or that edgy med student...no one cares.
  2. #YOLO

    Physician political orientation

  3. lots. ask yourself why are so many of the imgs that match back in canada children of staff physicians. you have ur answer there. #BanIMGsUntilCanadiansMatch
  4. #YOLO

    I'm done

    its unfortunate carms isn't merit based. this would never fly in the states.
  5. #YOLO

    Med YouTubers

    so annoying.
  6. classic mac student. super full of himself, and "holistic" boiii u havent even started classes yet. humble yourself.
  7. and kissing a lot of @$$ and pretending to be interested in things you really dont care about
  8. damn. medicine isn't worth it that much to do something drastic like that.
  9. all quebec does is complain. let them leave canada imo.
  10. this would be a terrible decision.
  11. #YOLO

    ADHD in top 10

    this is idiotic.