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  1. Hey Heisencat! Needed to ask questions for MCCQE1 :)

  2. hi, congraulations to you on passing the exam. I am also studing for this exam. Can you please link me to the SIM curriculum if you know that

  3. You're welcome. Feel free to PM if you have other questions. Good luck!
  4. The UWorld Step 2 CK was the question bank I used and I would highly recommend for brushing up on your knowledge. I used it to practice questions in psych, public health and ethics, peds, and OB+GYN. It is designed for USMLE step 2. Ah and I forgot to mention that I didn't study for psych (just did UWorld practice questions) as that's the specialty I applied to and did electives in. Studied for around 1 month in total, which included 3 weeks full-time studying at home after finishing my selectives.
  5. Found out I passed the exam today, though I felt like I may have failed walking out of it. Such a bizarre exam. I thought the MCQ portion was kind of okay, but there was just not enough time, and I was scrambling to finish it. HATED the CDM despite having ample time, as it felt like no amount of studying could have prepared me for it and that I basically had to guess what the examiner for thinking. To the poster asking for advice, here's what I used to study based on suggestions here, which I thought was adequate for me: latest TN for population health+ethics and OB/GYN, my clerkship notes/book for peds. Quickly read over Pastena's for surgery. Read through some of my clerkship notes for IM but this was lowest on my priority. UWorld for practice questions - they have the best explanations (which helps you to review important concepts), and I didn't want to shell over $$$ for the MCC sample questions. Other suggestions: sleep well and rest the night before and really manage your time well for MCQ.
  6. That’s why planning in advance and asking yourself these key questions is important. Would I rather unmatch and try again for my desired specialty or would I be happy with a career in FM if I don’t get my first choice?
  7. This is why I don’t understand the whole backing up mentality. I think you should only apply to FM if you would be happy being a family doctor and forgoing your first choice specialty.
  8. Is switching residencies even allowed? I have been under the impression it’s a binding contract.
  9. Match rate at my school was quite a bit higher this year as compared to last year (95% vs like 89%) and having talked to a bunch of classmates, it does seem like more of us applied to family, psych, etc. and a lot of people backing up with family too. Not sure about other schools, but that may be why there's fewer spots left. We'll find out when the data becomes available. I feel for the people not matching first round - it's crazy how few spots there are in desirable cities. Even fam med in Quebec - no spots in the major Quebec cities (i.e. Montreal, QC, and Sherbrooke) and pretty much all - except Ottawa and Calgary - are rural. :O
  10. Yup, this it it, who knew 15 minutes could be so painful!
  11. Yeah I ended up opting out for that! Wonder how it goes and whether it helps people or just adds more stress and a anxiety. Less than 24 h to go! I hope we get good news tomorrow! Good luck guys!
  12. Our school told us they will inform us on Monday afternoon and then we can take the afternoon off if we get the email. And we’re all done core rotations and are doing selectives. I guess the point is to provide us with more support but I opted in because I want that peace of mind the night before. On second thought, I think I’m might end up opting out. I know I’ll be stressing out on Monday just anticipating that email. And at least on Tuesday you can find out in the privacy of your home that you didn’t match and cry in peace haha.
  13. I feel the same way! And true, there were sooo many candidates for all programs, it’s hard to imagine how they distinguish between us. And now we have the option of knowing the day before regarding unmatched status. I opted in for that and am hoping it will help me sleep better the night before if all goes well :p
  14. With 21 days left until Match Day, I thought it would be helpful to have a little support thread! How are you guys passing your time? Where are you hoping to end up next year? How’s the ranking process going? I find myself ranking based on location and although all the programs I interviewed at were decent-excellent, I only really want to live in the cities of my top 3-4 choices! I find this waiting period to be so agonizing haha. In only three weeks we get to find out where we spend the next 2-5 years.
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