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  1. do fm the nhospitalist...u can do a lot of psych hospitalist work too that way
  2. I think its going to great another job crunch again...feel like docs are gonna delay retirement again
  3. prepare your unemployment insurance application early
  4. sorry... did not mean it to come across that way. just was saying it is more accepted now and should not be a disadvantage
  5. tbh ur at an advantage. this is the new hype train/crave in medicine right now
  6. if u value lifesstyle...dont do steez.
  7. mix of ffs (clinics, high volume), capitation in hospitals overhead varies 20-30% for clinics, none in hospital work in urban settings work probably 4-5 days a week on average, compress a lot of my work into set blocks of time pt volumes are high do some hospitalist work and urgent care
  8. first year of practice..will have made around 420k post overhead, with probably 1 week off ever month and a half
  9. tbh its pass fail..u shouldnt be struggling. take your pass and go on...clerkship..electives..then residency is 10000x worse
  10. +1. Certain groups or demographics will get their lives made hell at UT based on my experience with residents and staff there.
  11. hit up steins gate... 2nd year dent and got 500-600k offers in to
  12. family docs. sports docs. endocrine. heme. rheum...any kind of boutique med
  13. hit up steins gate...hes in his 2nd year of uoft dent and got two 500k jobs lined up in toronto and around gta
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