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  1. my mans knows whats good and is tryna cop the ferrari or lambo....
  2. #YOLO

    Please switch spots!!!

    how are you going to do call on saturdays?
  3. #YOLO

    Please switch spots!!!

    lmfao oh boy...if you guys have interviews, but in such a storm about interview dates...gl with your careers in medicine.
  4. but with the ego of an emeritus professor
  5. As someone that has interviewed and been on Adcoms I cant stress this enough. Make things flow and easy to follow. That plays such a big role. I want to feel like I can have a normal conversation with you. I remember we had some guy overcompensating about being passionate about a topic that he pretty much was yelling at us....we all red flagged him.
  6. as a practicing physician wtf are the four pillars of medicine.
  7. I hope she never practices or sees a patient again. She knows what she did. Especially in the context of oncology, absolutely disgusting.
  8. being a doctor is not worth it to make that much of a sacrifice
  9. tbh enjoy your summers. party, drink, do drugs, travel, etc
  10. at least my perspective on physician-patient relationships isn't idiotic = )