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  1. Hey, Is the weighted GPA only applicable if you took 5 FULL courses per term, or if you took 28 credits from Sept-April? I took only 4 courses per term but some courses were worth 4 credits each, but I ended up with 28 credits in that year, am I still eligible?
  2. Hi guys! I was born in Edmonton and moved to BC when I was around ~7, so I was wondering if I'm considered IP since I lived there for quite some time and even went to KG and Grade 1 there?
  3. Average MCAT the last couple years has been 32-33, so I think that's fine, tbh. Might just be your NAQ or, like you said, a verifier.
  4. Wow... Great AQ and Interview, to me, looks like a sure acceptance. What was your MCAT?
  5. Apparently they said they''d finish by 4:30PM or something today
  6. Definitely not! Especially if it's your only bad semester. What year are you in/how are you doing in your other semesters/years? On top of that, there's schools that have different kinds of weighting systems to remove your worst marks/years so there's still hope. Don't give up, and just make sure you learned from this experience and how you can improve from here on out.
  7. Is this your second degree? What was your GPA in your first degree if so? And what school do you go to lol...No offense but it seems like you go to a pretty horrible school if you can say a personal "pass" is 90+, kind of pretentious/obnoxious IMO. Students from UofT can probably attest.
  8. How does the deadline apply to being on the Dean's List? Can I include being on it this year if I'm applying this year? And also what would the 'date awarded' date be? Also I got a German Book Prize (being one of the top German students) and obviously I took the course before June 1st but got awarded it late June, so I guess I can't include it?
  9. Hi guys, just a question about transcripts. When we order transcripts from our highschool and other universities we went to other than UBC, do we have them mail it to our homes then we submit it to the MED Applications office later? Or do we order transcripts and put UBC as the receiver of the transcripts?
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