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  1. whichever one takes u. ur really notin a position to be choosey
  2. lets have a discussion. imo quebec med schools (which are super easy to get into, and way over populated) should be banned from entering carms outside of their province. This is one of the main reasons for the massive bottleneck, high unmatch rates, and unfortunate loss of life from the process.
  3. #YOLO

    The slow decay of dentistry

    yup. asians are gonna dom this
  4. family medicine .... 40-60 pts a day. ur set
  5. Fellowship + end up working in some shitty town out east
  6. #YOLO

    Unhappy in medicine?

    if u wanna be unemployed or do fellowships af
  7. #YOLO

    Unhappy in medicine?

    consider winning lotto max
  8. #YOLO

    Unhappy in medicine?

    its great your realizing this now, as opposed to a few years in residency. if you are unhappy now you will burnout every so quick in a surgical residency. consider 1. leaving now with your MD. 2. starting residency maybe in something shorter - FM or 4 years of GIM, finish it, gives u an option to atleast have practice as a stream to make money. 3. keep on with carms and applying but prob switch out after pgy 1-2 or leave all together.
  9. yup expect it to take 10 years atleast. if u wanna come back to canada, do a different profession.
  10. #YOLO

    Pediatric Rheumatology

    it is quebec....medicine is a bit diff there. extremely easy to do med there too. so things to keep in mind
  11. #YOLO

    Competitive Matching

    yes. no one successful has ever come out of the uofc, let alone no one has ever matched a competitive spec from there. /s
  12. its the $$$. why close down a profitable business