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  1. There is an Essay? Why haven't I seen it on OMSAS!!!???
  2. What I did was I included one entry for the thesis course itself where I said that I presented it to a panel of professors and a brief description of my role and I did another entry for the publication and said that I got a course credit for it as part of a thesis course. I dunno if that will fly though.
  3. Oh wow! Thanks. Totally missed that. Also, earlier you said to include a 'good ABS'. What do you mean by that? I have exactly 20 items on my ABS that I did since I was 16. I tried to write good descriptions for them. Is that enough?
  4. I see thanks! I will definitely add that it was the result of a thesis project in 4th year. Also, does presenting my fourth year thesis to a panel of professors count as a seperate entry (I haven't included it)?
  5. Thanks a bunch! I wasn't able to find that table anywhere. Where did you find it?
  6. What if I wrote my fourth year thesis and got last author in a pub from it and I got a credit for it?
  7. I am currently finishing up my OMSAS application (mostly done my ABS, did everything else) and I was wondering whether OMSAS has built in condiential assessment forms for referees to sign or whether I have to download it independently? If I have to download them independtly, do I send them to OMSAS or to the individual schools? Also, I found confidential assessment forms from Queens, but I am not sure if there are OMSAS specific ones?
  8. Thank you for your response. Do you know when the deadline to submit CASPER for Mac and Ottawa is? I am finishing up today (and there was supposed to be a CASPER test date today) so now I am worried that it will be too late to submit.
  9. two questions: Is it too late to apply this cycle for ontario schools? also, I am thinking of applying to McMaster, Uottawa and Queens. My stats are MCAT 509 (125/126/130/128), GPA 3.7 (in second degree - last two years), have a pub and worked in two labs. do i have a chance of getting in here?
  10. Hi, I am wondering, do they take Canadian applicants? What are the requirements to get in (GPA, MCAT)? Is it possible to come back to Canada, US to match? Help would be appreciated!
  11. Ah. I see. Thanks. But at this point, Australia does not seem to be a viable option yes? I am looking to apply as broadly as possible (finishing up my second undergrad so need to maximize my chances).
  12. Wait, aren't Australian grads still considered as IMGs in the match in Canada? Also, getting internship after medical school is my main issue, otherwise I would go. Do you know if it is as difficult to get as people say?
  13. The only reason I was considering a 'filler' degree was because it makes it easier to get into medicine with a Masters degree. If I don't get in the first time that is. Also, does part time work have to be medicine related?
  14. Hello, I am finishing up my second undergrad degree (screwed up big time on my first one, doing much better on my second) and I will be applying next year. But since I will be done undergrad, I was hoping someone could give suggestions for a one year Masters program (also open to other options). Thanks, Locke
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