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  1. I just got an e-mail about the MTOP surge today. Good luck to everyone hoping for a match in round 2 tomorrow.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to look at the CFMS website to find interview questions people had in the past with CaRMS. Unfortunately, I'm part of the old CFMS crew and I need the Authentication code. No idea where to get this now. I graduated in 2015..
  3. Anatomical Pathology: Diagnostic Radiology: Sherbrooke (March 15) Emergency Medicine: Family Medicine: McGill - Gatineau (March 14), Dalhousie (March 15), Ottawa (March 15, March 16), Saskatoon (March 15, March 18), Sherbrooke - Moncton (March 16), Queen's (March 18), McMaster (March 18), McGill- Val d'Or (March 18), Regina (March 18), Calgary (March 19), NOSM (March 19), Manitoba- Bilingual (March 19) General Pathology: Saskatoon (March 15) Hematological Pathology: Internal Medicine: NOSM (March 17), Regina (March 18) Medical Genetics and Genomics: Medical Microbiology: Neurology: Neurology-Pediatric: Neuropathology:  Nuclear Medicince: Pediatrics: Ottawa (March 19) Psychiatry: Sherbrooke - Moncton (March 15), NOSM (March 18), Regina (March 18) Public Health and Preventive Medicine: Saskatoon (March 18) Vascular Surgery:
  4. Got regrets from FM at Calgary, NOSM and Queen's. Not looking good. I'm a CMG but have red flags.
  5. Anyone applying to FM getting any regrets e-mails? So far, just 1 regrets e-mail from Queen's.
  6. I am unsure how many OOP spots they have at MUN now but back when I went to MUN it was 4 spots per year. They are competitive since there are so few spots. If you can get an interview that would be great. I hear MUN is more flexible with MCAT results and GPA but I am unsure of the details. The people I know who got the OOP spots my year, I wish I had their MCAT scores and other stats but I do not. For me, I had ECs, 33 MCAT and 4.2 GPA in a Bachelor's degree and got accepted after my 2nd time applying in the NB pool. 10 NB applicants were accepted that year.
  7. I was accepted as an NB applicant in 2010 with a 33 MCAT and 4.2 GPA. I also interviewed when it was a different interview format. The NB spots for MUN are probably harder to get into. I did get refused that same year from Dal though likely because I hate MMIs and am not good at them. Good luck! PM me if you want, I like to try to help NB applicants, or any applicants for that matter.
  8. I have been paying off my student loans (the minimal amount) since I started residency about a year ago because it seemed that Canada Students Loans and my provincial students loans were requiring me to do so. However... aren't I a student as well? Do I have the right to defer payments for now or is that province-dependent?
  9. Thanks! Yes, between locums sounds like a great idea! Thanks
  10. My boyfriend and I haven't been together long enough yet, lol.
  11. I've heard of GPs doing a +1 after being in practice for a while and seeing their needs and community needs. I could consider doing that.
  12. Hi everyone, I was just wondering how MDs (especially famale MDs) go about planning when to have children in their careers? I am going to be finishing my family medicine residency when I am 31. I would ideally like to start having kids around 32 but I'm also afraid of setting up practice and then having to take maternity leave so soon. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks. (P.s. I have a partner)
  13. Thanks. I am doing a rural residency program and we do 1 month of geriatrics in R2. Also I have home visits and long term care facility visits with my patients all throughout residency.
  14. Hello! I'm doing my family medicine residency and will be done in April 2018. I'm considering doing a third year program likely in care of the elderly. I'm looking into anyone's input into whether this would be useful? I plan to do office work in a rural area in the maritimes and perhsps take on nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Thanks
  15. Good luck! I applied to FM at 3 schools and only got 1 interview. 2nd iteration is very competitive. You have IMGs, CMGs, and current residents all applying.
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